Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Burntcore's Week 9 Entry: The Fearsome Foursome


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The Fearsome Foursome

Bella gathered her things quickly as she raced out of her dorm to take her last finals. She couldn’t wait to be done with this semester. Her and her group of friends, The Fearsome Foursome, as they liked to call themselves, had big plans once everyone was done.

She checked her appearance in the mirror outside her door as she checked her phone. Alice would approve of her outfit. She had this white spaghetti strapped low cut top and a slouchy cardigan to stave off the cool spring morning. That was paired with some maroon leggings and Bella’s usual collection of odd ball bracelets. Her jewelry usually didn’t have any rhyme or reason, and she liked it that way.

Bella had a feeling her boyfriend, Edward, would also approve of her shirt. He was a breast man and made no attempt to hide it. They had their second final together so he’d get an eyeful later that day.

Both Alice and Edward were members of the Fearsome Foursome. The final member of their stalwart little gang was Alice’s boyfriend and Edward’s best friend, Jasper. Unbeknownst to Jasper, Alice already had her wedding dress and their kids names picked out. Jasper and Alice had been together even longer then Bella and Edward had, so it was just a matter of time before they took the plunge.

Bella tucked her phone away into her black bag and hurried to class. This was the one she was least looking forward to taking. It was on physics and why she loved science, she just wasn’t feeling it this semester. It didn’t help that her professor was an ass. As long as she got passing grade, she’d be happy. Her GPA was high enough that she’d live if she got one lower grade. Just one though.


Bella slipped out of her first final of the day, with one more to go, and then she was free. Free to do whatever the Fearsome Foursome decided. She couldn’t wait to get some time alone with Edward.

Speaking of, the object of her obsession came walking around the corner, his bookbag slung over his shoulder. As always Edward looked good. His tousled bronze hair stuck out in every direction, his signature look. Edward smiled as soon as he saw Bella, and his expression turned hungry when his eyes dropped to take in her outfit.

“Bella,” he groaned as he neared, running a hand up and down her side. “How am I going to concentrate on my final with you dressed like this?”

Bella smirked up at her boyfriend, fully enjoying his discomfort. “Well, the final is on anatomy. I figured this could help you out,” she said coyly.

“Right, what you can help me with is in my pants,” he retorted as he pulled her up against him.

“Hmm, really?” she replied, playing it off.

“Yeah, really,” Edward said huskily, as he dipped his head down to kiss her.

Bella hummed happily and ran her hands through his hair. She could feel just what he was talking about that was in his pants. And she fully intended on helping him out with that later on.

Slowly they pulled away and headed into the lecture hall for their final. This one Bella felt she had in the bag. Dating a pre-med student had it’s advantages.


A few hours later, Bella and Edward emerged from the lecture hall, slight fried. The final was harder than either on of them had anticipated. But, it was the last final for both of them. Gleefully, they ran down the courtyard of the Science building and towards the center of the quad.

This was the designated meeting place for the Fearsome Foursome after everyone’s finals were done. Bella and Edward’s last final was a bit earlier than Jasper and Alice’s so they had a little free time. They laid in the grass and enjoyed the sunlight and thought about where they might go for the summer.

Alice had this perfect idea on how to pick where they would all go this summer. She wouldn’t reveal the plan so Edward and Bella wondered just what their crazy friend had in mind.


Bella and Edward got in some good make-out time while they waited for Jasper and Alice. Eventually they were joined by their two friends and quickly tried to set their clothes to rights. They were in public after all so it wasn’t like anything was really exposed. Bella still blushed, as she always did when she was caught messing around with Edward.

“Oh please, Bella. It’s not like we haven’t caught you guys in a more compromising position before,” Jasper teased.

Bella turned even redder. Alice was surprisingly quiet and looked a little frazzled as she picked at the hem of her bright purple and white striped shirt.

“You okay, Alice?” Bella asked.

