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Nostalgicmiss' Week 12 Entry: Changes


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. . . Continued . . .
Rated: NC-17 for Content.

"So?" Tate asked gently as we slid into the truck. "How was your reading?"

I wasn't sure what to tell him. I got what Harmony was trying to say and I understood what was at stake, but I also knew what I wanted right now. Haden had been acting so strange while Tate got his reading, he and Ava had been displaying the most nauseating PDA to date, and I just wanted to get away from them. Yet, it was the way Tate had been while we were waiting for Haden that had really made my mind up.

He hadn't been as obvious as Haden and Ava, but he'd made his point. He wanted out of here and soon, because he wanted to finish what we'd started.

"Confusing," I admitted, my eyes meeting his, hoping that they portrayed how little I wanted to discuss this right now.

"Me too," he grinned. "She told me I would have to fight for what I wanted. That the future would get muddled, but to fight is to win."

"What the hell were your words?"

"Confuse, Battle, Fight, Gain."

"So you win?" I grinned, picking up his hand and threading our fingers.

"That was the tricky part, she said it could go either way but the gain could be another wound."

"I don't like that."

"Me either, but if I'm fighting, I plan on starting now." His fingers squeezed mine before he brought them both to his lips and kissed my knuckles. "And right now, I plan on cashing in that rain check and getting my gift."

I felt my lips curl into a smile. The heat, and weight of his hand in mine made my need grow even deeper. Sure, there were questions to be asked and assumptions to be nixed, but for now; I intended to do nothing but enjoy this night together.

"So, this gift," he asked, his eyes occasionally drifting to mine. "Can I have it now?"

"Hmmm," I hummed, shifting into the middle of the bench seat. "Maybe, but I'm worried about your concentration level."

Tate raised his eyebrows, hunger evident. "Do you have it with you?"

I nodded, my tongue running languidly over my bottom lip as I did.

"Could I find it?"

Again I nodded, my eyes closing slightly as I shifted in my seat.

"Do I get one free guess of where it is – with my hands?"

This time my teeth impaled my bottom lip as my head moved. I wanted him to know what I was talking about, I wanted him to find it, and I wanted all of this frustration of needing him full flame on like Johnny Storm falling from an eighty story building. I needed him.

The hand still holding the steering wheel had white knuckles, but he still managed to drop my hand in his lap with the other before it headed off on it's treasure hunt. His beautiful eyes were shining the headlights reflections the amber flecks ignited in excitement.

His dark hair was almost blue black in the little light we had emanating from the street, all of the same features I remembered about him from that first night standing out as I drank in his quiet determination.

"Where would Meg, hide my gift?" he mused to himself, his hand coming to rest on my bare knee.

"I wonder?" I teased, shifting slightly closer to him.

The heat of his palm left goose flesh in it's wake. His slow deliberate movements taking him to the edge of the denim skirt I was wearing. His hand cupped the thigh closest to him gently, nudging it so I would move with him. I didn't resist.

My legs fell a little further open letting him gain a couple more inches with his hands, my fingers digging into the leather of the bench seat below me as the tingles of excitement shot through my veins.

Every suggestive squeeze had my legs pushing further apart. We moved in slow motion, until his fingers brushed the crease at the apex of my thighs. My head fell back against the window with the sudden pleasure of his touch.

"Is this my gift?" he asked breathlessly, his voice deep and masculine in his arousal.

I nodded again but shook my head with the little clarity I could find. My legs were trembling and my teeth sank further into the flesh of my bottom lip.

"I want it," he growled, his index finger tracing the line of my panties. Every ounce of feeling was centered around his finger as it moved, sparks seemed go off behind my eyes as my breathing intensified.

"I . . . I want you," I confessed, my voice thick with lust. "I need you."

"I'm all yours." The moment the words were out of his mouth, his fingers dipped below the line of my underwear and penetrated me. My body shifted, my back arching so I lifted from the seat. Desire was all I could think about, it ran through my body like a hot wave of lava and bled through my pores.

