Sunday, July 11, 2010

Bendingmirrors Week 10 Entry: Wating


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The day had been long and hot. The heat making everything sticky and unpleasant, as the ground dried out, and the moisture it captured clung to everything. My hair had been a frizzy mess earlier this afternoon. Knowing that Edward would arrive the minute the sun went behind the clouds I had washed my hair, and tried to tame it with product.

Running the hair moisturizing gunk through the mass of wet curls I decided that I’d try to straighten my hair and hope that that would keep the worst of the problems at bay. I grabbed my favorite brush from the dresser, and moved to the window. There was something about sitting half-in and half-out of the house, capturing the stray breeze, it was just a little bit cooler, a small place where I could watch the happenings on our street without necessarily being observed. The lush green of the tree in front of my bedroom concealed, as well as provided an extra entrance and exit to my bedroom.

Pulling the brush through my hair in a repetitive motion as it dried relaxed the curl, allowing my hair to dry so that it would at least look neat. I was wearing as few clothes as possible, just trying to stay cool. The heat of the porch roof beneath my feet wasn’t too uncomfortable, still I rested as little of my foot as possible on the shingles, and kept my watch on our street.

You’d think that in a town the size of ours that nothing much would happen on a hot summer’s day like this one. You’d be wrong. While waiting for my hair to dry, and for Edward to appear, I had already watched Alice sneak out across the road. I knew she’d be meeting up with Emmett down at the diner. Despite having promised her mom that she wasn’t seeing him anymore. (Mrs Brandon was under the impression that Emmett was the bad influence in the drinking at prom incident thankfully.) I knew that Charlie’s furtive movements as he stuffed his bag into his car meant that he wasn’t really going to Billy’s for more fishing, he really didn’t think that I knew about Harry’s widow, parent’s really are willing to believe that their kids have no idea what’s going on in their lives.

The twins from two doors down had been good-naturedly bickering over who’s turn it was to ride the faster scooter. I had no idea how they could tell the two scooters apart, but apparently one of them was faster to ride than the others, and their bickering and racing up and down the street made me even feel even hotter just watching them burn all that energy out in the sun.

I heard his car before I saw it, the roar of the stupid engine telling me that he was driving way too fast again. What boy other than Edward Cullen would find a way to race a Volvo? I heard the whine of the motor approaching, and began to pull myself back in through the window. I didn’t want him to see me quite like this, I needed to throw on some more clothes before we went out.

I was looking forward to getting into the air conditioned interior of his precious car, it would be cool and sweet smelling in there. The scent of whatever cookies his mom had baked and had him delivering around town lingering in the upholstery. Dressing as quickly as I could, I ran down the stairs clutching my shoes and my bag. I paused at the door, taking just long enough to slide my feet into my chucks before I flung the door open and launched myself into his arms.

“I thought you’d never get here, this day has been endless.” I breathed in his scent, lips brushing against his neck as I spoke.

“Endless is an understatement. I didn’t think I’d ever get out of the house today, Mom had made so many cookies I thought I’d be delivering them all day and night before I could come and get you. We’re still heading down to the beach aren’t we? Watch the stars from a blanket on the sand?”

“Definitely, how many times do we get to watch Jacob Black make a fool of himself? I swear one of these days Leah is going to knock him out. He sure doesn’t know how to take a hint.”

I chuckled, knowing that Jake was going to try to ask Leah out yet again. Although I had it on good authority that Leah was actually thinking about saying yes tonight. Who knows whether that would happen though, Leah had changed her mind the last four times he had asked her out. Something about the way he was dressed, or the way he asked, I think the last time she turned him down because he was barefoot. I figured that meant she’d run out of excuses.

We’d head down to the beach with the rest of the town, and enjoy this one last summer before the responsibilities of college. I just wish it didn’t have to be so damn hot.