“Yeah, I guess I’m just worried about how I did on my psych final and I’m worried about our trip this year and if you guys like how I decided we’d pick where we are going and if you’ll still want to go if you guys don’t like it and –“

Edward cut Alice off gently before she exploded. “Alice, honey, it’ll be okay. You are a straight A student. You’ve never done poorly on anything. I’m sure it will be the same for our trip. Whatever you have planned to pick it out will be fine,” he soothed.

Bella nodded with a huge grin on her face while Jasper rubbed Alice’s back.

“Alice, you’ll do fine. You always do! Now lets go see what you have set up! I can’t wait to see where we are going!” Bella said excitedly, hoping to help turn Alice’s mood around.

Between Bella’s excitement and Jasper’s presence, Alice calmed down and finally relaxed.

“Okay, let’s go!” Alice declared. She wasn’t completely herself but was on the right track. She bounced happily away with Jasper, her green skirt flouncing in the wind.


Back in Alice and Jasper’s apartment, the Fearsome Foursome sat around in the living room with beers and wine coolers. They talked a little, unwinding from a rough semester of school, before the big reveal.

Alice got up to get everyone drink refills and came back with a globe instead.

“What? Did you put the beer in the globe, Alice?” Edward teased.

“No, Edward. You’ll see. I’ll be right back,” Alice said with a grin and bounced back into the kitchen.

Moments later, she came back with our drinks, much to Bella and Edward’s delight. They wanted to cut loose as soon as school was done, and now was a good time to start.

“Okay, Ali, what’s the plan?” Jasper asked.

“You don’t even know?” Bella asked, incredulously.

“Nope, the Queen herself wouldn’t be able to get the secret out of Alice,” Jasper declared as he took a long pull from his beer.

Edward watched with amusement, but didn’t say anything. He had an idea of what Alice was up to but wasn’t completely sure.

“Okay, so here’s the plan. We all put blindfolds on and spin the globe. We run our finger lightly over the globe and wherever our finger rests, is a possible destination. Then we blind vote on where we want to go. Whatever place with the most votes wins.”

The other three looked at Alice with surprise but interest.

“I’ll go first,” Bella declared as she jumped up. Alice blindfolded her and spun the globe as Bella’s index finger gently dragged along the surface. Gradually, the spinning slowed and eventually stopped. Bella pulled her blindfold off with her other hand and looked at her destination.

“Black Sea. Hmm, rather wet.”

Edward grinned at Bella as his mind went to the gutter.

“Perv,” she muttered quietly with a laugh.

The rest of the group took turns at the globe. Jasper selected Amsterdam, Edward picked Nepal, and Alice chose Hong Kong.

“Sooo… lets all vote on where we want to go,” Alice chirped happily as she handed everyone scraps of paper and pens. Looking around deep in thought, she pulled Jasper’s cowboy hat off his head. “And we’ll put our votes in here!” she said, brandishing the hat and putting it on the coffee table.

Quickly and full of excitement, everyone voted and dropped their folded slips of paper into Jasper’s hat. Edward and Bella quietly whispered on where they hoped to go.

“So you ready to find out?” Alice declared.

“Go for it!” Edward encouraged.

Alice grabbed the hat and shook it gently, mixing the slips of paper. It really didn’t matter as long as the four of them were together.

“Just count them already!” Bella said urgently. She was really hoping for Amsterdam.

“Okay, okay, okay!” Alice said. She reached her hand in and pulled out the first piece of paper.

“One vote for the Black Sea!”

“What the hell? Who voted for that?” Bella asked. Jasper was laughing behind his hand. “Jasper, you ass!”

“Hey, listen up you guys! The next slip is for Amsterdam!”

Bella and Edward cheered.

Alice dug into the hat again. “One more vote for Amsterdam.”

“Guess I know where we are going,” Edward whispered to Bella, thoughts of all kinds of things they could do there running through his head.

“And the final vote: AMSTERDAM!”

The Fearsome Foursome cheered and couldn’t wait to start planning for their trip.

“See, Alice? You had nothing to be afraid of. That was an awesome idea!” Bella said.

“Yeah,” Edward agreed. “I cannot wait to go to Amsterdam.”