Monday, July 26, 2010

Bendingmirror's Week 12 Entry: Cloud Watching


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Cloud Watching

When I agreed to go on a picnic with Tyler I assumed there would be actual food, and conversation. I should have known better.

Trading on our combined popularity, he'd been trying to get Bella Swan to reconsider her whole 'relationship' with Edward Cullen, and actually go to prom with him. I couldn't believe I was going to be playing second fiddle to that little witch again! I thought he'd asked me on this picnic so that he could buy himself some time to work up the nerve to ask me to prom. Honestly, I'm not even sure why it shocked me that he was just using our status to provoke a response out of the oblivious Bella.

I swear the boys in this school are all mesmerized by the nerd, just because she's an unknown quantity. I had been hoping that this year would be my year. Rosalie Hale was the most beautiful girl in school, but she was also completely untouchable. Being that my competition was an ice queen, I had hoped that I would get to go to prom with the most popular boy in school and maybe even be crowned the Prom Queen.

That all got shattered when I watched every boy in our grade lose their shit over that mousy little goody-two-shoes. So here I am, out on a picnic with Tyler bloody Crowley. Stuck in the middle of a god awful clearing in the woods listening to him go on and on about how fantastic he was in the last game of whatever the hell it is that he plays.

Is he really that stupid? Does he really think I'm interested in hearing about any form of team sport? It's not like any of our teams were ever going to make state play-offs. We were a small little school in the middle of nowhere, and the pickings were slim.

So here I am, stuck out in the open, on a pseudo-date with the idiot king. Its not even worth the the time and effort I put into my appearance. No one is going to see me out here, and Tyler wouldn't notice what I was wearing unless it suddenly all appeared on Bella's body.

I flopped back onto the blanket and tuned out the droning voice of the boy sitting near me. Looking up at the cloud formations I thought about all the times when we were kids that Jessica and I would veg-out looking up at the clouds and coming up with descriptions of what we were seeing.

Clouds shaped like flying clowns, balloon animals, tricycles, muffins and cartwheeling doctors had filled us with giggles and friendship. When had it all gotten so damn confusing? When did our friendly competitions give way to all out warfare over which guy liked who best. I closed my eyes and heaved a sigh, wondering how much longer Tyler was expecting to keep me out here. I was going to have to start working on some other boy to ask me to the prom, Tyler was just too oblivious, and I was never going to settle for being second choice behind Little Miss Pris.