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Anythingzombie's Week 9 Entry: Escape to Paradise - Part 2


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Note: I apologize for the late post. RL decided to come a calling!!! Thanks for your patience! Nostalgicmiss

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Escape to Paradise - Part 2

Bella Swan – 2010

The book I had been readingso viciously these past days was slowly coming to an end, and I feared reading the last chapter. I had gotten so involved with all the characters that I felt as if they were a part of me. It was silly of course, they were only fictional—at least, I think so. I had googled the author, who turned out to be quite interesting, and much like the main character in the book.

His name was Anthony Cullen, a forty year old who worked as a journalist in Seattle. He had emancipated himself around the age of fifteen, and even lived in the wilderness for a few months like the character in his book. All in all, he and Edward were a lot alike, and I felt a sudden urge to meet the guy.

I had a chance once to meet him, but then I didn’t know him and didn’t care about the wonders he had to share. I felt silly now for missing out, but according to what the internet says, he’ll be having a new book out - science-fiction - and hopefully I’ll be able to get his autograph or something.

“Bells, phone,” Charlie said sullenly as he walked back into the living room. I sighed and got up from off the floor, keeping my eye on the television to make it seem like I didn’t want to answer the phone—which I didn’t.

“Hello?” I asked into the phone once I made my way to it.

“Bella? Hi. It’s Mike. Uhm, what are you doing this weekend?”

I bit my lip nervously. Was he asking what I think he was? “N-nothing. Why?”

“Well, I made plans with Eric to go to a concert in Seattle, but he’s ditching to go camping with Jessica and Lauren and all of them.

“I’ll have to ask my dad, but I’d love to go!”

“Really?” he squeaked.

“Of course I would. Wait…What band is it?” The thought dawned on me suddenly.

“To be perfectly honest, I have no clue. I actually think it’s just a local band. My dad brought free tickets home one day. He insisted that he and I go, I screamed like a girl and said no.” His laugh instantly made me laugh in return.

Silence entered then, but it wasn’t awkward or unwanted.

“I’ll ask my dad later and then let you know, does that sound good?”

“Sure. I’ll talk to you later. Bye,” he parted.


I returned to the living room where I fell back into the couch, surrounding by complete comfort and bliss.

“What’s with the grin?” Charlie asked me, his brown eyes staring at me with intensity.
I shrugged and reached for my book.


Edward Masen – 1991

My key had stuck a little in the lock. The piece of metal had been through a content hell during my time away from the still house.

‘Are you sure this okay?’ a hushed voice asked behind me.

‘Yeah. The house is empty, so we’ll be able to be alone for a bit.’ I pushed the door open fully. It creaked in the empty silence. I smiled as the familiar scent of dust and books touched my senses, relishing in the fact that I was home. I sighed and turned around, pulling in the violet eyed blonde into my arms.

‘Welcome home,’ I cheerily said.

She smiled. ‘It’s nice to have a place to call home after all that time in the wilderness.’
‘Goodbye, hippie ways.’

‘Hello, growing up,’ she finished.

I kissed her softly on the lips and pulled her into my old home, guiding to the place that I had missed on lonely nights.

‘Cute room,’ Rosalie muttered as I shut to door behind us, bringing her to my old bed. My intentions were more than clear.

Bella Swan – 2010

I hadn’t read in two days. But I was completely fine with that.

Suddenly and oddly, Mike had taken up all of my time, and any that came my way. Charlie agreed to the concert on Saturday, but I couldn’t wait till then to have fun with one of my best friends, whom I never really saw before.

It wasn’t until the next day after he’d asked me to go with him that I realized my feelings for Mike were not something I had always felt with him.
I liked Mike more than a friend. I had an involuntary crush and didn’t even hesitate to object.

Mike Newton: I could really get used to being more than friends with him.

Edward Masen – 1991

I held her in my arms. She was a perfect puzzle piece and I’d thoroughly damn myself to hell if somebody told me she didn’t belong here.

‘I love you, Mr. Masen,’ she said to me then, suddenly.

I smiled. ‘I love you, soon to be Mrs. Masen.’

Anthony Cullen – 2018

“What are you doing, sweetie?” my wife asked as she stepped behind me. Her hands rested on my shoulders as she stared at the computer screen.

“Just reading that Bella girl’s blog, it’s nothing important,” I answered.

“Maybe you should write to her. Tell her how much you appreciate her words for your book,” Tanya suggested.

I smiled. “That’s a great idea. But I think I’ll send her my unpublished book I wrote.”
“The one about you and me?”

“And the kids. Something tells me that she could use some parenthood advice, especially since she’ll be having her own soon.”

My wife smiled widely at me, kissing the tip of my nose as she pulled the stack of paper from the desk drawer.

“I’ll get everything set up. Love you, honey.”

“I love you, too, Mrs. Masen,” I answered back with a wink.

“You know, making me a fictional character was the best proposal ever.”

I laughed. “Whoever said I made you a fictional character?”

She smiled wide then, a light in her eyes.