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AJ Silent Voice Week 28: Sleeping Beauty

AJ Silent Voice

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Sleeping Beauty

I pray for time to be no more, to fail
and brace against the daylight hour that draws
too close. For everything is held beneath a veil
of fragile, whispered vows unsaid because
the future in these lips that die at dawn
is only night. You’ll wake to day, but please,
if you’ll just say one word: my name. There; gone
to heaven from your lips. I find my peace.
So wake, my love, today is counting down
the time and steals the seconds that are yours
and mine. Oh, grace me with the depths I drown
in gladly, kisses, touches, nothing more.
So open, Mine, and come away with me
We’re one, we’ll make it heaven, wait and see.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Kimmydon Week 27: Moving Day


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Kimmydon's Choice: Picture 1

Moving Day

A strange image filled my dreams these days. Traffic flowing in two directions. Go forward, or go back, staying still wasn’t an option. I was smart enough to know what my subconscious was trying to tell me. I had to move. Limbo wouldn’t last and events would carry me in one direction or another if I didn’t choose one for myself. I knew what I wanted. I wanted to go forward, with Peter. So I was.

Jamie and I couldn’t seem to stop hugging me. She and Brian had been together a month, but she wasn’t ready to move in with him. I, however, hadn’t spent a night here in the last week. My clothes migrated quickly to Peter’s as I took a change with me, and left the dirty there to be washed.

He hadn’t proposed to me, the only thorn in my side. We were living like a married couple, but he hadn’t taken that one step to tell the world that was what we would be. I hadn’t asked him about it; we had only been a couple a month ourselves. Once, that was probably a reasonable courtship, but these days people dated for years without talking about marriage. Not me. I trusted him when he said he wanted to be with him forever. I recognized the look in his eyes as he helped me prepare a meal, when he watched me settle with a book in the living room. He didn’t want me to go.

Mary, like Jamie, knew that a change had occurred. After all, I hadn’t needed a ride for the last week and a half. She was the only one at the office who knew. I thought we did an excellent job in remaining professional. No one else had commented, and Mary was keen enough to wait until we were alone to bring it up. In fact, we exchanged more email on it than anything else. She was happy for us, but reminded me that the office policy did not look fondly on intra-office relations. So I shouldn’t have been surprised when Gary called me into his office.

“Beth, I have good news and bad news.” His smile was huge.

I put one hand on a hip, knowing he was playing me. “Bad news?”

“Company noticed. Actually, Peter’s a sap and told them. I told him it was stupid, they didn’t need to know, but he preferred to tell them before things turned to rumors. You two are amazing, you know that? I don’t think anyone but Mary and I know you’re even better friends! Still, that’s the bad news.”

Well, that wasn’t so bad. So they knew, that meant a transfer. God, I hoped it was in the office. Otherwise, I’d probably have to quit.

“The good news is, you’re being promoted.” He beamed. I laughed as he passed me a legal sized envelope. It would contain the details of the offer. I ripped it open quickly and sighed in relief.

“What?” he asked.

“I was worried they’d ship me off somewhere.”

He chuckled. “Nah, just up a floor into admin.”

“Thanks,” I said as I turned to the door.

“Thank you,” he said to me, and I gave a questioning look over my shoulder. What did he need to thank me for? “I’ve known Peter since college and I have never seen him as happy as he is now. All thanks to you.”

I blushed and left the office. How could I respond to that?

At my desk, I took my time reading over the details. The increase in pay was meager, but my cost of living was going down if I moved in with Peter. The position was what really interested me. I was in admin, which meant ample opportunity for growth, and it was under the VP of operations, which put me in an excellent spot for trouble-shooting, my favorite thing to do. I loved finding little snags and teasing them out, or larger ones and tugging until they disappeared. The hours were the same, of course, so I’d continue to ride with Peter. I quickly signed the bottom, signifying my acceptance and popped the envelope back into the mail.

Then I knocked on Peter’s door.

“Come in?”

I closed the door behind me before leaning over the desk to peck his lips quickly. They pursed in an expression that spoke of both distaste and enjoyment.

“You know you shouldn’t do that.

“Why not? I’m moving after all.”

He leaned back in his chair smiling at me. “Gary wouldn’t tell me a thing about it, jerk. What did they give you?”

“Admin. Assistant VP Ops.”

He sat up straight. “Holy crap. That’s great, Beth!”

“Settle down. They aren’t paying me assistant VP salary,” I said rolling my eyes. “I think it’s a training position for something else.”

“Yeah, for VP Ops!” he said, still glowing.

I highly doubted that but didn’t argue. “In any case, since the administration knows...” I rounded his desk and pulled his tie as I kissed him. “We don’t have any secrets to keep.” I loosened the knot enough to pull it over his head.

