Thursday, July 1, 2010

Miztrezboo Week 8 Entry: Blind Date with Fate


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Miztrezboo's Choice: Both

Week Eight Pairing - Bella/Emmett

Notes - AH, Romance

Rating - T

Blind Date With Fate

This was such a bad idea.

Such a bad idea on so many, many levels.

One - agreeing to a blind date.

Two - agreeing to said blind date with my best friends cousin from Hicksville Tennessee.

Three - agreeing to said blind date, with said best friends cousin who probably was missing some teeth and didn't know what shoes were, at the town fair.

Four - agreeing to all of those things and on top of all that, being left to meet said blind date on the Ferris Wheel.

And why was number four worse than all the rest added together?

I may have a slight problem with heights.

And when I say slight, I mean huge, massive, as in I stand at the top of our porch stairs - four in total - and on a good day I only get headspins from looking down.

So to say I was excited by this date thing, was a severe understatement.

But, I hadn't been out with anyone since I broke up with Edward six months ago and well, I was bored. It was the factor that I was bored that had Alice so excited to set me up with her 'kin' in the first place.

Now don't get me wrong, I adore my little southern friend. She's five foot nothing and drives me to the brink of insanity with all her pep and pizazz. The fact is, if you don't agree the first time to whatever crazy shenanigan or plan she's thought up, she'll just keep on and on about it until you are only left with the option to agree. She's a pain in the ass, but she means well and usually she's right about whatever it is she wants us to do.

Which is why I said yes to this stupid idea in the first place.

Said yes to meeting this guy who she only had a picture of when they were eight, and he was all porky with freckles, thick coke bottle glasses and a military buzzcut. Somehow, I couldn't picture him as this so called Abercrombie and Fitch model she claimed he had eventually become.

Puberty is never that kind.

So here I was, the sun just setting and blinding my eyes as the big wheel turned. My hands gripping the the far too thin metal bar that was the only thing keeping me safe on this death trap - waiting for Emmett. I tried to keep my eye on the crowd below - when we were in safe distance between me and the ground - on the lookout for a 'big guy' with a white cap on. Apparently he was a huge Titans fan and the hat never left his head. From what Alice had told me, he could probably play for them too.

It was just as I was sweet talking Jake into letting me go around once more that a deep, orgasm producing voice called out my name. I looked through the crowd and when my eyes finally locked upon the smile that the voice was coming from that I really took a second glance.

He was definitely big, but not in the way that I had imagined. No, he looked to be at the very least six feet six or seven maybe and a solid wall of muscle beneath dark blue jeans with dust covered brown boots. His chest was broad and almost straining the tiny buttons that started at a shiny silver belt buckle, working their way up and over a taut stomach until a few were left undone leaving a tan v of skin at the collar.

Then I was met with his eyes, clear and as bright as the color of the stained glass that made the sky above the Virgin Mary at church. His jaw was strong and his lips rosy with deep niches on either side of his cheeks framing a wide, welcoming grin. The cap Alice had told me to keep an eye out for was taken off his head the moment his eyes met mine and a large hand ran through thick, chocolaty curls that bounced all over his head as he took the stairs two at a time - ignoring Jake's calls for a ticket.

"Bella?" he asked again, and he was so close now that I could smell the spun sugar from the half eaten fairy floss in his hand as well as something spicy and dark and all male.

"You can't go up there without a ticket, I don't care who's cousin you are." Jake's voice brought me out of my little non blinking - non talking - non breathing state I was currently in. I shook my head, thanking the heavens that I'd listened to Alice and wore my hair down - and used it as a shield between me and the oh so hot blind date at my side.

I looked around his statuesque form and found Jake's face all red and non too happy looking.

"It's okay, Jake. I'll give you the tickets after. This is the guy I was waiting for."

"I don't know, Bells..."

"Here," Emmett turned around and put what looked to be a stack of dollars in Jake's hand before turning back to me. "That should be plenty for a few rides around on this thing."

Jake mumbled and walked away, something about only this one time and then we were alone.

Alone in a crowded state fair but now with his large form in front of me and those sparkling blue eyes boring into mine again, I wouldn't have even noticed Jasper Whitlock streaking buck naked like he did last year if he happened to run on by.

"Do you mind?" He asked, indicating to the bar keeping me from his company. I shook my head and smiled. Emmett moved the barrier quickly and with a creak sat down to my right.

I should have flinched at the sound. I should have said something as he put his arm around the back of the chair - and around me. I should have spoken up when he locked us back in, then pulled me to his side.

I should have freaked out - like I had done every other time - when the seat rocked back and forth before we were lifted off the ground.

But the bile that had been eating away at my stomach since I got on this thing had now all but disappeared.

Replaced by Emmett, and his easy smile. His warmth that not only came from his body against mine but from the smile that he still wore. His confidence that really bordered on cocky with how he had claimed the seat and me as his own - was endearing and I was lost in his eyes and the soothing sound of the lilt in his tone as he started talking.

I wish that I could say that I knew what we talked about as the ferris wheel turned and we rode again and again. But I was lost in how easy it was to be with him. How easy it was to forget where I was and what I was doing and get lost in him.

Now as my hand sat over my stomach, I was happy to feel the butterflies within. It wasn't the ride that made me nervous, it was the man who with but a few words and a dimpled grin had me falling and not in a bad way.