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Destinee Week 62: Glitter in your Pocket (Finale)

Destiny Cullen

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Destiny Cullen’s Choice: Picture 2

As I walked out into the summer heat, I looked at my watch. An hour until two. I smirked, “Oh, I’m going to get him back for that. I look like a damn disco ball.” I pulled out my cell phone and called my best friend Robbie. “Hey, Rob, how much does glitter cost?” I grinned creating my master plan. “Meet me with three containers, we only got one hour.”

This was going to be good!

Thirty minutes after I called Robbie, he met me at the Starbucks I was supposed to meet Beau at.
“Good news, Ariel! Remember Angelica from Physics 301? Well, she works here and she’ll help us with your plan.” He grinned, lifting the shopping bags full of glitter and extras I couldn’t make out.

“What is all that stuff? I was just planning on dousing him in glitter to make him look like one of those Twilight vampires. Maybe shouting ‘Robbert Pattinson’ at the top of my lungs to see girls run after him.”

Robbie clicked his tongue in disappointment and smirked. “See, that’s why you have me.”

I smiled and we made our way into the crowed Starbucks. Robbie handed me the plastic bags and forced his way to the counter to talk to Angelica. I squinted trying to read their lips but I only got ‘samples’ and ‘broadway’.

Robbie waved me over to the far corner of the shop. “You’ll want to stay away from the exit when Angelica makes her announcement.”

I cocked my head in confusion, “What announce-”

“Ladies and gentlemen, I’m sorry to inform you that our machines have crashed on us.” Suddenly a cloud of white smoke rose from behind the counter. “For the inconvenience, we will have free drinks and samples at our Broadway shop.”

Once free drinks was out of Angelica’s mouth, people rushed for the door and the whole shop was cleared out in less than minute. I looked at Robbie astonished. “How?” He just shook his head and walked behind the counter.

“Thanks so much, Angelica. We owe you.” Robbie said, giving her a hug before we headed towards the back room.

“Just leave the fog machine and we’re even!” she called behind us.

“I’m so glad I called you!” I smiled as he dumped the plastic bags on the table.

“You don’t even know the half of what I’m planning.” He grinned and pulled out five super-soakers, five bottles of glitter, and a gift card to Sephora. “What is that gift card for?” I asked.

“You don’t think that I’m going to leave my fog machine do you? The gift card will make Angelica happy and keep her eyes off my baby. But we need to get our asses in gear so we’re ready when your new boy toy comes in.”

“He isn’t-”

“Nuh, huh.” He waved his had in the air. “I don’t wanna hear your denial, we’ve heard about him alllll summer. I get to call him whatever I like.”

I groaned but helped him put glitter and water into the super-soakers. Once we got them filled adequately, we went to the front, handing Angelica and her two co-workers guns. Robbie and I concealed ours as we sat at opposite tables with fake drinks.

Five minutes later, Beau walked through the door and looked around the shop confused at the emptiness, but then he saw me and smiled and headed toward my table. Before he reached it, I stood up pulled out my gun and he froze.


Everyone pulled out their guns and started spraying him with the glitter water. He stood there shocked for a second, but then he gave me an evil smirk and ran toward me and pulled me to his chest. The force caused me to drop my gun and everyone was still shooting us with the glitter water.

I tried to shout stop, but Beau had me crushed to his chest. I wouldn’t be complaining if it was other circumstances. Since I couldn’t tell them to stop, I tried to use him as a shield but he found a way to always make get me with him.

I wrapped my arms around his waist and tried to yank him to the left, but it didn’t end up that way. As I shifted my weight my foot slipped on all the water and I fell on top of Beau.

It seemed like time slowed as gripped my hips and my hands were on his chest, sparkly water dripping off of my face and onto Beau. Robbie wolf whistled and the girls ‘ooooh’ed’. Beau’s mouth curved into a smile and my cheeks flushed.

“Uh....gottcha?” I said dumbly.

Beau laughed. “I’d say so.”

“Ariel? You wanna get off of him?” Angelica said, laughing.

I scrambled off of him, slipping on the water and blushing even more. Beau picked himself up easily and smiled at me. There was dead silence before everyone started laughing.

I gave a death glare to Robbie and Angelica and of course they just laughed harder. I groaned and walked outside headed for my house to change.

“Did you need a ride?”

I turned and saw Beau and couldn’t help but smile. He was full of glitter, his thick black hair, his clothes, even his face and the sun caught it just right and he really did look like a disco ball.

“No thanks, I can walk.” I really didn’t need anymore humiliation today. I waved and continued down the sidewalk avoiding people’s stares.

“I’ll make sure you get there safely. I wouldn’t want you to get kidnapped because they think you’re a sparkly vampire out of hiding.”

I jumped and Beau laughed. “Come on, you had to be thinking the same thing.”

I narrowed my eyes playfully, “Maybe.” A old couple walked out of a drug store and caught sight of us. Suddenly I recognized them as my next door neighbors. “Lets cross the road.” I grabbed Beau’s hand and ran across the street.

“I take it you know them?”

“Yeah, they’re our nosey neighbors. I have a feeling my parents are going to hear about this one, along with the whole town.”

Beau chuckled. “It’s not that bad. You’re just covered in glitter walking around town.” I glared at him and that earned another laugh. “How about I distract you then?”

“That sounds perfect.”

“All right, where to start?” He ran his fingers through his hair and glitter fluttered down on the sidewalk. I giggled watching the glitter flutter to the ground. “How about you tell me why you had glitter in your pocket at the library?” I suggested.

“Ahh, the big mystery. Well you might be disappointed to find out that I don’t walk around with glitter in my pocket.”

I shook my head sadly. “There goes the whole fantasy.”

He grinned. “You fantasize about me, Ariel?”

I blushed but kept my ground. “You’re going off topic.”

He smirked. “Well, I was helping decorate for my sisters masquerade themed birthday party. I was glittering the masks before I went to the library, and you’d be amazed how much glitter gets trapped in your pockets.”

I put my hand in my pocket and pulled out glitter. “Not really surprised.” I giggled.

“To get off topic... you fantasize about me?” He wiggled his eyebrows and flexed his arms.

I bit my lip to stop from laughing. “We’re here at my house. thanks for walking me.”

“Aw! Come on. That’s not fair you got to tell me all about your fantasy.” He grinned and I rolled my eyes.

“Bye, Beau. I promise to boost your ego another day.”

I walked up the path to the house and went inside. I turned to close the door when Beau walked up to the door.

“Ariel, do you mind being my date for my sister’s masquerade party?”

I felt like a fish out of water. We were joking but a second later things get intense and serious and I turn awkward. “Uh, sure?”

Beau smirked and the awkwardness disappeared, “Way to boost my ego, Ariel.” He pulled me into a hug and whispered in my ear, “8 o’clock tonight.” My brain fogged up and all I could think of was how good he smelled and the luscious way my body fit into his.