“We still can’t...” he started, but I stopped him, taking one hand and using it to spin his chair away from me. I grabbed the other and pinned it behind the chair as well using the tie to secure his elbows. I’d gotten a lot better at knots. Girl scouts everywhere would be proud. “Beth, really... this isn’t...”

I walked to the door, turning the blinds so they were completely closed now. Then I came back to him. “Seems that I’m in a position over you now, Mr. Strauss.”

He shivered, and I could see the response to my actions in his pants.

“Beth,” he whispered, closing his eyes. He opened them in panic. “We can’t!”

I laughed, plopping myself in his lap and making him groan. “I’m teasing you, and doing a damn good job. We’ll have to do this at home.” I didn’t release his arms right away, kissing his jaw and neck, slipping fingers between the buttons of his shirt and playing with the smattering of chest hair he had.

“I’ll say,” he groaned, thrusting up at me. He drove hard into my thigh and I felt myself twitch in response, my insides moistening slightly. God, I wanted to strip him... My mind wandered over images, but I settled on the one that would be the simplest in this position. I slipped down between his knees, grabbing for his belt.

“Shit, Beth...” he murmured, growing stiffer as I opened his fly. “Are you crazy?” he asked.

“Mmhmm,” I replied, putting lips to the bottom of his dick in a kiss. The hum would still run the length. His blond hair tousled and he threw his head back. Tucked in space under his desk, even if someone came in, only his lack of tie and use of hands would indicate anything out of the ordinary.

I reached around, grabbing the end of my larks head, I tugged and tie came free. Just in time too. Mary burst in without knocking, as usual.

“Where’s Beth? She isn’t in her cube.”

Peter’s head came up in surprise. “I...” he glanced down, and I took him in my mouth. I was such a tease. He exhaled and inhaled carefully, nose flaring. “She was needed,” he said. I almost laughed. He wasn’t going to lie to her. This should be good. “What do you need?”

“Weren’t you wearing a tie this morning?” she asked. I took him deeper in my mouth and laughed around him, the sound choked completely. He coughed in response and moved in my throat. Whoa... that felt... I tried to imagine that when he was filling me elsewhere. I passed him the tie, which I had managed to put back into a messy Windsor. He pulled it on and straightened it. I laughed around him again and watched his eyes close this time.

“I see. Well I just came to give you this,” she dropped paper on the desk. I heard it skitter. Then she kicked the other side of the desk.

“Fuck off, Mary,” I said, unashamed.

“You, too,” she said, cheerily and closed the door again behind her.

Peter sighed with relief. “What if that had been anyone but Mary?” he asked looking down at me, still licking and sucking.

“I wouldn’t have teased so badly. You wouldn’t want me jumping up just now, though, would you? That would be worse.” Hand wrapped around him, I slid my mouth down over him, hand twisting. His hands went to the desk edge over my head, gripping it.

“Fuck, Beth...”

“That wasn’t the plan,” I replied smartly.

“Fuck, that mouth,” he complained rolling eyes.

“THAT was the plan.” I slid over his now wet and glistening shaft to take him right to my throat, just short of choking on him.

He lifted his hips, keeping his hands on the desk. I did choke but held on, bobbing very slightly, only moving a half inch or less.

“Oh my God,” he groaned, just before shooting into me. I watched his face in awe. This moment would always be my favorite, just like that bed head. No holds barred, no walls up, nothing but him.

Licking carefully over the head, which made him shiver again, I pushed his chair far enough to slip out from under the desk. I smoothed blouse and slacks, brushing at knees that hadn’t picked up much from the floor and turned to leave.

He grabbed my hips and pulled me back into his lap, kissing my ear and neck.

“You’d better not get anything on me,” I warned.

“Will you come downstairs sometimes?” he asked.

I stood, his hands parting for me. Leaning on the arms of his chair, my lips met his, as chastely as when I came in. “I plan to.”

“I am the luckiest man alive. Will you-” He stopped suddenly, eyes flying open. “That’s a question for later,” he said, fixing his fly. “I will ask it though.” He looked at me meaningfully.

Had he been waiting for the company? Suddenly Gary’s words came back to me. before things turned to rumors. I smiled. He was going to make an announcement, a show... a proposal?

Licking my lips, I tried to keep my excitement contained. “I will wait,” I answered. “But not too long.” My eyes narrowed and I know my lips twitched.

His finger found my dimple. I was smiling more than I though. “Not long,” he agreed.

“My new position is set to start in two weeks,” I told him with another smile as I walked to the door. “In case anyone wanted to throw a party for me.”

