Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Burntcore Week 10 Entry: Heaven


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“Edward, where are we going?” Bella asked for the tenth time since they started on their anniversary trip.
Edward rolled his eyes slightly and chuckled at his impatient bride of one year. Casually, he ran a hand through his hair while his other stayed on the wheel of his Volvo.

“I told you, love, that it’s a surprise.”

Bella huffed and looked out the window. Personally, she loved surprises and was quite excited about what her dear husband had planned for their first anniversary. Outwardly, her excitement translated to her asking Edward a billion times where they were going and when they would get there, like a five year-old.

Edward laughed again as he turned the car towards the airport. “You’ll find out soon enough. Once we get on the plane, it will be hard to hide where we are going.”

“Oh, really?” Bella was both excited over the prospect of finding out and disappointed that she’d know so soon.
Within about ten minutes, Edward had their car parked in the extended stay parking deck at the airport. He offloaded their bags and carry-on and the couple slowly made their way into the main terminal.

Bella’s head whipped from one side to the other as she looked at the different destinations available from the different airlines. Her interest continued as they approached the American Airlines counter. A list of departures was on the screen behind the woman at the counter. Bella read them silently while Edward checked in: Cleveland, New York, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Miami, Austin, Seattle…

“There you go, Mr. Cullen. Enjoy your trip!” the American Airlines employee said cheerfully, handing Edward our boarding passes.

Edward’s bronze hair flopped around as he nodded his head and picked up their carry-on at the same time. With a soft smile reserved for Bella only, he reached out to take her hand and lead her further into the airport. Bella relished in the warmth from his hand in hers and couldn’t wait until his hands could be touching her elsewhere.

Edward slowed at their gate and gathered Bella into a deep hug. His emerald green eyes danced with excitement.

“You’re going to love where we are going, Bella.”

Bella buried her face into his chest and listened to his heart beat. “I know I will. You plan the best trips.”

He pulled back from Bella slightly to look at her face. “I love you, Bella Cullen,” he murmured softly before gently pressing his lips to hers.

Mindful of their location, Bella did not deepen the kiss but enjoyed the simple intimacy of the gesture. Edward and Bella were always quite affectionate but they tried to keep their hormones down to a dull roar when they were in public. Who wants to see two grown adults making out like teenagers anyway?

“I love you too, Edward Cullen,” Bella replied when she was able. She still didn’t know where they were going since Edward had pulled her into his arms as soon as they approached their gate. She tried to peek around his shoulders to look at the gate marquee but he was just a hair too tall, and she was just too short to see over his shoulders.

“Flight 356, service to Miami will begin boarding in five minutes,” announced a female voice over the PA system.

“That’s us,” Edward said lightly as he turned towards the gate with their tickets in hand.

“We’re going to Miami?” Bella asked. Miami seemed nice enough, definitely warm which was fitting for all the shorts and bikinis Edward told her to pack.

“Maybe,” Edward replied mysteriously with a smirk. He was enjoying dragging this out way too much. He couldn’t wait to see the delight in his beautiful wife’s face when she realized where they were going.

A short time later, Edward and Bella were settled in to their first class seats. Bella was a bit taken back at sitting in first class but it was more for Edward’s benefit than hers. His long legs made flying in coach rather uncomfortable. They had the money, or more correctly, Edward had the money for splurges like this. Between his job as a consultant and his family’s money, there wasn’t much that Bella or Edward couldn’t afford. Still, they both tried to leave reasonably and not be wasteful. First class airline tickets were one of the few splurges that Edward would allow himself.

“Get comfy, love. The flight will be several hours.”

Bella moved the arm rest between her seat and Edward’s and snuggled close to his side. Edward smiled softly and wrapped his arm around her shoulder and pulled her close to his chest. She felt perfect right there by his side, where he hoped she always would be.

A couple of times during the flight, Edward and Bella teased each other with soft touches and quiet kisses. They had no desire to join the mile high club, but preferred to drag out the tension until they got to their destination. Edward loved it but he knew that he would be sporting a hard-on much longer than Bella realized he would be.

“Good Morning! We approaching Miami and will be landing in about ten minutes. The weather is a pleasant eighty-five degrees, low humidity, and clear skies. For those of you who are continuing to the lovely island of Antigua, please stay in your seats while the plane deboards,” one of the flight attendants announced cheerily.

“Edward?” Bella asked softly.

“Hmm?” he replied idly.

“Are we going to Antigua?”

“Maybe,” he replied with a crooked smile.