He started to walk away when I realized I didn’t know what to wear to the party. “Beau! I don’t have anything to wear.”

He laughed and yelled over his shoulder, “My sister can lend you a dress. She rented some just in case someone decided to spite her and come in casual clothes. I’ll text you the address.”

He continued walking back toward the Starbucks, and I closed the door finding what perfume to wear, which shoes, what make up. How the hell am I supposed to do my hair?

“I got five hours to get all this glitter off my body. I can do this.” I ran upstairs, turning on some music and getting out the big guns.

-Four and a half hours later-

As I pulled up to venue, my heart was racing. The directions he texted me made it easy to find, but I kept thinking my hair was going to poof out any second or that one eye looked bigger than the other.

A sudden knock on the window gave me a mini heart attack.

“You must be Ariel. Come on in and I’ll get you into your dress for the evening.”

I got out slowly, not sure what I was getting myself into, when the girl spoke again.

“I’ve heard a lot about you. Anything out of Beau’s mouth has something to do with you.” She laughed and then caught herself. “I mean, he isn’t a stalker or anything.”

I smiled feeling a little more relaxed. “Don’t worry, I didn’t take it that way.”

We made small talk as she took me into a big room with huge dresses lining the wall. Andrea, Beau’s sister, helped me into the dress and we got more comfortable with each other.

“This place is beautiful, I wish I could have my birthday here.” Andrea just smiled at me and finished zipping up the dress.

“It’s already eight-thirty, you better get out there before Beau thinks you ditched him. I got to get my dress on and make my grand entrance.”

I found my way through the huge living room and dinning room area, finally making it into the ballroom. It was crowded, and I could barely see through the mask Andrea threw on my face. I went into the corner of the ballroom, watching the people dance gracefully.

“Ariel?” I turned my head and found Beau with a mask on and a t-shirt with a suit jacket thrown over it.

I giggled. “Beau your sister is going to kill you when she sees your outfit.”

“Nah.” He pulled his mask up to his forehead. “I put the suit jacket on, it’s totally classy. But you,” His eyes were hot as they looked over my outfit. “You look beautiful.”

“Thank you.” My cheeks warmed a bit by his intense look.

“Ariel, thank you for coming. I didn’t think you were going to show up.” His voice was so unsure and...vulnerable. I never thought Beau would be anything other than the confident jokester.

“It really is my pleasure. I mean, when do I ever get to dress up and go to a place like this?” He smiled but he still looked like he didn’t believe that I was here.

“Do you want to dance?” he said, taking my hand.

“Ooooh, no you don’t. Your sister put me in these high heels and I can barely walk much less dance.”

He smirked and pulled me close to him. “I guess we’ll just have to dance here in our little corner.”

The music suddenly changed into a slow song and it made me curious if he planned it. I soon forgot it when Beau twirled me around without me breaking my ankle and making me actually Before the song was over, I was laughing shaking my hips like we were doing the salsa.

After many songs, we were both out of breath and I rested my head on his chest. “Thank you for inviting me.” I whispered.

He pulled back to look back in my eyes, “Ariel, it was the best thing I’ve ever done.” His green eyes looked into mine and his hand gently brushed against my cheek. He leaned in and my eyes slid shut as his soft lips met mine.

The rest of the night went by in a blur. We danced like we never would again. Once it was announced that the party was over, everyone headed for the door, and I parted from Beau for the first time since the party started. I walked back into the room where Andrea helped me dress and was so happy to get that dress off and back into my jeans and shirt.

“Have fun tonight?” Andrea asked as she smiled.

“Loads. I really like this place. If you don’t mind me asking, how much did it cost to rent it for the night.”

She looked at me like I had a moose on my head. “Rent?” She started laughing as she hung up the dress and put the shoes away. “Honey, we didn’t rent this place. This is where we live.”

My eyes went wide. “Y-your house?” My mind did an instant replay of everything I saw downstairs: the huge dining room and the ballroom! A ballroom for Christ sakes, what house has a ballroom?!

“We get that reaction a lot, but look at the plus side -- you can have your birthday here free of charge.”

I walked out of the house toward my car when I saw Beau standing next to my car. I smiled even though the ravenous butterflies were going crazy in my stomach. He pulled me into a tight hug and the butterflies settled down instantly.

“Do you want to come over tomorrow and we can hang out? Or we can go see a horrible movie at the dollar theaters?”

I stood on my tip toes and kissed his lips. “I’d love to.”

He gave me a final kiss before he opened and closed my car door for me. As I drove away, I couldn’t help but be glad that we had the whole summer ahead of us.

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Snapple Apple 450 Week 62: Buried Memories

SnappleApple 450

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SnappleApple 450's Choice: Both

Buried Memories

When I was younger, my father would always take me to the lake to go fishing on Saturday mornings. We’d mostly stay quiet so not to scare the fish away, but after a couple hours and a couple fish in the cooler, he’d strike up the same conversation.

“What are you going to you be this week, Megan?”

I would already have my answer thought up the night before so without hesitation I’d reply. It was always something different; a pilot, a spy, a sky diving instructor, a manatee tamer, etc. He’d chuckle and nod once, always saying his words of encouragement.

“You can be whatever you want to be. Just promise me you’ll be the best at it.”

I’m 27 now and have had many jobs. I was a dog walker, a secretary, a dentist receptionist, a librarian, and I worked in my friend’s bakery every other weekend. My mother lives with my older brother, or rather, my older brother still lives with my mother. My father died of prostate cancer 6 years ago. He never saw me graduate college. No one did, I dropped out after he died. I moved away to California and rarely came home. I didn’t like to wallow in memories very much. It was too depressing in my mother’s house.

It sounds bad, but I didn’t miss my dad like the rest of my family did. Our relationship died when I went through puberty. I stopped going fishing with my dad, the mall was where I spent my Saturdays. I no longer was daddy’s girl and he stopped asking me what I wanted to be in fear I’d say “exotic

After he died, my life was put into perspective for me. I was in college with no idea what I wanted to be. I realized I was going nowhere I wanted to be so I quit and moved to California where I took on every odd job every week. I loved it, having the time of my life. I wasn’t tied down at all, it was great.

What really put my life into perspective was when my friend, the one I shared an apartment with, got married. She moved out and I didn’t have the money to pay for it by myself. I moved back home last year and I really felt like I was ready to settle down and get serious about my life. The problem with a small town was you already knew everybody. And if you didn’t like anyone from childhood, chances are you’re not going to meet anyone new.

It was late morning in the town and people had already left for work. I stopped off in the coffee bar in town since I just missed the morning crowd. Call me antisocial, I know. The bell dinged on the door to let the people know I was there.

“Megan! Good morning!” Mrs. Stinson welcomed me.

“Can I have a latte please?” I took off my coat and sat down.