“I think a few people might,” he said, pulling the paper Mary had dropped off toward him. He guffawed. “This is for you.”

Stop kissing ass and get back to work, it read. “Cockblocker,” I muttered, crumpling the page.

“How is it they’re the only two that know?” he asked in wonder.

I shrugged. “They won’t be for long.”

He nodded. “They won’t.”

“Lunch?” I asked, cocking my head to one side.

“Sure,” he agreed, pushing up from his chair.

I noticed the lipstick on his chin and neck. Rather than tell him though, I opened the door. As was so often the case, I preferred him looking less than perfect. “I’ll meet you there,” I said, sliding out. “Just going to... wash my hands,” I said with a wink.

He chuckled and parted ways with me in the hall.

I arrived in the lunch room a moment later, but Gary and Peter were absent. “You?” Laura asked, quirking an eyebrow.

It didn’t take more than a second for me to put it together. Was I the owner of the lipstick? I blushed. “Yes.”

“He didn’t take it well,” Matt said, “all of us knowing. Congrats. Hope you two make it work.” He stood up to take my hand and pull out a chair.

“Thank you,” I said with a smile.

Gary came in, fighting giggles from the look of him. “Beth, can you come with me?” he said, his voice cracking.

“If you’ll all excuse me.” Pushing up, I turned for the door.

“Tell him we’re all happy for you!” someone else shouted.

“You’re moving?” someone else asked.

“Yes,” I said turning around. “In with him!” I laughed.

Gary laughed loudly with me. “Two weeks, to admin,” he told the others.

More congratulations were murmured behind me.

Peter was glaring when I entered his office.

“I wanted to do this right,” he said, angrily. “I wanted to ask you first.”

I fought to stay calm. Had I just ruined everything?

“Beth, I want you to marry me. I’m not proposing here, now, but I want you to know that I plan to.” He pulled a velvet box out of his desk, and my mouth fell open.

I felt tears prick my eyes. “I’m sorry,” I mumbled, pushing past Gary to go. He grabbed my shoulders and turned me back to Peter. I covered my face in shame.

Peter and Gary whispered to each other over my head. “Everyone is happy for you. They know she is moving.”

“No one... said anything?”

“They said they’re happy,” Gary insisted.

I couldn’t look up. Me and my teasing, me and my big mouth, me and my need to see him less than perfect. I knew what that meant to him. Why had I done that?! “I should - have said - something,” I managed between sobs. “I don’t deserve that ring.” Tears fell as I shook my head, still hiding behind my hands.

Peter’s hands closed my wrists. Long thin fingers, nothing like Gary’s, pulled my hands from my face.

“Don’t cry, Beth,” he said, his face looking haggard. “That hurts worse than anything. Please, stop.” He released my hands to reach for a tissue and give it to me.

I blew my nose and dabbed the corners of my eyes, trying to gain control of myself. I could still feel my lip quiver.

“I won’t do that again,” I promised. “I know you don’t like... people seeing you... less than your best.” Each pause for me to find the right words. Gary was behind me, and I didn’t know what he knew.

“I’m not ashamed of you,” Peter promised me. “I just wanted to do this right.”

“I’m sorry. I understand if you want me to move back with Jamie.”

“What?” He grabbed my shoulders suddenly and hugged me. “No! I don’t want that. God, Beth, I never want you to go.”

“Excuse me,” Gary murmured, closing the door behind him.

“I want you with me forever, Beth. I noticed your things have been accumulating at my place, but would you move in with me?”

I chuckled. “I’ve already started, and I told everyone I was, so yes, of course.”

His brow crinkled for a minute. “You told...”

I blushed. “Someone asked if I was moving...” I looked down for a minute and noticed his shirt caught in his zipper. Laughing, I tugged the little tail.

“Oh my God,” he murmured, sinking onto the edge of his desk. “How many people noticed that?”

I ruffled his hair, but that didn’t get a rise out of him anymore, I did it all the time. “Does it matter?”

“Yes, they’ll know...”

“That we’re in love. Guess what? They already do. They don’t think this some sordid way for me to climb the ladder. Or if they do, Mary will stomp the rumor to dust,” I added as an afterthought. “They’re happy for us,” I stood between his knees, my hands around his neck. “I’m moving. We can move or be moved. I’d rather choose the direction.”

“What?” he asked confused.

“That dream I’ve been having,” I reminded him.

“Oh, two-way traffic. Right. Well, we’ve definitely chosen a direction.”

“I’m happy about it,” I said with a smile.

“So am I,” he answered, pressing his cheek to mine. His stomach rumbled.

“Lunch,” we said together.

