Thursday, July 22, 2010

Miztrezboo's Week 11 Entry: Last Call


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Last Call

I didn't want to let her go.

It's not everyday your baby sister leaves home. It's not everyday your baby sister flies half way across the world to trek in the footsteps of so many before her - yet its different this time because its your sister.

I wasn't really worried.

She was twenty six years old. She'd lived in New York City for crying out loud, on her own in an apartment that - according to google - was in one of the least safe parts of town.

She might have looked all small and innocent but she could pack a punch. She may have even used her charm more often than not in her job as a bouncer at one of the city's most popular clubs - but she could take down a six foot giant in a second if she wanted.

Alice was tough. I knew she could handle herself. I had complete and utter faith in her and knew that she'd find a way to stay safe.

Yet I still couldn't let her go.

"Rosie? Uh... Rose?"

I squeezed my eyes tighter and didn't relax my grip.

I couldn't let her go.

"Rose, hun. I kinda can't breathe here."

"Last call for Flight 219 to Buenos Aires. All passengers please make their way to Gate 34 for final boarding."

I choked back a sob. It was the big sisters job not to get visibly upset. To stay strong and act like it wasn't going to kill me to be apart from her. Especially when you were the badass older sister that actually talked her into this back packing trip around South America.

"I have to go, sis,"

"I know." I mumbled into her hair. Breathing in that cherry blossom scent that reminded me so of our angst ridden teen years slamming doors, stealing boyfriends and sneaking out.

"Rosalie. It's only one month. I'll call you every day."

I laughed and pulled back enough to see her face. Big blue eyes, wide, expectant and full of excitement. So clear I can see my own reflected but rimmed in red.

"I doubt you'll have reception when your walking around the ruins on Macchu Picchu but, as long as you think about me and flirt with all the single boys, I'll be happy."

Alice rolled her eyes and stepped back, but I was still holding onto her arms. "Rose-"

"I know." I mutter, pulling her back against me once more.

One last hug. Then I'll let her go.