Another man was in the shop a few seats down from me. He looked up and smiled before he looked back down at his paper. “Meg Leland. I can’t believe you of all people are still here in this town.”

Mrs. Stinson handed my drink to me. I looked over at him confused. Who the hell was this guy? He was beyond handsome. How did he know my name? I would definitely have remembered his face from the past.

He got up and moved to the seat beside me. “How are you?”

I sipped my coffee. “I’m…good… How are you?”

He chuckled. “You have no idea who I am, do you?”

I smiled. “Of course I do! You think I’d forget you?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

I waved my hand dismissively. “So how is your mother?”

He laughed openly. “Dead.”

My throat closed up, causing me to choke. “When did that happen?”

He rolled his eyes. “27 years ago. Now I know you don’t remember me.”

I cringed, embarrassed. “Okay you caught me. Who are you?”

He finished his coffee and left some money on the table. “No way am I telling you now. This is going to be too much fun.”

I clenched my fist as he walked out. Mrs. Stinson took the money and empty cup. “Who what that?” I asked.

She chuckled. “You didn’t recognize him either. It took me a while to remember him too.” She walked into the back again, leaving me confused and irritated.

Soon as I got out of the coffee shop, I headed to my apartment to go through yearbooks. I grabbed the first one and started skimming through it quickly. No one stuck out to me and I was left empty-handed. That pissed me off that he wouldn’t tell me who he was. Why did he have to be so sexy and mysterious? I already hated him and if my curiosity wasn’t so strong, I wouldn’t give him another thought.

I went into town again and sat in the park in the middle of town. I’d just have to bump into him again and force him to tell me.

“Are we looking for someone important?”

I jumped at being surprised before glaring at him. “A girl can’t sit in the park without being questioned?”

He sat down beside me. “A guy can’t question a girl without being questioned for his own motives?”

“Tell me who you are,” I said bluntly.

“It’s driving you crazy, isn’t it?”

I crossed my arms and looked away. “Even if I did know who you were, you annoy me.”

“You went through your yearbooks, huh?”

“Listen, I don’t know you nor do I care to know you so get lost.”

He chuckled. “Okay, I’m sorry. Let’s start over.” He stuck his hand out. “Friends?”

I looked at his hand. “Tell me your name first.”

He withdrew his hand and sighed. “I will tell you tonight when you go on a date with me like you promised back in school.”

I raised an eyebrow, thinking it over. “Alright.”

“Pinky promise.” He held his finger out, I rolled my eyes and walked away.

I went home and took a shower to get ready for the date. I blow dried my red hair, laying out my green dress. It was satin and flowed over my body, accenting every curve of my body. After applying gloss to my lips and putting on my strappy heals, he knocked.

I ran to answer it. “I didn’t know you knew where I lived.”

He shrugged. “Small town. Don’t look into it.”

We took to the streets. “So what is your name?”

“Uh-uh not yet.”

“Why won’t you tell me?” I fussed.

He smirked. “Not yet.”

We spent the night doing really crazy things like playing on the swings and eating candy. Finally it was close to sunset on the long summer day and he took me to the middle of the park where the stone ground circled a water fountain.

He smiled like he suddenly got a crazy idea. “Lay down.”

I laughed. “What?”

He rolled his eyes and laid on the ground. “Come on, no one is around. Do it.”

I sighed, kicking off my heels and awkwardly trying to sit down without flashing my underwear.
He laughed at my attempt and closed his eyes. I waved my hand in front of his face before quickly laying down.

“Nice of you to join me,” he opened his eyes again.

“Can I ask why we’re doing this?”

“Just lay here.”

I laid quietly beside him, tapping my finger on my stomach.

“This is killing you, isn’t it?”

“Almost as much as still not knowing your name.”

He looked over at me and smiled, propping his head by his elbow. “My name is Peter Barlow. I was in your chemistry class senior year when you caused the fire alarm to go off. We worked at the same job every summer. I can’t believe you of all people can’t remember me. I asked you out on a date and you called for a rain check.”

My mouth was open in shock. I remembered him. He had glasses and a headgear and was heavily into Pok√©mon. “Oh my god, you’re the nerd!”

He nodded. “I get that reaction a long.”

I sat up. “You’ve changed so much! I mean you’re ho—“ I stopped myself and coughed.

“I get that reaction too. Amazing what can happen with contacts and no metal mouth.”

“I remember when I turned you down. I was scared to go on a date with you in fear you’d try to kiss me,” I laughed.

He sat up too, his eyes were humorous. “Are you still afraid to kiss me?”

I smiled as I pressed my lips to his. His hand held my cheek, keeping me locked to him. He pulled back and chuckled, his breath fanning across my face.

I shook my head. “Not anymore.”

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Kimmydonn Week 62: What Just Happened?


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Kimmydon's Choice: both

What Just Happened?

I stand ready, my guard up. I know the attack could come from either side, but will most likely come from behind. They love biting into the back of a neck, breaking it if possible. That way the kill stays fresh while they feed. Disgusting creatures. I wasn’t about to have my blood taint the snow.


I whirl to meet my opponent, blade raised. He’s fast and ugly as sin, but he’ll be much prettier without that head. His black-red blood stains the snow, not mine, and I turn for his friend, adding another kill to my tally. Heph will be pissed when I pass him again. I grin with satisfaction.

My cockiness is my demise. A third bites into the side of my neck and I scream in pain and rage. My glasses are knocked from my head and I fall to my knees, everything becoming dark.

My legs are wet. Why are my legs wet? And I smell salt, feel a breeze. Are there breezes in hell? I suppose I could be in heaven, but I doubt they’d take me. Opening my eyes, I prepare for the worst.

Wait a minute. I’ve been here before. A year ago, before the incident, before the virus turned most of us into monsters. Why am I here?

I start to get up and realize I’m wearing the same dress I wore a year ago, and my hair is long. I’m also wearing my contact lenses. How long since I had a pair of those? This is some dream. Heading back down the path that had brought me here so long ago, I find my parents — my dead parents

“Mom?” I ask in a choke. “Dad?” I run to them and hug my mother tightly. Maybe I am in heaven.

“Cindy? What’s wrong, honey? Weren’t you having fun?” she asks smoothing my hair.

“Fun?” I ask, incredulous. “Yeah, lots of fun. It’s great watching monsters tear apart everyone you love.” The tears that started at the sight of them multiply and roll down my cheeks. “Really riotous.”

“Cindy?” my father asks in a serious tone. “Are you okay?”

“No, I’m not okay. I’m obviously dead and I didn’t manage to find anything to help anyone.”

My parents look at each other and I can see the questions they’re asking each other.

“I’m not insane,” I argue pulling away from them. “This place stinks,” I claim, storming off.

“Cindy, wait!” my mom calls chasing after me. “Talk to us. Tell us what happened.”