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AJ Silent Voice Week 27: Three Words

AJ Silent Voice

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AJ Silent Voice’s Choice: Picture 2

Three Words

The scorching summer sun did nothing to warm the cold waters of the Pacific that poured onto the shore of First Beach. It didn’t matter, though; the cold water was something you got used to at the rez. Jake and his boys never let it stop them from horsing around or just relaxing on the sand during the lazy days they set aside. Sara had become no different. She’d spent so much time with them that it wouldn’t be a surprise if she turned just as tan as they were. And she was close.

Her legs kicked out of the water as Jake walked onto the sand, and he turned at the splash just in time to see her go under. He laughed and grabbed a towel, setting two out for them to lay on. He walked to the water with one in his hand and wrapped Sara in it as she stepped out of the water. He encased her in his arms and she laid her wet head against his solid chest.

Sun tinted her cheeks red and her skin had a seasonal glow that drove Jake crazy. He’d nuzzle his nose against her neck, breathing in the sunshine on her skin. The smell of coconut had become an aphrodisiac. The oil gave her just the right bronze coloring, and also allowed his hands to smooth across her form effortlessly. They laid down, Sara on her stomach, as Jake grabbed the bottle from her knapsack.

Sara hummed lazily as he rubbed down her back and shoulders. “I think you’re enjoying this too much,” Jake said.

Sara chuckled and nodded her head. Jake smiled and smoothed the remaining oil onto her shoulders and down her arms before flopping on his back next to her. Sara extended her arm across his chest and turned her head to him. “You need sunscreen.”

“Right, Sara. You’re telling me that as you sit here baking at 350 for twenty minutes?” She closed her eyes and smiled lazily back at him. Jake couldn’t look away from her blissful expression. Her long lashes looked so childlike, and her grin showed an innocence long forgotten. She’d never admit it, but he saw it every once in a while, and he was glad he could give that back to her.

“I’m not joking. You’re going to have to let me help you, too.” She slowly pulled herself to her knees, leaning over Jake to grab the sunscreen, causing her breasts sit provocatively on his chest. He huffed when she grazed them across his nipples. She kissed his chest as she popped the cap and squirted some lotion on her hands.

“Tease,” Jake whispered as she began to smooth the lotion onto his chest, down his abs, and back up again.

She worked slowly, savoring the feel of him under her fingertips. His body was strong and she drew security from being in his embrace. No one, besides her father, had ever held her like Jake did. Some nights after he’d gone home, she’d stay up and sit in her living room and remember each touch, each word they shared. She took nothing for granted.

She finished, rubbing the remaining lotion down the leg of his swim trunks as slowly as she could. He laughed and grabbed her hands away from their intended destination. He didn’t say anything, just wagged his finger at her. She faked a pout and he kissed her nose and laid back down.

She sat, cross-legged, beside him. Her eyes were pensive and her tone serious. “Jake, I was wondering if we could talk.”

Hearing the tone of her voice, he propped himself up on one elbow and turned towards her. “Sure. What’s up?”

A million things ran through his mind. What if she was breaking up with him? What if she was leaving? What if she’d found out what he was? What if she asked about the imprint? What if she was pregnant? At that thought, a warmth bloomed in his chest. The thought of Sara, round and glowing with his child, made something inside him leap for joy. He pushed that thought away and came back to the moment.

“I know...what you you feel about me, and I want you to know that I...I...” She hesitated, fidgeting with her fingers and stared at each grain of sand. She wanted to say it; he needed to hear her say it, but he needed to understand a few things before that.

“I never told you what happened my parents, or to me, and you have to know that before I can say it. You gotta know because it’ll make more sense and you’ll understand how much I mean it. But I’m just not ready yet, Jake. You might not like what you hear.” Her shoulders slumped and she fought hard against the tears that threatened to fall.

He didn’t say anything, just reached out and grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips.

“There’s nothing you could tell me that would change anything, Sara. You have to know that,” Jake said. He meant it, too. The past was nothing more than a culmination of things that made Sara the person he loved, and nothing she’d share would make a bit of difference to him. She was his, and that’s all that mattered. Now came the task of making her believe that.

“So, what, do you have a third nipple or something? Were you parents Soviet spies for the USSR? Did you used to run a Mexican drug ring in California?” He smiled teasingly, trying to lighten Sara’s guilt over whatever information she was holding back. It seemed to work, a bit, and she snorted.

“No!” He picked her up and began turning her this way and that, checking her over. “Jake, stop! Stop! That tickles!”

“I’m looking for the slave brand on you, or the extra limb you have stuck in your itty-bitty, teeny-weeny bikini! Come on, where’s that nubbin!” By this time, she was in fits of laughter and he was pulling her into his lap, dangerously close to the wood in his shorts.