“Really?” Her voice jumped up about an octave.

“Really,” he confirmed, kissing her passionately, for once giving into his emotions while out in public, just to let her know how much he loved her. Edward couldn’t wait until she saw where they were staying. If the pictures were any indication, it would be like heaven on earth.

“Oh my God, Edward! I’ve always wanted to go to Antigua!” she squealed, causing some of the other first class passengers to glare in their direction. Edward glared back. Nothing was going to hamper his wife’s joy on their first anniversary, or any anniversary for that matter.

A few hours later, Edward and Bella touched down on the beautiful island of Antigua in the Caribbean. The happy couple looked forward lounging on the beautiful beaches, exploring the small towns, and celebrating their love of one another. Edward was practically vibrating with excitement and anticipation.

Bella oohed and aahed as their taxi took them from the airport to their beachside resort. What Bella didn’t realize is that Edward had spared no expense for his wife. Not only did they have their own private lodgings at the resort, but they had their own private stretch of beach, with an open air cabana right there. Edward had numerous fantasies, leading up to their trip, about making love to his wife under the stars and under the sun while the waves crash nearby. It was enough to make his hard-on from the flight to Miami come back in force.

Their taxi pulled up to their resort and a bellhop rushed out and helped unload their bags. The air was full of the sweet scents of the tropics and salt water. Bella was smiling from ear to ear as she basked in the warm sunlight of the Caribbean afternoon. The couple quickly followed the bell hop to the concierge desk to check in.

The gentleman behind the desk looked a little bored until he pulled up Edward’s reservation. “Ah, Mr. Cullen, welcome to Antigua! Let me call a porter to take and your beautiful bride to your accommodations.”

Bella looked over at Edward with a curious gaze. She wanted to know why they would need a porter take them to their rooms. He only smiled down at her excitedly without saying a word while pulling her toward the front of the resort again.

The porter hopped into a golf cart after stowing their luggage in the back. Edward helped Bella into the backseat and stepped in beside her.

“Edward, where are we going?” she whispered as the porter drove away from the front of the hotel entrance.

“To our accommodations, Mrs. Cullen,” Edward teased. He had gone this long without telling her about the private beach so he certainly wasn’t going to spoil it now.

Bella rolled her eyes and continued to look around at all the beauty the small island held. It was impossible to be upset or annoyed or anything but unhappy in such a beautiful place.

Only a few minutes later, the porter pulled up to a small, one story bungalow. Edward could hear the waves crashing on the shore from the back of the property. There were palm trees edging the sides with other small tropical plants dotting the outside of the structure. It was perfect.
“Oh, God, Edward, is this where we are staying?” Bella asked incredulously.

“Uh hmm,” he replied with a quick nod.

Bella jumped out of the golf cart and ran up the walk to the door of the bungalow. Edward followed at a less frenetic but very pleased pace. The place looked just like it did in the pictures he found online. The money was well spent just based on Bella’s reaction alone. She hadn’t even seen the entirety of it yet.

The porter took their bags inside to the foyer of the bungalow and waited patiently for Edward and Bella to follow him in. He handed Edward the keys while Edward slipped him a sizable tip. This would ensure that they would get excellent service during their visit.

“Thank you, Mr. Cullen. My name is Alton. If you or Mrs. Cullen need anything at all during your stay, please call me. Here is my personal pager. No matter what time, I am here to make your visit to beautiful Antigua as perfect as possible.”

The porter and personal concierge handed Edward a business card, bowed, and headed back to the main resort on his golf cart.

Finally alone, Edward took advantage of the opportunity and swept Bella up off her feet, causing her to shriek in surprise.

“Edward!” She laughed as she wrapped her arm around his neck and held onto him tightly.

“What?” he replied as he carried her through the bungalow.

“What are you doing?” she asked, still laughing. Her eyes were bright and her cheeks were flushed with excitement. Bella’s head whipped as she looked around while they walked. All the furnishings were simple and elegant and fitted with the laid-back tropical theme of the area.

“I’m carrying my beautiful bride, silly,” he replied. Abruptly, Edward turned around and walked backwards until he hit a door. He used his body weight to push the door open and spun around as the rotation of the door carried him around. The smell of salt water and warm sand hit them both.

“Edward… oh my God, this is beautiful!” Bella whispered, awed at their new surroundings.

Edward had carried Bella straight through the small home right to their private beach. Several yards away, their private cabana stood with the white curtains wafting in the breeze. A few yards beyond that was the ocean in its blue azure brilliance.