“You both died, okay? You were infected and turned into... them.” My voice is still cracking, and I am still stomping. My stupid hair will not stay out of my mouth. “Bleh, and why give me back this?” I complain, fighting it into a knot on my head.

“You love your hair, honey. You’ve been growing it out since you were four.” My mother tugs on a lock.

“Yeah, well, it’s a pain in the ass when you don’t have reliable water and it gets caught in everything. That’s why I cut it off six months ago.”

“Six months ago you were still in class,” my father argues.

“Yeah, if this really was July of ‘fifteen.” 2015, the year everything ended. 2016, the year those of us left tried to make a beginning.

“But... it is,” my father tells me. “You were just walking into the surf and then sat on the shore. You were so happy a moment ago.” He rubs my shoulder, too.

“Shut up,” I say, my mouth sagging a little. “It’s really July tenth? Manson is still in business? There haven’t been any... accidents?” I ask, trying to lead them.

“No, honey. Manson? Since when are you interested in pharmaceuticals?”

“Just since they bred a super virus,” I mumble. “It’s really July tenth and I really just graduated a week ago?”

“Yes, Cindy. Your tassel is still hanging from the mirror of the car.”

“We still have the old Ford!” I shout with glee, remembering how important a vehicle that was simple to fix became. “I can do something! Maybe I can stop the whole damn thing.” I gave my each of my parents another hug. “Call a cab. I need the car. Trust me. Bye!”

“Cindy? Cindy!” My mother’s shout is lost behind me as my hair falls out of its knot. My legs tangle in my skirt and I yank it higher, hoping there’s a knife or scissors in the glove box. I need to lose this hair and then I need to kill a very bad doctor.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Miss Beckie Louise Week 62: A Day At The Park

Miss Beckie Louise

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Picture 2

Miss Beckie Louise's Choice: Both

A Day At The Park

I woke up this morning to a beautiful day. The sun was shinning, no clouds in the sky. The perfect weather for a day out, I thought to myself. So with that, I got up and changed before making a simple fruit salad for breakfast.

I got my things sorted, my pens, paper, headphones and iPod before leaving the house.

I walked down to the park and got settled against an old oak tree - my favourite spot in town. I got my arty things out of my bag before starting to sketch.

Soon enough, my picture was done and I was happy with the end result. I put my things away and just sat where I was quietly enjoying the silence and looking out at the scenery. I was sitting high enough to see the rest of the park. There was the pond to my left and the children's play set on the right. A new addition had been placed to the park. A spiders web is what they are calling it. Really it's just a huge thing with ropes all over the place to climb up on.

After my fill of taking in the scenery I laid down on the grass with my headphones on, iPod playing Delta Goodrem's Innocence. I sat back and watched the clouds run by. I was starting to doze off when I felt a whoosh.

I looked up and saw two bikes go past me at incredible speed, both very close to me. They didn't seem to notice me, which pissed me off even more; they could have hit me or something!

I watched them until they stopped not far from where I was laying, they had stood their bikes up before laying down on the grass. The boys were messing around, throwing pebbles and stones to see who could throw the furthest. They had both taken their shoes and socks off too.


I felt my phone buzz in my pocket. I had a text from mum.

Can you come home now, please? Things need to be done.


With a sigh I picked up my things before heading off home. I passed the two guys who were laughing at something and one of the boys held the other's foot.

Weird, I thought before heading off home.

Bronwyn Keith Week 62: New Beginnings

Bronwyn Keith

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Picture 2

Bronwyn’s Choice: Picture 1

New Beginnings

She is the most beautiful creature, Adam thought as he watched her through his camera lens. He was working in the barn when she walked through his property to the lake. Not believing that a beauty like her had actually existed, Adam grabbed his camera before following her. Now he watched as she stood next to the lake in her red satin dress.

“I know you are back there,” she said in her slightly husky voice, as she lifted a foot toward the water. Startled, Adam nearly dropped his camera. “You can come out of hiding.”

Adam stood slowly, came around the tree, and stood at the head of the dock to watch her. “Why are you out here?” he asked softly.

“I needed to think.” She turned toward him and gave him a sad smile. “When my grandparents used to own this property, I would come out here when something bothered me.” Adam was surprised to learn that old Mr. Johnson had family. When the whole time Adam worked for Mr. Johnson, no family ever came to visit.

“I didn't know that Mr. Johnson had family.”

“Grandpa blamed dad for mom's death, so we were never allowed to come for visits.” She walked toward him and suddenly held out her hand. “I'm Aimee.”

“I'm Adam.” He carefully enfolded her small hand in his, marveling at the softness of her skin. “Would you like to come up to the house? It's a little warmer than out here and I can put on a pot of coffee.”

“I'd like that” She shifted her hand in his to wrap her finger around his palm. He looked down at their joined hands, surprised at her trust in him. Adam gently squeezed her hand before leading her toward the house.

When they arrived at the old house, he lead her to the back door. After releasing her hand, he opened the door and held it for her. He followed her in, pausing long enough to remove his dirty boots. The back door opened in to the kitchen. He walked over the sink to wash his hands before starting the coffee. Aimee sat down at the small table that was covered with a red and white checker table cloth.

“I remember when my grandmother bought this table cloth. Grandpa hated it,” Aimee said. Adam turned to look at her. She had that small sad smile on her face again as she fingered the cloth. “How did you know my grandparents?”

“I didn't know your grandmother. She was already gone when I started working here.” Adam turned back to the coffee pot. Once he finished filling it with water, he leaned against the counter watching her. “I needed a job after I graduated from college and Mr. Johnson was looking for a capable young man to help run his ranch.” Adam shrugged.

“How long have you been out here?”

“Almost six years.” Adam turned and grabbed two mugs from the dishwasher before pouring the coffee. “When Mr. Johnson got sick, he told me that he decided to transfer the deed of the property to me. When I asked about family, he said that he didn't have any.” He set a mug in front of her before grabbing the milk and sugar.

“Grandpa must have liked you. He gave you his ranch.” She reached over the sugar and carefully added two tablespoons to her coffee. “I didn't see any cattle when I got here. Did you get rid of them?” Adam sat across from her.

“Cattle has never been my interest. So with your grandfather's blessing, we sold off the cattle and started buying Quarter Horses. I breed and train foundation stock now.” He took a drink of his un-doctored coffee. The warmth moving through his system. His eyes moved over her, taking in her small elfin face with it's upturned nose and full lips. Her dark auburn hair tumbled over her shoulders, under her Debbie Gibson type hat. Up close she was even more beautiful than when she stood on the dock. “What did you need to come out here to think about?”

He could have kicked himself when the question left his lips. Only you would be so rude and blunt, Adam, he scolded himself. “I'm sorry, that was a very rude and personal question,” he said quietly, looking down at the checkered table cloth. Her hand came in to view as it grasped his. He turned his hand over and wrapped his fingers around her hand before looking up at her.

