Thursday, July 8, 2010

Nostalgicmiss Week 9 Entry: Grand Theft Cookie


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Grand Theft Cookie

Note: Foul language and drug usage!

We were stood on the platform of the train station, both of us swaying in the non existent breeze. Emmett's tall frame reminded me of one of the silver firs back home that caught the wind and leaned over to the point it looked as though it was about to topple over. My teeth were dug into my bottom lip trying to stop the laughter, with a guy his size it was just odd.

Not to mention we were one bowl past high.

Amsterdam had been so amazing, it was a beautiful city that seemed to hold the majestic feeling of an older world stuck in translation with the twenty first century. Shit, who the fuck was I kidding? I couldn't have told you a damn thing about the city. Both of us had spent our time divided between the cafes and our hotel room.

I got horny when I smoked. Sue me.

"We could just stay here," Emmett mumbled, his eyes drooping even further. "We have two weeks left."

I barked out my laughter unable to control myself, my stomach was beginning to feel like my throat was cut as the munchies started to set in. I ran my tongue along the roof of my mouth making a slapping sound.

"Rosie, don't do that, you're making me hard."

The familiar burn of desire ran through my body and settled neatly at the apex of my thighs at his words, which forced me to rub my legs together for delicious friction. God, did the locals get tired of seeing this shit? Stoners rolling through and fucking like bunnies before heading out again.

Emmett took a staggering step toward me, his grin making his dimples seem a foot deep. I loved them, and right now all I wanted to do was lick them.

An announcement that our train was arriving interrupted our tunnel vision for one another and I couldn't help the surge of disappointment that flooded me. Emmett's long arms folded around me and the backpack I was wearing as he crushed me against his chest.

"We'll make up for it in Paris. It's the city of love after all . . ." He was drowned out by the arrival of the train, but still managed to grab my ass and push his lips against my neck in reassurance.

The blonde strands of my hair whipped around us from the motion of the train, and the squeak of the brakes made me bury my head further into his chest. Even in this state he made me feel safe. Even if he still did maintain the belief I had the silver tongue of Lucifer and could verbally cut down anyone that ever tried to fuck with me.

Sure, I didn't take shit, but Emmett was still the physical force behind my words. Without him I would be like a submissive puppy rolling on my back, subservient to whatever force deemed it necessary to threaten me. Well, I would still be talking, but that would be it.

"Paris, mademoiselle."


"Then get that tight ass of yours on the train."

"God, you know how to sweet talk a woman," I added sarcastically with a wink. The truth was he did when it was necessary, we'd just been together too long for all that idiotic formality bullshit.

My stomach growled again. The emptiness of it seemingly echoed by the hunger surge from the last cafe we'd visited. One thing about smoking that I could never control was the munchies. When I was hungry, I needed sustenance to fill the bottomless black void. Everything tasted better that way, everything.

"Em, I'm hungry, maybe we should run in to the store here and grab something to eat for the train."

"They have a food car, gorgeous. We'll be fine."

"You think they have milk? I could really go with milk right now."

"Rosie," he chuckled, once he started he was unable to stop. If he hadn't have been wearing shorts, and I hadn't have been wearing sandals, I would have shin kicked the fucker.

"Ohh eggs Benedict. That would be better," I added, finally ignoring his laughter and glancing at the train.

Emmett tugged on my hand, his head still shaking, but his laughter was now silent. The last thing we needed was to draw attention to ourselves. Well more than was completely necessary anyway, Emmett was a huge guy at six foot four, and had the ass of a god. An ass I wanted to touch right now.

Food and sex, sex and food. My mind was an empty highway with two pit stops. After three days of this I was starting to forget how to think properly.

Emmett deposited me in a set of four seats that were facing one another, he took the seat opposite and grinned at me. He knew where my head was at. I could see it reflected in those baby blues. Two kinds of hunger, one aimed at me, and the other honed in on the bag of cookies the lady was pulling out of her bag two seats behind him.

"Ok, we definitely need food."

"No shit sherlock," I snorted, pulling out one of the maps we'd drawn out our three week backpacking route on. I ran my finger along the line to Paris. I was excited about getting there because I knew the hotel we were staying in. My parents had only agreed to pay for that one thing as a birthday present to me. It was going to be nice living in luxury for two days, a stark contrast to the hostel we'd been staying in.

"As soon as we head out I will get us something to eat. Just sit tight."