When she squirmed, she felt it against her ass and ground herself harder causing him to forget his tickling fingers and, instead, he gripped her hips.

“Oh, you’re not fighting fair...” His words dropped off as she placed her lips on the side of his neck, tasting the salt on his skin. She kissed her way up to his ear and sucked his earlobe into her mouth and quickly released it. He groaned and shifted her in his lap till she was straddling his hips.

She couldn’t look at him, so she kept her lips next to his ear and whispered, “I love you, Jake.”

Joy spread through his body like a shot of adrenaline and his mouth shot into the biggest grin. At that moment, his whole world dropped into place; every piece that had been missing was found in those three words. Every lonely night, every broken heart, was forgotten and totally insignificant next to the amazing thing she’d just told him. Tears pooled in his eyes, and he leaned close to her ear and, not bothering to control the emotion in his voice, he whispered as well, “Say it again.”

She giggled first, then whispered, “I love you.”

He pulled her against his chest, tucked her head under his chin and held her, feeling her breathing, feeling her heart beat close to his. She was his. And...she loved him. Kismet had smiled on him, and he clung to her tighter; he’d never be alone again. She’d never want for anything; he’d put her above himself, above everything, and make her the center of his world. Three little words were all it took. He needed to hear it from her again, so he bent close and placed a kiss on her cheek, “You love me?”

She spoke quietly into his chest, as if she were speaking directly into his heart, “I love you.”

“One more time, please baby.”

She lifted her head this time, finding his eyes misty and full of indescribable happiness. “I love you, Jake.”

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Snapple Apple 450 Week 26: Kiss of Death, Killing off Stereotypes

SnappleApple 450

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SnappleApple 450's Choice: Picture 2

Kiss of Death, Killing off Stereotypes

“Dave, give me back my pencil!”

David ran between the desks, pushing through groups of students to get away. “Never!” he yelled.

The quiet bookworm in the class—without looking up from her book—stuck her leg out and tripped him.

He hit the ground hard. “Oomph!”

Jane didn’t stop in time and fell on top of him. “Dog pile!” Someone screamed from the back of the class, running to jump in too.

The teacher appeared out of nowhere, grabbing the kid by his shirt collar. “If you don’t want detention then I suggest you all get back to your seats.” Mrs. Peggy glared at Jane and David. “As for you two, I don’t care what you do outside of school, even outside of my classroom, but I don’t want you engaging in sexual activities of any sort in my class.”

Jane jumped up and exclaimed in disgust. “Eww! Mrs. Peggy, how do you always jump to conclusions that far out?!”

The teacher didn’t show any emotion through her tight lip. “You have five seconds to give me another conclusion before I write you up for PDA.”

David stood up, dusting himself off, completely at ease. “Mrs. P, you’re right. If you hadn’t come in when you did, who knows what this girl would have done! I’m just a victim of attempted rape.”

Jane’s mouth was open in shock, while the teacher wasn’t amused. “Principal Wilhite will love to hear this story.”

Dave slinked out of the classroom with a smirk; Jane followed angrily. Once they were out in the hall, Jane kicked the back of David’s leg, causing him to trip but he caught himself in time.

“I hate you, David Hutton.”

He chuckled. “Hate is a strong word.”

“And yet dislike doesn’t quite convey the correct emotion for me,” she spat with sarcasm.

He shrugged. “Hate is a passionate emotion.”

She rolled her eyes, quoting the cliché. “Murder, the ultimate crime of passion.”

In one fluid movement, he had her pressed against the lockers. “A kiss of death?” His lips were inches from hers.

She breathed in his scent, feeling intoxicated by the closeness. Each part of their body lining up perfectly as he locked her in with his hips. She stared at his mouth, internally warring with herself.

A smirk played on his lips as he noticed her hesitation. “I thought you were a goody-girl. You never do anything wrong.” David was the school bad boy. He wore black shirts and dark jeans, always goofing around and flirting with girls. He was always getting into trouble for PDA in school.

She pulled back slightly to look up into his eyes, sarcasm thick on her lips. “What made you think that?” Jane was the smart girl always getting good grades and never late for class. She didn’t date because all the boys in school were idiots. She didn’t waste her time unlike most of the girls.

His smirk grew bigger. “Okay, prove me wrong. What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done?”

She glared at him hatefully, thinking quickly. Without another thought, she leaned up and locked his lips with hers. Her hands grabbed the top of his shirt, holding him close as she stood on her tiptoes to reach him better. He was frozen in shock but immediately kicked into gear and kissed her back. Jane could taste the smoke on his breath and it only made the kiss better. His hands were pressed against the locker as he leaned down to her soft lips.