“I understand. I'm trespassing on your property.” Aimee gently squeezed his hand before pulling her hand back. “I'm trying to decide what to do with myself. Last night the guy I've been seeing for a while asked me to marry him.” She took a drink of her coffee. “Instead of telling him yes, I told him that I needed time. Then I left him at the restaurant and drove through the night. Next thing I knew, I was here.”

“Don't you love him?” Adam asked, standing to refill his coffee.

“I thought I did, but when he asked me to marry him, I wasn't so sure. So, I left.” She started tracing her finger over the table cloth. “We're compatible and we have been together for almost two years.” Adam sat down again, watching her.

“But there is no passion,” he said before taking another drink of his coffee. She looked up at him startled.

“There is no passion.” She sighed. “I want someone who can't wait to see me. Someone who calls me during the day because he misses me. But I guess that isn't meant for me.”

“You are young. You still have plenty of time to find that,” Adam said, trying to comfort her.

“I'm not that young, Adam,” she said, as tears wheeled up in her eyes. “What if I can't find that kind of love? What if I tell Travis no and never find another man who wants to marry me?” Adam stood and went to her side of the table and pulled her in to his arms. He tucked her head under his chin and held her. He laid his cheek against the top of her head, taking in the apple scent of her shampoo. After a while, she pulled back. He looked down at her tear streaked face.

“There is plenty of men who would want to be with you, Aimee,” he whispered as he cupped her face in his hands. He ran his thumbs over her cheeks, gently wiping away her tears. He slowly bent down, giving her a chance to pull away before he took her lips in a soft kiss.

Adam nibbled at her lips, convinced they were softer than her delicate hands. Wanting to taste more of her, he stroked his tongue along the seam of her lips. On a soft sigh, she parted them, inviting him in. His tongue swept over hers, absorbing the taste of coffee and woman. With a groan he pulled her against his body as he deepened the kiss. Her hands clutched his shoulders. A few intense moments later, he pulled back and leaned his forehead against hers, trying to catch his breath.

“I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that,” Adam whispered. Aimee's hands moved from his shoulders, down his arms to encircle his wrists. The caress made him shiver and hard with need.

“No apology necessary, Adam.” She reached up and placed a kiss on his lips. “But I do need to head home.” With a sigh, Adam took a step back and look down at her. Her swollen lips made her even more beautiful.

“Will I get to see you again?” Adam asked. Aimee pulled away and went to the counter where she grabbed the note pad by the phone and wrote down her phone number and email address.

“I sure hope so,” she said as she handed him the paper. She gave him a kiss on the cheek before walking out the back door.

Adam looked at the note with her information on it for a few moments. Oh, he will be seeing more of her. He would guarantee it.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Snapple Apple 450 Week 61: Love Is Eternal

SnappleApple 450

Picture 1

Picture 2

SnappleApple 450's Choice: Both

Love Is Eternal

“Can you believe it, Chaya?” Tuvia chuckled as his wife fixed his tie for him.
Her crinkly eyes glowed as she smiled. “Yes, I can. I feel every passing year in these old bones,” she laughed.

He kissed her fingers once she finished. “You’re not old.”

Chaya playfully smacked his arm. “Oh hush. Don’t even try to lie to me.” She left the room to get her things together.

Today was Tuvia and Chaya’s 65th Anniversary. Their children planned a huge party right on the beach for them and all their family. Tuvia grabbed his hat and tucked his handkerchief into his coat pocket. He stopped in front of the vanity mirror to make sure he looked presentable. He saw the old yellowed picture taped the side of it where it had stayed over the years. It was a wedding picture from 1946, after the war. They left the concentration camps and moved to America, the land of promises. Sixty-five years later, they were living in California, the parents of nine children, and the grandparents of twenty-one. It was a large family, but they didn’t want it any other way.

Chaya walked back into the room and touched his shoulder when she saw what he was looking at. “We’re going to be late, Tuvia.”

He looked down at her and smiled. “Do you remember when we met?”

Chaya nodded. “On the boat to New York.”

Tuvia patted her arm and chuckled. “You’re still the beautiful girl I married in New York, Chaya. I loved you the moment I saw your hair blowing in the salty wind, and I made a vow I would get to know you before we reached American soil.”

Chaya smiled, eyes glittering. “I love you, Tuvia. Sixty-five years ago I made a vow I would
love you forever.”

He kissed her lips briefly. “I’m still holding you to that.”

Friday, July 22, 2011

SwedenSara Week 61: The 10:15 train to Poughkeepsie


Picture 1

Picture 2

SwedenSara’s Choice: Both

The 10:15 train to Poughkeepsie

The floor is cold under the soles of her feet, as she stands quietly, watching the door. It’s closed, safely locked to keep the healthy people out and the unhealthy people in. She’s biding her time, patiently waiting for the right moment, hoping for an unguarded second and a loophole into his world to open. She has her best dress on, like yesterday and all the days before that, just in case an opportunity rises. She wants to look her best when they meet again, not because she’s afraid he will not love her anymore, but because she wants to celebrate their reunion. She knows he’ll be waiting for her, sitting at their meeting point, waiting for her to get off the train and run to him. He’ll have their breakfast ready, Sugar Puffs and a bottle of milk, and they’ll share it with their head closely together, whispering secrets no one else knows, in words no one else understands.

She shifts her feet as someone approaches the door, tensing her muscles, preparing for flight. Pretending to intensely examine the paint on the wall, she waits for a crack in the security, a weak moment in the ever present watchfulness.

An unguarded moment.

A door closing too slowly.

Bare feet silently running towards freedom.

A white dress flitting in a chink of a door.

Bright sun on a face.

Fresh air in a pair of lungs.

Last call for the 10:15 train to Poughkeepsie.
Milk and Sugar Puffs, whispered secrets, and a pure and patient love.

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Burntcore Week 61: Life in a Bottle


Picture 1

Picture 2

Burntcore's Choice: Picture 1

Two bottles
Two bottles with two straws
Two bottles with two straws and a stack of cookies

Memories of a day
Of Childhood innocence
Of days in the Sun

Two empty bottles
Empty of their original contents
But full of memories
of Experiences

Of Life

Two bottles
Two bottles with two straws
Two bottles with two straws and a stack of cookies

One Life
A life Lived together
Built on memories and love
Never forgotten
Never empty

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kimmydonn Week 61: India


Picture 1

Picture 2

Kimmydon's Choice: both


Heat rolling in waves,
haze surrounds.
Water in the air,
water on the ground.
Red, white cloth flowing
allowing breezes through
Pachyderm kneeling
prayers between two.
Simple search for pleasure
Woman coming of age.
A trip of simple leisure
turned a pilgrimage.

Author's note: apologies for the bad poetry. Next week will make up for it, promise!! It's awesome!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Bronwyn Week 61: Conversation with a Blue Bird

Bronwyn Keith

Picture 1

Picture 2

Bronwyn’s Choice: Picture 2

Conversation with a Blue Bird

“Mr. Blue Bird, why are you on the cold ground so early in the spring?”

