Sunday, July 18, 2010

Bendingmirrors Week 11 Entry: Sunday Morning


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Sunday Morning

After a busy night of networking with Em’s boss and co-workers, we had thrown our clothes off and tumbled in to bed. Asleep almost before our heads hit the pillow. Waking to find myself in almost exactly the same position I had fallen asleep in proved just how tired we had both been.

The bright light that filled our bedroom clued me in that we had slept quite late. Not that we had plans to be anywhere today, just a lazy Sunday morning with no pressure to leave our little cocoon. Em’s breathing behind me was slow and steady, and the arms that surrounded me made it even harder to consider leaving our bed. I knew I’d have to get up though, the overly full bladder that had awoken me was not going to be ignored for long.

Sliding around within the confines of his muscular arms was a skill I had learned over the years. Emmett could sleep like the dead when he was this tired. Knowing that I wouldn’t actually be able to get him to release his hold on me without waking him up, I had perfected this move, rolling around to face him, slightly brush my index finger over that ticklish spot just under his ribs and he would do all the work for me. Just as I grazed my finger over the sensitive skin, he let out a soft grunt, and rolled on to his back, releasing his hold on me.

I moved as softly and quickly as I could, getting out of the bed without waking him up. I ran through my morning routine as quietly as possible, stopping periodically to check that he was still sound asleep. I especially loved the mornings when I could catch him unawares.

We had been so young when we first met, and against the odds had managed to hold on to each other through colleges on opposite sides of the country, and then building our careers. It was in these quiet moments on Sunday mornings when I could still see the boy I had fallen in love with all those years ago. His face relaxed in sleep, he looked innocent and closer to the naivety of our teen years. These days he was as likely to wear a suit and a scowl in the office, a sharp contrast to the open and easy going man who came home to me at night, but even then some traces of the scowl would remain until he was sound asleep.

I snuck back into our room and slid under the covers incrementally. I had considered making breakfast before coming back in, but experience had shown me that his stomach would wake him up before I got the chance to if I went that route. I would make a lavish breakfast after we had both surfaced for the day, in the meantime I would enjoy waking my man in the way I loved best.

Finally back under the covers and snuggled up against him, I heard a soft huff from him and knew I’d have to speed this up. Slowly licking my index finger, I reached over towards him, and stuck it in his ear with a war cry “Wet willy!”

Emmett woke with a startled squeak and a grin. There he was, this was the boy I had fallen in love with back in high school. His dimples appearing in response to the grin.

“Rose, honey, only you would still find it hilarious to wake me up on a Sunday with a wet willy. One of these days I’m going to get even, you know that don’t you?”

I slowly shook my head at him and pointed to the small blackboard we had propped on his bedside table. He laughed and shook his head at me, reaching over add another mark to my side of the board. I was ahead by almost 10 now, it was just a matter of time before he wiped them with one huge prank.

“You owe me breakfast, woman.” His sleep roughened voice sent a thrill through me, there were some days I couldn’t believe our luck. We had managed to find each other and hold on through our darkest days, these lazy Sunday mornings when we could prank each other and then laze the morning away with breakfast in bed were the highlight of my week. Especially when I knew that breakfast was almost always followed by us devouring each other.

I loved Sunday mornings.