Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Romanticvamp's Week 10 Entry: Five Minutes


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Five Minutes

A young brunette stepped away from her friends. The sorrow and longing in her brown eyes didn’t fit with the rowdy, drunken partying her friends had dragged her along for. Now that they were sufficiently inebriated – with a little help from herself – she was free to sneak away for a few minutes.

Sitting at the bar, a young man with impossibly bronze hair, waiting for his next shot at the pool table, watched as she detached herself from the happy couples. She looked impossibly sad, almost inappropriately so given the carefree group she was a part of.

She wandered over to a quiet corner, stumbling slightly in her heels. Wiping an errant tear away, she checked her phone for the millionth time that day. Her heart sank yet again when she saw no message.

If only I hadn’t walked away. If only I had been strong enough.

That was all she had left. The “If only’s” and “What if’s” were her only companions in the large bed she now slept in alone every night.

She tucked the Blackberry back into her pocket and let her hair fall around her face for privacy as she gave into the misery she felt for a few moments. She did not know that someone was watching her every move on the other side of a rather large crowd. All she wanted was time to feel the pain before she allowed herself to join her friends and forget.

She leaned against the wall, pushing back the ever-present tears. Whether it was the noise of the bar or the fearlessness her drunk friends were displaying, she suddenly felt an impressive jolt of confidence. She fished the phone out of her pocket and typed in a quick message, her finger hovering over the send button as she reread it.

Can we please talk, for even five minutes? It’s been over a month and I miss you. A lot.

Her teeth worried her bottom lip as she considered the consequences of this bold move. He could answer, and she would have to hear his voice and possibly see his gorgeous face. Or he could completely ignore it and leave her feeling completely humiliated.

At that point, she wasn’t sure which one sounded worse.

Taking a deep breath, she pressed the button. She tucked her hair back behind her ears and made her way back to the table, feeling just a tiny bit better and just a tiny bit worse.

At the bar, settling back onto a stool with his cue stick, he felt his phone vibrate against his thigh. His jaw clenched as he realized it was probably his co-worker who had an unhealthy obsession with him and was constantly asking him out for a drink and a lay. He hesitated, wanting to ignore it, but reached into his pocket a few moments later.

His breath hitched when he saw who it was from.

His eyes shot to her table, finding her sitting and nursing a drink, a slow smile making itself known. He was losing his chance. He quickly typed a response and sent it on its way.

He didn’t miss the moment she jumped and reached for her phone. He didn’t miss the way her chocolate eyes narrowed at the screen before scanning the crowd. Nor did he miss when they found him and widened in surprise.

He began to make his way through the crowd to her.

She watched as he slid down from the bar, replacing his cue and moving toward her with all the usual grace. The month apart had only made him more beautiful and only increased her desire and love for him. She excused herself quickly and started toward him.

She was meeting him halfway.

They stopped in front of each other, eyes drinking the other in. He waited patiently for her to speak as she had made the initiative. This time, it was up to her to make the first move.

“I just want five minutes. I just wanted to talk to you,” she promised.

His hands surrounded her face eagerly, his lips finding hers with desperation and all the longing from their time apart. She clung to him, startled, but nonetheless enjoying it and all the promises of reconciliation and unconditional love it held.

He kissed her for five minutes.


Burntcore said...

Aww, that was awesome. Great job!