“I'm looking for dried bits of grass and branches to take to my Lady Blue Bird to build our nest.”

“Why dried grass? Aren't you worried about it going limp during the last season snows?”

“With the grass I can weave a dense nest that will protect our eggs. The branches help add structure. But I wish I could take my Lady some animal hair to add warmth to the nest.”

“Would my hair work?”

“I need a lot of it to make the nest nice and warm.”

“I'll cut off a couple inches for you and leave it here on the porch for you.”

“That is mighty kind of you. My Lady Blue Bird will be very happy with the contribution. I will look for it tomorrow. I must go check on my Lady.”

“Goodbye Mr Blue Bird and good luck on raising your family.”

Monday, July 18, 2011

Miss Beckie Louise Week 61: The Haunted Website

Miss Beckie Louise

Picture 1

Picture 2

Miss Beckie Louise's Choice: Both

The Haunted Website

I knocked on his door and he gave me permission to enter. I saw him sitting at his desk with his computer on.

“Hey, you okay?” I asked. My brother had been hiding in his room for a few hours and I was getting worried.

“Yeah, I'm fine, thanks sis,” he replied.

I nodded. “Good.”

I walked over to his bed and sat down. I loved to sit on his bed, it was really comfortable. I bounced on it a few times before I stopped. My fun had ended. I saw my brother's face go really pale.

“Em, what's wrong? You've gone really pale,” I said, panicking slightly. I had never seen him like this. He turned to me and shook a finger at the screen. I looked at his computer and I didn't see anything that would cause him to react like this. “What? I can't see anything out of the ordinary.”

“B-But it was there. Honest!” He started to get agitated, his finger still pointing shakily at the screen.

“What was? Em?”

“A picture, I can't describe it, but it was so scary!” he exclaimed. I was in shock. Em was the “big guy.” He didn't ever find anything scary. He could watch the scariest film and not even flinch in fright.

I looked at his screen again, trying to see what it was that scared my brother. All I could see was Facebook.

Then, suddenly. I screamed. A flash of a picture appeared on the screen. Within a few seconds it was gone. It was two bodies that were mangled and the flesh looked like it was ripped away from the bones. The picture appeared once more and I looked even more closely. It looked like... like us.

“Em. Please tell me that that isn't us!” I screamed at him and pointed to the picture on his computer.

“I-I can't.”

I screamed even more shrilly than last time. I didn't know if it was a good thing that my parents were out at the time or not.

Em grabbed hold of me and he pulled me up to the head of his bed. We cuddled, shaking due to the pictures we saw. I couldn't close my eyes for even a second. All I could see were the pictures in the back of my mind. It was horrifying.

I shook in Em's arms. I couldn't deal with the pictures. I was so scared. Em was too, which ultimately made the bed shake. I kept my eyes off the computer but looked up around the room, where I caught a glimpse of the dreaded screen at the back of my eye. It was a picture. A picture that filled the entire page.

It was a big picture. With a key and multiple red objects that looked like flowers and also the word “Amour.”

“The key to my heart,” I whispered. I looked at Em who was staring at me, mouth gaping.

“What?” he asked.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“Why did you say the key to my heart?”

I looked at him.

“That's what the picture means. The key to my heart.”

“What picture?” Em asked.

“That one,” I told him and pointed to the computer screen.

“I can't see one other than my facebook page.”

I looked back at the screen and there it was.

“It's still there.”

“I can't see it, Alice.”

“But it's there!” My voice shook. This was getting scary. First the pictures of Emmett and me and now this. The picture only I can see.

The next thing I knew, I was on the floor, my body shaking in sobs as tears fell rapidly down my face. Em knelt before me and pulled me into his arms.

“Why Em? Why can I see this picture and you can't? What does it mean? I don't understand it.”

He kissed the top of my head before rocking me slowly, “I don't know Al, I really don't know.”

We stayed there on the floor for a while. We broke apart because we heard keys rattle in the door. We looked at each other, fear showing in our eyes as it could be anything else to add to this nightmare we were in.

“Hello?” Our mother shouted.

We looked at each other, relief showing in our eyes.

“MOM!” We shouted and all but jumped up and ran out of the room and down the stairs. We tackled her and gave her the biggest hug we could muster.

“What's all this?” she asked gasping for breath.

“Something scary Mom. I don't know if its Em's computer or not but it kept showing horrifying pictures, and then a picture that only I could see came up, and it was so scary. I thought I was going insane,” I rattled out.

Mom grabbed hold of me and rocked me.

“Aw, my darling. You're fine; you're safe,” she repeated over and over which calmed me down immediately.

A few days later, I was watching the news with mom in the front room when breaking news showed up.

“Breaking news ladies and gentlemen. There is news of what police are calling the “website horror.” Social Networking site Facebook has reported that users are failing to log-in to their account because horrific pictures are appearing on screen.

“Facebook administrators have confirmed that this is a virus that is meant to scare users into not wanting to return to their site. Members have been shown pictures of them and their friends or family dead and some users have claimed of pictures which others cannot see.

“Police are urging all users not to return to the facebook website until this virus has been deleted. The administrators are doing all they can to return facebook to its original state before letting anybody else use the website.

“In other news....”

I stopped listening to what was being said and breathed a sigh of relief.

So it wasn't just me who could see that picture. Or something similar. I am never getting a facebook account. Not after this. I don't care if they are popular. I can't wait to tell Em!

I jumped off my seat and ran to find Emmett. I found him in his room. Just like the picture, his skeleton on the floor, the flesh ripped off of him.

I screamed. “EMMETT!!!!!!!!!!”

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Burntcore Week 60: Hearts So Deep Part 7


Picture 1

Picture 2

Burntcore's Choice: both

Hearts So Deep - Part 7

Casey was back home in State College after a very interesting and informative weekend. She said goodbye to her new-found aunt, filled with stories, both good and bad, about the sisters' childhood. Susan’s journal mentioned a lot of what Julianne described, but it was different hearing it first person than from reading it in a book. Julianne spoke most of that afternoon, her voice only breaking once she got to the parts where her and Susan were older ... when Julianne left and Susan was left to her own devices with parents who had no business with children.

Casey was still having a hard time getting over the fact her beloved grandparents could ever have done those kinds of things to their own daughters. Margaret and Leonard were wonderful grandparents to her; perhaps they knew what they did wrong with Susan and Julianne and were trying to make up for what they lacked the first time around.

She wasn’t sure if she could ever confront her grandparents about what she had learned. How would that even be brought up in conversation? There was still more Casey needed to know. She still didn’t know who killed her mother and who sent her Susan’s journal. The more Casey dug into the mystery, the more she began to think that the two were interconnected. There had to be a reason why, especially after all this time.