My finger nails cut into the soft supple leather beneath me as he moved gently, pumping his digit in time with my breaths. He added another finger, his breathing almost as labored as my own making the high all the more exciting. My body reacted to him without prompt, the needing so much more than I though it would be.

"Tate," I mewed, desperate for his full attention. Desperate to let go of the tension building up inside my body. It rolled down my spine with shudders and breathy moans. Mews and whimpers of pleasure.

The truck jerked to a sudden stop, the gears thumping as he threw it in park. The hand that had been on the steering wheel found the back of my neck easily and pulled me to him my legs awkwardly straddling his – his lips taking mine, his tongue penetrating deep and in rhythm with his fingers that never left my body.

"Come for me," he growled around our lips. His hips bucking and knocking his fingers deeper. "Come, baby."

His teeth sank into my bottom lip sending me over the edge. My body arched over the cold rubber of the steering wheel, my fingers digging into his shoulders as I rode the wave of complete and utter euphoria.

"Good girl," he groaned, his hand pulling me back toward him as his other pulled out from the warm cradle they'd found. "Did I win?"

I shook my head, smirking at him as I rocked my hips against his.

"It's only part of it," I sighed, looking around me for the first time. Somehow he'd managed to get us all the way to my place. "Come with me and I'll make sure you see the rest."

"You think I'd say no after that, gorgeous?"

I ran my tongue along my lips and popped open the door. Light flooded the cab of the truck and I almost had to contain my gasp as I looked at the man now cradling me against his body. His eyes were as blue as the summer sky, alive and shocking as he drank me in, the amber twists seemed to writhe, pulsing gently as he drank me in.

"You're eyes."

He didn't say a word, he didn't even acknowledge what I'd said. He leaned in and captured my lips with his, his lips, soft and full, enveloped mine as he pushed against me, his hand holding me in place as his tongue pushed gently into the warm confines of my mouth.

I could feel him moving around me, his hands moving down my back and grabbing my ass as he slid out of the truck, balancing my weight as though I weighed nothing at all. My legs wrapped around his waist as he pressed me against the cool metal of the vehicle.

The faint slamming of the door seemed so distant while I was lost in him like this. He was all I could think about, all I could concentrate on as our bodies rubbed against one another.

"Meg," he groaned as my hips rocked against his again, my ankles locking us together. "Not like this, baby."

His hands moved to my waist carefully, trying not to show any more of my humility than was already on show for anyone who just happened to be around. I followed suit reluctantly, letting my legs drop to the ground as he lowered me.

My legs were like jelly, barely able to carry my weight. Not that I had time to get used to it. Tate had my hand in his, jogging through the dewy grass toward my building. I couldn't help but laugh as I fought to catch up with him.

He held the door open for me, placing a kiss on my shoulder as I passed the tingles moving from that one spot and making it's way down my spine. I had never seen anyone with as much impatience as him as he hammered the tiny button waiting for the elevator.

The door finally slid open with a ding, and Tate wasted no time in dragging me inside. He pressed the button to my floor and didn't even wait for the doors to close before his lips were on mine. We rode the elevator in a heated embrace, both of us clawing at the others clothes as we waited to arrive on my floor.

He pulled me from the enclosure the moment the ding sounded and I shuffled around for my keys. The moment I found them I unlocked the door and pushed it open and him through it with a desperation.

I kicked the door closed and took his hand, pulling him toward my bedroom and ignoring everything else going on in the room. I physically ached for him. It had been so long since I'd had a physical relationship with someone, and it had been a never with someone I cared about as much as I knew I cared about Tate.

"So, this present," he growled, kicking shut the door and pressing me against the dresser with his body.

"You have to unwrap it," I said breathlessly. My hands running down his broad chest. I pushed him away gently and lifted my arms over my head with a devious grin. He smiled and gripped the fabric of my shirt in his hands, lifting it over my head before letting it drop to the floor.