Finally, she broke it off. “Worst thing I’ve ever done?” She licked her lips. “Kiss you.” With that, she pushed past him, heading to the office.

David leaned against the lockers with a dazed smile. “Wow.” He didn’t think he’d get that kind of reaction out of her. He’d been trying to get her attention since the beginning of school, but she always looked over him. Stealing her pencil in class was the last brilliant attempt to get her attention, he didn’t think it’d actually work.

Jane walked into the office, trying to hide the huge grin on her face. She couldn’t believe she just did that, especially in the hallway of school with the known bad boy. The receptionist looked up and smiled back at her. “Hello Jane, how are you doing today?”

Jane shook her head to clear her mind, putting on a sad look. “Actually I was wondering if I could be excused for the rest of the day. I’m not feeling very good and I think I’m just gonna go home and sleep.”
The red headed lady gave her a pitiful look. “Oh dear, are you alright?”

Jane nodded weakly. “Yeah, I’ll be fine, I just feel a little sick is all. You wouldn’t mind letting me leave early right?”

The lady thought about it before finally nodding. “Of course, dear. I know you’re a good student. I hope you feel better.” Jane signed out and left back into the hallway.

David was leaning against the outside of the school building, waiting for her. “You know you could just walk out.”

Jane rolled her eyes, smiling again. “I don’t like to mess up my goody-girl record by playing hooky. Being the good girl has it’s good points. For example, I just checked out and now have an entire day to myself.”

David grabbed her hand and yanked her towards his car. “Great! We can spend the day together!”

She dug her heels into the ground, stopping him. “Wait, what? Why would I go anywhere with you?”

He gave her a smile. “Trust me, you’ll like this.”

“I’m a good girl. I don’t go places with guys like you…or did that little detail slip your mind?”

David laughed. “It slipped my mind when you kissed me.”

“You told me to prove you wrong.”

“Not by kissing me, that was your own choosing.” He smirked.

Jane rolled her eyes, sticking her hand on her hips as she thought. He smirked. “I promise it’ll be worth your time.”

A smile broke out on her face. She never did anything fun, and she couldn’t deny the emotions rising in her chest. “Let’s go.” She opened the car door and jumped in with him.

He started the car and drove to the old lake outside of town. Her eyes grew wide in excitement as they ran for the edge of the lake. He pulled his shirt off, showing his well-defined muscles and abs. Jane slipped her pink dress off, exposing the red bra and underwear she wore underneath. David winked, grabbing her hand as he jumped in with her.

The water enveloped them as David’s arms wrapped around Jane, his lips found hers in the dark water and they shared a kiss, each giving the other air. Their heads broke the water surface and she laughed, floating on the water.

“This is insane!” She laughed again.

David floated on his back, watching her with a smile. They continued to swim together, sharing the rest of the day with each other. At the end of the day, they sat together on the shore, dipping their feet in the water. Jane reached out, lacing her fingers with his as she smiled. He leaned over and kissed her again silently.

“You know we’ll go back to ignoring each other tomorrow…” Jane sighed thoughtfully.

David didn’t say anything as he rested his head on top of hers.

-next day-

Jane walked down the hallway of the school, engrossed in the pages of Pride & Prejudice. She hadn’t seen David all day and she knew, with bitter thoughts, that this was how it was going to be. She knew he played her like he had done with many girls before her. She didn’t really care because the fact remained that she had the most fun she’d ever had with him. She didn’t regret it, but it was probably for the best to go back this way of not knowing each other.

Suddenly the book was yanked out of her hands. “Hey, give it bac—“ She was stopped when David’s lips interrupted her sentence. She wrapped her arms around his neck, kissing him back completely forgetting the book and all her thoughts.

He pulled away with a smile. “You think I could just ignore you like that?”

She grinned as he kissed her again, letting everyone see the two of them together.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kimmydon Week 26: Waking Up


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Kimmydon's Choice: Picture 2

Waking Up

Beth followed me into the shower. I couldn’t help my eyes eating up every one of her curves: her hip, the slight pouch of her belly, her waist, her breasts, her cheeks. She was simply perfect. She fit me perfectly.

She crossed her arms, pursing her lips a little. “I’m getting cold again,” she reminded me.

Shaking my head to clear it, I started the shower.

A few times, I had considered remodelling this bathroom to put a stall in place of the shower and tub combo. Now I was glad I hadn’t. Although she would have had to press against me in a small stall, we fit much more easily in the tub. I pulled the head from the hook on the wall to run it down her back, over her butt, unable to resist the urge to run my fingers over it as well.

“Lots of mud there?” she asked with a smirk.

“Tons,” I said soberly, cupping a cheek, pulling her closer. “I don’t know how I’ll get you clean enough.”