“All for you, love,” Edward crooned in her ear as he walked to the cabana. Carefully, he lowered Bella to the bed inside. She looked around in wonder as he laid down next to her on the bed.

“It feels like we are completely alone,” she murmured. The beach was pristine with perfect white, frothy waves breaking upon the shore. She was surprised that there weren’t other people there enjoying the water.

“We are. This is our private beach,” Edward said as he leaned over on his elbow and stroked his wife’s cheek.

Bella looked up at Edward, her deep brown eyes locking with his sparkling green ones. The air around them grew thick as her lips parted. Edward’s hand cupped her chin and held it sill as he kissed her.

With a soft, happy sigh, she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer to her. Their kiss deepened and Edward ran his hands down Bella’s body. He stopped at her hips and rubbed circles against her skin with his thumbs.

“Oh, Edward,” she moaned softly. The soft touches he placed on her body were setting her on fire. They were never shy with affection for one another in private, but the teasing on the flight down and the magic and beauty of their current location made everything that more intense. She felt every caress like it was the first time

Edward buried his face in the crook of her neck and breathed in her intoxicating scent of strawberries and vanilla. He was still only partially leaning on her, his lower half resting next to her on the bed. Wrapping his arms around her waist, he rolled and pulled Bella on top of him.

He continued to touch her all over; loving every moment he was able to reacquaint himself with her body. Bella made the most arousing noises as he kissed her kips, neck, shoulders; anywhere he could reach while his hands explored elsewhere. He cherished her soft curves, her full breasts, her long, smooth legs. Everything about her drew him in.

While Edward was attentive to Bella, she was similarly attentive to him. After adjusting to the new position on top of him, Bella found her hands free to roam across her husband’s firm body. As he kissed her neck, she tilted her head to the side and knotted her hands in his hair. She twisted slightly as a particularly well-placed kiss made her shiver. Her movement caused Edward to groan deep in his chest.

Bella’s heart swelled upon hearing his reaction. She loved knowing that she was causing it. Her movement also made evident just how much her husband desired her. Feeling his hardness press into her hip and stomach only spurred her on.

She never had done anything like this outside before. While she knew that they were on a private beach, the excitement over the possibility of being caught was exquisite. Bella leaned forward, putting more pressure on Edward’s erection and nipped at his ear. Edward growled and his grip on her body tightened.

Before she knew it, she found herself on her back with her husband hovering above her. His green eyes were now dark with desire, and his breaths were short and fast. Bella wiggled again, creating more pressure for both of them. Her body tingled everywhere, coiling especially where Edward’s arousal pushed against her.

She reached up and pulled her husband down against her, letting the weight of his body rest on hers. Bella loved that sensation, she felt safe and secure, even while aroused. Edward always worried that he was going to crush her, but she silenced his concerns every time.

Things heated up between the couple. Mere kisses and caresses were not enough to satisfy them. In the humid, tropical air of the Antigua afternoon, clothes began to be slowly removed. The feeling of open air on their naked bodies was like an aphrodisiac.

Bella’s hands grasped her husband’s manhood firmly but gently, stroking up and down the hot flesh. Edward’s body arched and he hissed from the delectable sensations of his wife’s hands on him.

“Oh, Bella, love… “ he murmured into the breeze.

His hands were busy as well, touching her intimately, stroking the folds of her sex gently, and rubbing the small bundle of nerves with the pad of one finger. His touch shot electricity through her body, making her jump a little beneath him.

Bella wiggled her hips a little bit to encourage Edward to continue with another part of his body. His fingers were fine indeed, but paled in comparison to what his cock could do to her. Edward took the hint and guided himself carefully inside of her.

They both sighed at their joining. The feeling of him slipping inside her for the first time, anytime they made love, was mind-numbing. It certainly wasn’t as good as an orgasm, but it was a unique sensation all its own.

Bella and Edward continued to express their love of one another throughout the afternoon, taking the occasional break or a quick nap. It wasn’t until the sun was beginning to set and the first stars of twilight were starting to show that they removed themselves from their cabana.

They stood side by side on the shore, each wrapped in a sheet from the bed. Their hands were clasped as they watched the sun dip below the horizon.

“Happy Anniversary, Mrs. Cullen,” Edward whispered.

“Happy Anniversary, Mr. Cullen,” Bella replied, tugging him towards her gently.

She let go of his hand and wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him softly. The happy couple stayed that way for some time, enjoying their little slice of heaven.