Both of us sat in silence, staring at the poor woman who was now onto her second cookie. I'm sure we were freaking her out, but I couldn't help it, the chocolate chips looked so good. They were the gooey kind, where the chocolate chips had melted into the doughy goodness. I could swear I was about to start drooling.

My stomach growled so loud, Emmett heard it from his seat across from me.

Finally, after what felt like eons, the train started to move out of the station, the systematic double thrums forcing me into a relaxed state against the mint green and brown chairs. Emmett threw me the map he was reading and gave me a wink.

"I'll see if they have what you want. If not your getting a whole lot of junk."

"If it's edible, I'm down, but I already have dessert," I laughed winking at him.

"God, I love you."

"I know," I smirked, watching him lope down the aisle toward the dining car. He was so tall he had to hunch over a little and for a hot second I felt guilty about it. Then it passed.

I sprawled out over the two chairs and let my body relax with my mind. The haziness of coherence still not even a glow on the horizon. Not that I minded, this would last halfway to Paris making the long trip so much more bearable.

It seemed to take Emmett forever to find his way back, but come back he did, and I was none too happy that he was empty handed, I could have eaten my hand at this point.

"Credit card machine's down, no ATM, and I don't have cash."

What. The. Fuck.

"Please say you're teasing me, Em."

He shook his head, not even a grin to indicate he was pulling my chain like he so often did.

"And the next stop is in forty-five minutes."

Fuck. Fuckety, fuck, fuck fuckery. This was ruining my mellow yellow status. I needed to feed the beast that was my stomach. He fell into his seat opposite me, his long legs stretching out so his knees were on either side of mine.

"Sorry, babe."

"Not your fault, snookums."

He beat on his chest playfully and toyed with a smile creating the shadows in those lickable dimples. "Me man, need to feed my woman."

"Oh I love it when you get all manly."

His guffaw filled the area around us, when he finally quietened down, all I could hear and smell were those damn cookies. That's when the very bad idea hit me. Very. Bad. Idea.

I knew better. Well, I thought I did. Yet apparently, I didn't act on those morals, instead I followed the orders of my neglected stomach.

"Stay here."

"Ok, where are you going?"



"Trust me."

Emmett laughed and I kicked him in the inner thigh, careful to avoid little Emmett, especially as I was planning on playing with him later.

I got up and moved slowly toward the bathroom at the end of the car and shuffled inside. I was fighting with my conscience. It was the usual really: This is a bad idea, But I am so fucking hungry, Hungary, I want both hahaha, Still hungry, Bad, Bad idea, but what an experience.

In the end, all I needed was a fuck it. Because I no longer cared. I hadn't broken the law ever, one of my best friends dad was the fucking police chief in our small town.

I walked out of the bathroom and smiled at the cookie woman as she pulled a book out of her bag, before letting my eyes scan the car. There was only one other person in here so we would be implicated when she noticed the absence of four of the chocolate chipped goodness, but it wasn't as though they could prove it. We were eating the evidence and I sure as shit wasn't going to save any for later.

I eyed the open tote bag sat leaning under her chair and decided on my best course of action.

There was only one dammit.

I stepped quietly into the seats behind her, but before mine and Emmett's and lowered myself as quietly as I could. Emmett caught me out the corner of his eyes and shook his head no, but I found myself grinning in response and nodding as I sunk to my knees.

He was waving his arms and mouthing "No," while all I could do was grin and lower myself to my stomach.

Thankfully, I was small enough to slide silently under the chair, cringing about what the hell would be under here if I actually looked up. This was so gross, but it felt necessary . . . for now.

I tugged the bag quietly, revealing a bounty of crumbling, soft, ooey gooey cookies. I wanted to be greedy and steal the whole thing but that would ensure getting caught. I plucked four from the bag and shimmied backwards until I was free.

I stayed crouched for a while, waiting to see if she noticed anything off but her nose was still buried in her book.

Emmett waved his arms to tell me I should move, now.

I dashed around the seats and fell into mine, my body taking up the length of the two seats as I laid the cookies on my chest and fought the giggles bubbling through my chest. Emmett didn't seem to care at all as he laid on his seats in the same fashion.

"I fucking love you, Rosalie. I thought you were gonna go flirt with the guy in the dining car."

"I'm not dressed for that."

"Baby you could be in a trash bag and make it look good."

I laughed at his flattery and handed him two cookies as a reward. Hiding our spoils by lifting the maps and unfolding them to hide us, we ate in peace. Both of us giggled to ourselves and one another.

Incidentally, they were the by far the best cookies I had ever eaten in my life.