She laughed, squirting a bit of my body wash into her hands. Inhaling, a small smile came to her lips. “This is good stuff,” she murmured, putting her palms to my chest and working up a lather.

My mouth opened as her hands roamed over me. She bit her lip occasionally, never really taking her eyes from me. I grabbed the shampoo in one hand, fixing the shower head in place again with the other.

As I twisted, her hand cupped my ass, then slapped it suddenly. I gasped, feeling my dick twitch and harden.

She didn’t seem to notice, giggling as she rubbed body wash over my belly. She rubbed her own then, washing away the splatter I’d left on her.

I caught my breath and turned back to her, squirting the shampoo in my hand and sliding past her, letting her stand under the falling water. As we squeezed by one another, I felt her nipples draw a line across my chest, her thighs rub against mine, her hands guiding my step. Could I keep her here? Would she do this with me every day? Could I be so lucky?

Too soon, I scolded myself. Smiling, I worked the shampoo into her hair, washing the splotches of mud from it.

She sighed, tilting her head up. “So warm,” she murmured, shifting slightly under the water, smiling. Her eyes were closed and her expression one of content.

I leaned forward to brush my lips across hers, a whisper of a kiss. They turned up even further, eyes still closed. “Mmmm, very warm,” she said, opening her eyes slowly to mine. Her smile was fixed as she reached up to wipe at my face, her fingers rubbing away the dirt she had put there.

Once her hair was lathered, I took another dab of shampoo and reached for my own head. She stood still, eyes fixed on my chest, then slowly moving lower.

I was suddenly self-conscious. Gary made sure I worked out at least somewhat regularly, but I wasn’t buff by any stretch of the imagination. Skinny was probably a better descriptor.

She obviously liked what she saw though, as she stepped forward to wrap arms around me, peppering my pecs with kisses.

My heart seemed to skip a beat. I stiffened further where I was tucked against her leg. “Beth.” I breathed her name into her freshly rinsed hair. It smelled of my shampoo, mom’s shampoo, mine.

“Yes, Peter,” she replied, turning her ear and cheek to me, resting against me. “Yes.”

Yes? I wondered what that meant. I hoped it meant everything I wanted. I stepped carefully around her, turning her at the same time so I wouldn’t have to let go. I needed to rinse my hair before I got suds in his eyes. Then I looked down at the dark-haired beauty that had so completely taken over my life, given me new life.

“Will you stay?” I asked very quietly, praying for a yes.

She smiled up at me. “I was hoping you’d ask that. Yes, Peter. I would love to stay.” Leaving me standing under the cooling water, she stepped out onto the bath mat, grabbing a towel.

Turning off the water, I hurried to follow her. She giggled as she saw me emerge and ran for the bedroom again, her towel flaring behind her. She’d taken the only one, I realized belatedly; the other was in the hamper.

“Wait!” I called, chasing her.

She laughed and continued to trot around the bed, holding the towel up in front of her like a sheet, hiding behind it.

I growled playfully and swatted at it. She dropped it, spinning around me and smacking my ass again before rolling over the bed to land on her feet on the other side. Her hands rested on the mattress, hips twitching from side to side, almost like a cat’s tail. She was ready to run or pounce.

I gasped at the second swat, feeling fire run through me. Seeing her challenging me, made me lustier still.

Her eyes widened slightly where they rested on my abdomen. Lifting to my face, her eyes narrowed a little. “You like that?” she asked, crouching further. “You like when I run?”

I sighed. Could I tell her? No, still too soon.

“Not the running,” I admitted, grabbing my robe and pulling it on. While I was half bent, a weight landed on my back, bending me further. Grabbing the mattress, I stretched sidelong on it. Beth wasn’t light. I could carry her, but not with ease.

“I’m not done playing,” she declared, nipping my ear. She laughed, squirming on my back. Her hips swung down my leg, putting her feet on the floor again, then she rolled me over. “Roar,” she said, straddling my hips. I was tucked neatly between us as she pinned my arms to the bed, and I stiffened quickly.

“Mew?” I answered, more than a little overwhelmed.

She laughed loud, tossing wet locks that hung straight down her shoulders. “You’re going to let me take you,” she said, leaning into me on the word take.

I groaned in response, fantasies I’d been fighting coming back to me. It had been hard enough when she took the lead earlier. I’d waited, building my resolve, before plopping her on the bed and taking control back. I wanted her to lead. I wanted her to tell me what to do, what she wanted. Where she wanted it.

My hands balled, but didn’t pull from her. She noticed, looking at them. I watched the puzzled look on her face slowly smooth. Beth was smart, too smart.