If I'd thought there was a hunger in his glance before, it was nothing to the look he was giving me now. His eyes roamed over my curves, drinking me as he licked his lips. Before I even had a chance to reciprocate the gesture, his fingers were at the button on my skirt, popping it open with a flick of his wrist.

The denim fell to the floor with a sigh of fabric leaving me completely exposed to him.

"You're beautiful."

My fingers moved to the buttons on the front of his shirt as his eyes made another sweep over my body. I fed the buttons through the holes one by one, eager to see the chiseled chest that I could feel against me every time we kissed.

I pushed the material over his shoulders battling his arms as they reached for me. The frenzy we'd had downstairs reignited with the visual stimulation. It was too much and not enough.

Tate stepped forward, his arms circling my waist as my fingers ran down his tanned muscular sides. His lips pushed against mine again, his tongue dipping between my lips as he lifted me onto the dresser. We were the same height like this, and I parted my legs so he could step closer.

"I want you, Meg. All of you."

"You have me," I groaned, forcing my hands between us so I could tackle the button and zipper of his jeans.

"I want to be inside of you."

I moaned my acquiescence as I freed him from the restraint of his jeans. I pushed them down, my feet taking over the moment I couldn't reach any further. He stood tall and proud against me as our kiss grew deeper, I could feel him against the thin barrier of my panties as he thrust against me.

His fingers hooked into the soft material and I used his shoulders to give me leverage so he could pull them down my legs and be free of them. I pulled my legs out and let them drop to the floor, scooting to the edge of the dresser eagerly.

"Meg . . ."

"Tate," I groaned in reply, breaking our lips apart as I caught his amazing eyes.

He pushed forward in one swift movement filling me completely. The faint sound of everything on the dresser falling and scattering on the floor was lost to me as the fire took me over. His eyes seemed to swim thunderously with pleasure before closing as he lost himself in the moment. He was beautiful, and even when I closed my eyes I could see the liquid gold weaving around the blue burnt on the back of my eyelids.

My stomach fluttered useless as he rocked out and pushed in again. My fingers pushed into his shoulders as pleasure rocked me violently.

"Oh God," I whined, my head resting against his shoulder. The feeling just too good to contain in restless silence.

We found our rhythm easily, the push and the pull, the breathing and breathlessness. My hands slipped over the damp skin of his shoulders as our heated bodies beaded with sweat. The dance between us was complex, our bodies knowing what we wanted, the reacted to touch, to the feel. We fit.

He was getting close, I could feel it in the tension of his body as he pushed into me. I was already riding the line, my body responded to his easily, his touch, his lips, his breath was all sensory as it bathed my skin.

I lost my grip on his shoulders as he pulled me closer to the edge again. He tilted my hips, pushing deeper and harder. All I had to hold onto was the edge of the dresser, my sweaty palms sliding against the woodgrain as my head hit the wall behind me.

"Right there," I screamed as he struck gold. My body arched and convulsed as stars exploded behind my eyelids.

The dresser slammed against the wall as Tate pushed into me hard and came. My toes curled and pushed into his ass holding him against me as my breathless panting licked his skin. He collapsed against me, his heavy body pinning me a welcome weight.

"That was . . ."

"Uh huh," I sighed, my hand running through his hair.

"Why the fuck did we wait so long to do that?"

I laughed, I couldn't help myself. He pulled back with a half smile and grabbed at a towel that was sitting on the desk chair next to the dressed. He eyed me and I nodded, trying to hide my blush as he cleaned us up.

Tate dropped the towel to the floor, his strong arms closed around me as he lifted me from the surface of the dresser and carried me to the bed, collapsing with me in his arms.

"Will you stay?" I asked, tucking myself into his side as he pulled the blankets over our bodies.

"I'll do anything you want me to," he answered sleepily, his arm wrapping around my shoulders and pulling me to him.

I couldn't stop the smile curling my lips as I let my exhaustion roll over me in waves. Completely sated, I could barely remember my own name anyway so I let he darkness swallow me.

That was kind of pitiful, I was procrastinating!! I think the conclusion may be next week . . .