Setting the mystery aside, Casey prepared for her date with Alexander later that night. They had been dating for a few months now, but it wasn’t anything serious ... at least not yet. She liked him; she just wasn’t sure how much she liked him.

It had been a few days since she had spoken with him, so he had no idea that she had been in Pittsburgh or any of the more recent developments. Casey had this overwhelming urge to tell him about what she found out. He knew bits and pieces of what had happened, but they never really talked about deeper issues.

Perhaps this was the motivation she needed to get closer to him. Lord knew he had tried. He had made it clear that he wanted to deepen their relationship, becoming exclusive to one another. Neither one had dated anyone else, but he wanted it official. She smiled, thinking that his patience had finally won off.

After one final pass of her brush through her hair, Casey runs out to meet Alex at his apartment. He said something about late dinner reservations and asked her to arrive a few hours before that. She liked evenings like that. For some reason, she preferred eating later on the weekends and being over at his place earlier would give them time to catch up and hang out a bit beforehand.

She had no sooner raised her hand to his door when it opened, his messy brown curls greeting her.

Casey chuckled as she gently rapped on his head. “Anyone home?”

“Har har har,” Alex said with a smirk, as he grabbed her hand and pulled her close. “Hi.”

“Hi yourself, handsome,” Casey whispered, her eyes flickered to his bare chest and back up to his face. “Look at you, all dressed up,” she teased.

Alex blushed and wrapped his other arm around her, leaning his head down to kiss her. Casey rested her hands on his smooth chest, feeling his heart begin to beat faster as they kissed. Her own heart kept up, racing right along with him. Slowly, Alex pulled her into his apartment and shoved the door closed. Casey used her foot to give it one final kick to make sure the latch caught.

This wasn’t what she had planned to happen when she arrived at his apartment, but she certainly wasn’t going to complain. They could talk later.

Their kissing continued as they traveled through his apartment, their hands roaming and caressing. Casey felt this electric-like connection with Alex that she had never felt before. It was like her body was on fire. Along the way, Alex pushed Casey up against the wall of the hallway and kissed her so deeply, it was like a bomb went off, so white hot that it was like their bodies evaporated; only leaving their bones. Turned out the only thing that disappeared was their clothing.

By the time they reached his bedroom, Casey had her legs wrapped around Alex’s waist and they were both thrusting against one another. It was a rather awkward procession but their bodies demanded the friction. When Alex reached his bed, he quickly sat down, bringing Casey down as well, the movement being just right for him to slip inside her.

They both laughed when they realized what happened.

“I couldn’t do that again if I tried,” he said hoarsely, deep into the sensations of her surrounding him.

“I think trying could be half the fun,” Casey replied as she rolled her hips. “Now where were we?”

Alex grinned and rolled her over onto the mattress, determined to have as much fun as possible.

They spent the rest of their time before dinner much in that matter, working up an appetite for their late evening meal. Casey had a feeling they would both need all the nourishment they could get once she told him what had been going on with her ... and how she felt about him. After that, maybe round two.

Friday, July 15, 2011

SwedenSara Week 60: I Am That Woman


Picture 1

Picture 2

SwedenSara’s Choice: both

I am that woman

A dark-haired woman in a red gown, velvet brocade with black lace details and black satin lining. Passionate and lusty, aggressive and powerful. Sophisticated and elegant, mysterious and evil. Sexuality, with a lining of sadness. Little Red Riding Hood, after she kicked the wolf’s ass and beat him into submission. Ever heard that version of the fairytale? No? Just make sure you tell your daughters that they don’t need a strong, manly woodcutter to save them. They can do that on their own.

A fair maiden in a white cotton dress, clean hands with shiny fingernails guarding a fragile glass jar, the bright light of future generations held close to her womb. Innocent and peaceful, simple and pure. Clinical and sterile, wintry and cold. Reverence, with a lining of death. The bride walking towards the altar, dressed to meet the love of her life, the strength of twosomeness, the safety of following the norms. The bride walking towards the altar, dressed to meet the bane of her youth, the death of her independence, the suppression of her sexuality. Ever heard of that version of marriage? No? Just make sure to tell your daughters that they don’t need a husband to be happy. They can do that on their own.

I am both these women, and many more. Show me the colors of the rainbow, and I find myself in every one of them. Dress me in a rainbow flag, and see the complex picture of a real woman.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Kimmydonn Week 60: Taking Time


Picture 1

Picture 2

Kimmydon's Choice: both

Taking Time

Tim and Geoff were moving around the set. This was Lisa’s first film with Burton and she was thrilled. Not only because she got to work with one of the directors she admired, but because they were filming in New York, less than an hour from her parents’ place.

“You look remarkably laid back for someone who can’t get her work done until these two stop messing around.” Ford said, handing her a bottle of water that she sipped from gratefully.

“You don’t rush art,” she said with only a touch of sarcasm. In one way it was true - the shadows from the stones of the wall, the pieces on the set, they all worked together to give the impression, the mood that Tim wanted. It was up to Geoff to light it properly. In some ways, Lisa had the simplest job, perform on the stage they set.

Lisa knew what Ford meant, though. More than enough directors pushed and rushed, forcing the actors through scenes they weren’t prepared for, weren’t ready to perform. Lisa was quick to respond, hitting her marks regardless, a trait that made her sought after. She appreciated this care to detail, the time given to make it all just so. It really did make her job easy.

“Alice,” Tim called, beckoning her.

Lisa chuckled and handed the bottle back to Ford. A makeup woman adjusted her wig before Lisa stepped under the lights. Tim knew her name, but he’d never forgiven his casting manager for not finding her to play Alice in his version of Alice in Wonderland. She was flattered, but thought it was a bit silly to keep calling her that.

Barely acknowledging him, Lisa took her place and prepared for the call. “Action.”

Ford was only a little surprised when Lisa bounced into the car after work instead of flopping into the seat.

“What’s up?”

“You know,” she complained, rolling her eyes. “Step on it.”

He chuckled and drove her to her parents’ house.

“Mr. Guinness, Mrs. Guinness,” Ford greeted them both, turning for the car as Lisa ran up to hug her dad.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Lisa’s mother asked, snagging his elbow. “You are staying for dinner,” she declared.

Lisa laughed and hugged her mom. “I’ve missed you.”

“We’ve missed you, too. Hard day?” Tenderly, she swept the blond strands out of Lisa’s face. “You look tired.”

“I feel great,” Lisa assured her. Then she yawned. “Probably could do with more sleep, though.”

“Well, perhaps your own bed will help with that.”

“You’re welcome to stay, too, Clifford,” Lisa’s father assured him. The large man gaped a little.

“Uh... I already have a hotel booked.”

“Cancel it!” Lisa demanded. She burst through the gate into the backyard, kicking off her flip-flops to run through the soft dirt and grass and jump onto her swing, the one tied to her tree. It was so good to be home.

“Please consider it,” Mrs. Guinness insisted squeezing Ford’s arm before following her daughter and joining her on the long seat. “Feel old?” she asked looking up at the tree that had been small when Lisa left home for her first role.

“A little.”

“How is she?” Mr. Guinness asked the burly bodyguard. “She keeping you hopping?” He watched the pair of women on the swing, each looking so much like the other – the younger seeming so much older and grown up, the older seeming young as she laughed and grinned.

“Not a bit,” Ford answered with a chuckle, watching Lisa carefully. “If anything I wish she did. She seems lonely.” He frowned and felt Lisa’s father move to stand beside him.

“She chose a lonely life, constantly on the move, most connections fleeting. I could wish she’d never dreamed bigger than this.” His gaze took in his neat yard, his white house. Ford understood. Her father could wish his daughter had married someone local, stayed near home, gone to a regular college instead of tutors.

“You don’t,” Ford said with certainty. He didn’t know the Guinnesses well, but he knew they both supported Lisa. They were happy that she knew what she wanted and had the determination to work for it despite all the costs.

“No, but I could,” he said again. “I worry when I see all those girls and boys behind the ropes at premiers, when I bring in the mail and see letters addressed to her.”

Ford stiffened. “Anything-”

Mr. Guinness stopped him. “Nothing worse than bad poetry.” His tone was light but his face still sombre. “You’ll keep taking care of her? I need someone to watch over my little girl.”

Ford clenched his jaw against the tightness in his throat, the tightness he heard in the father’s voice. “I will. Nothing will happen to her.”

Mr. Guinness clapped Ford’s shoulder and turned for the house. “Good. I should keep an eye on the grill so the ladies can enjoy themselves.”

Ford stood watching a while longer.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Miss Beckie Louise Week 60: Reminiscence on Childhood

Mod note: Please join me in welcoming back Miss Beckie Louise! She has had a rough few months but is eager to rejoin us and fill in our Mondays. Yay! Full slate of writers!!

Miss Beckie Louise

Picture 1

Picture 2

Miss Beckie Louise's Choice: Both

Reminiscence on Childhood.

I sit on one of the chairs after the party surrounded by what looked like mirror balls, all different sizes. I pick up a medium sized one just to see how heavy it was and found it very light. I throw it in the air a few times just for fun before placing it on my knee.

Being surrounded all these balls reminds me of when I was little and I was outside with a bottle of soap and a little plastic thing with a hole in so I could blow through it, to make bubbles.

I remember blowing a big bubble, which I popped by touching it slightly with my finger. I could actually see the way the bubble popped. The moisture going in a round shape almost meeting up with the rest of the bubble that hadn't popped quite yet.

My eyesight had always been good and sometimes I could see things that other people couldn't; for instance this bubble.

I loved my childhood. I was always so free, free to do what I wanted whenever I wanted to do it. As I got older, things got harder and the death of my mother meant that I was taking care of the household, which in meant I had to learn how to do everything. By everything I mean the cooking, cleaning, washing. The amount of clothes we went through when I first started using the washing machine is quiet frankly, astonishing.

I had a small number of friends after the changes to my lifestyle and I got a weekend off a month, which brought me here. Sitting on this seat reminiscing my childhood.

I miss the freedom, the laughter. I haven't truly laughed in such a long time. Sure I occasionally chuckle, but it is like life drained out of me and was rinsed away with the many loads of washing and dishes.

Tears slowly run down my face as I think of my childhood, I want so much to get my independence back, but I can't leave home as I have no money to my name. I decide instead to do something that I know I am good at and enjoy; writing. I had always wanted to write but never had the courage to pick up a pen.

Once I arrive home from my night out with the girls, I cross my room to my desk and pick up a pad of paper and a pen. I am happy to notice that I have a lot of pens ready for me and with that, I sit down and write.

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Snapple Apple 450 Week 59: Don't just stop to smell the flowers

SnappleApple 450

Picture 1

Picture 2

SnappleApple 450's Choice: Picture 1

Don’t Just Stop to Smell the Flowers, Sit and Watch Them Bloom

The world is silent yet full of blooming life. It seems as if everything has stopped, as if time itself has stopped. It's an open field of grass and pink flowers under the sky with the midday sun overhead. Gentle clouds roll by looking of cotton balls, casting shadows over the rolling hills. The soft pink hues of the flowers seem to glow over the green grass as it moves in time with the summer breeze, blowing softly. It's so easy to be forgotten in the world, if for only a moment. Cicadas sound in the grass around, birds singing songs of love and joy. Nature is everywhere, it's alive, it's blooming with beauty. If only for this moment, the world doesn't exist. Only happiness in the warm summer air.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Burntcore Week 59: Crash


Picture 1

Picture 2

Burntcore's Choice: Picture 1


“Oh I watch you there
Through the window
And I stare at you
You wear nothing but you
Wear it so well
Tied up and twisted
The way I'd like to be
For you, for me, come crash
Into me”

We were twisted in holiday lights, the strings wrapped around our hands and hips. I’m not sure how we got in this state, but I wasn’t going to complain. We touched one another, first tentatively then with more force as we discovered what one another liked.

In the midst of a tangle of legs and arms, we explored, we caressed, we loved.

Her hair was soft as silk and slid between my fingers like water. It was short, like mine, but just long enough for me to grab a handful as I brought her face closer. My lips teased hers, inciting her to lean into me further and brush her chest against mine.

Beneath the layer of flannel, I felt my breasts respond to the pressure, my nipples hardening and goosebumps popping up down my arms. I snuck an arm down to her waist and tugged on her belt loop until she slid into my lap. The holiday lights tightened around her legs as she moved, pinning her to me. I squirmed slightly under her, enjoying the weigh of her body but seeking more pressure.

She gasped, and squeezed my hips with her thighs. Her muscles were strong. I ran my hand down to the juncture of her legs and pressed against her tentatively. The answering moan encouraged me to continue my ministrations. She leaned on my hand and brought her fingers across my chest.

My breathe caught in my throat as I felt her fingers open the buttons to my shirt, the air cooling my heated skin. Her hand slipped down into my bra, pulling my breasts free from the thin cotton. I wanted her to taste them, I wanted to feel her lips around them.

Just as she pulled away from my lips to do just that, just as I felt the faintest whisper of her soft lips on my skin, I woke up.

I sat up in bed, alone, with one hand in my panties and my other at my breast. I stumbled out of my room, looking around with bleary eyes until I found her. She was sitting on the couch, the lights that I had imagined we were surrounded by were hung up neatly, highlighting the windows. I walked over to her until I was standing just a few feet from her. She stood, uncertain but smiling.

Before I could talk myself out of it, I closed the distance between us, taking her face in my hands, and kissed her with all the passion and desire I could.

“You come crash into me
And I come into you
I come into you”

“Crash Into Me” - Dave Matthews Band