“Oh,” she whispered, a grin replacing the playful smile. “You do want to play.” Leaning into her hands, she licked up my throat and over my ear, her tongue tickling inside it. As she did, she rubbed the smooth skin - where her hair had been - against me, making me groan and thrust up at her.

That made her tisk and push down with her legs, knocking me away. The mattress bounced in response and I was banged against her pubic bone several times, wincing at the slight pain. It felt like it might bruise. She held still above me.

When I caught my breath and opened my eyes, hers were fiery. “Where are your condoms?” she asked, her voice commanding.

My mouth fell open. “I... I don’t... There should be some in that drawer.” My eyes flicked to the bedside table.

“Don’t move,” she ordered, mouth tight.

I licked my lips and shook my head. She smiled a little and let go of my wrists, jumping to grab what she sought.

This is it, I thought. She’s going to ride me, get off on me, use me like her toy. Each image made me throb harder for her.

“Put this on,” she ordered, holding out the small black square.

I sat up, ripping it open in a hurry.

She was deep in thought, I could tell. She often got that look at her desk at work when she was puzzling through a problem. Slowing my actions, the condom rolled down my length, casing me. When I couldn’t delay any longer, I looked up at her.

“Good,” she said, her eyes darker somehow. They were such a deep brown they were almost black normally, how could they get darker? But they had, darker and warmer. My breath caught again, anticipation pounding in my veins.

She licked her lips, eying me over. Instead of self-conscious, this time it made me hotter. Something in that look, cold and judgemental, instead of warm and tender, made me burn. She was weighing me in her plans.

“Turn around,” she said.

Not understanding, I lifted my legs onto the bed, sliding my ass in enough to sit up properly. She grabbed my shoulders and pulled me to her, my balance shifting. My legs went up and then came down bent, trying to hold my weight on the bed so I didn’t fall off. It wasn’t a danger, only my shoulders and part of my chest hung off the bed.

“Good,” she said, looking me over again. “Yes... Keep that head down,” she told me, crawling up onto the bed.

I tucked my chin to watch her ass swing as she made her way to my hips. There was a biting sting as she slapped my thigh hard.

“Head down,” she repeated.

With a gasp and clench of teeth, I relaxed my neck and back, hanging off my bed.

“I’m watching, Peter,” she warned. “Keep it down.” Then, through the thin sheath of latex, I felt heat envelop me.

“Fuck,” she muttered as she slid me into her. I couldn’t help but agree as my hips rose to meet hers. She wriggled slightly, as though trying to make sure I was as deep as possible. It sure as hell felt like it to me. I lifted my head very slightly, wondering which way she faced.

Another slap to my thigh, this time followed by a pinched nipple. “Damnit,” I cursed, biting my tongue slightly, feeling the sting spread and subside.

“Down,” she said again.

“Yes, Mistress,” I murmured, my breath heavy.

Beth chuckled. “Mistress,” she said lightly. “You will obey?” she asked, sliding off me.

“Yes, Mistress,” I answered afraid a no would mean she wouldn’t get back on.

“Good boy,” her voice was teasing, but her touch wasn’t. She massaged my balls for a second before slamming her hips down on me. We both grunted at that. “You are going to make me come again, Peter,” she declared, her voice different than before. It was lusty, but much more controlled. She was choosing her words, not grasping for them. “You are going to fill me until I can’t take it. I am going to close on you, tighten on you, drag the come from you.”

Holy shit. This was better than any of those fantasies. Her voice, her words... I couldn’t say. I could only respond as she started to ride me, her hands still walking over my skin.

My ears started to ring, my face was flushed, I was panting as Beth rode me hard, her hips colliding with mine as she grunted and moaned, at one point almost screaming. Her sounds drove me mad. The feel of her around me, even through the stupid condom, was amazing, better than I could have dreamed. I wanted to tell her...

“Pussy, legs, hands.” What? Had she melted my brain? All I could find were nouns. “Shit, cock.”

She chuckled and I lifted my head, wondering if it was anything other than my nonsense that made her laugh. She dug her nails into my legs, tearing up them. It felt like she’d ripped my skin open. My head sank back instantly.

“I said head down,” she said slowly punctuating each word with a thrust. “Now you keep it down, until I’m done with you.”

I felt a quiver through her legs where they pressed against mine. “Fuck,” she whispered, almost squeaking. Then she let go on me, her voice turning to a low moan and grunt as she ground down on me. Her nails trailed lightly over my belly and then I felt her hair on my chest, falling off the edge of the bed.

She gasped. “God, that was good.” She sat on me for a moment, rolling her hips in a circle. “And how are you?” she asked, her head looking down at me, hair hanging into my face.

“Go-ood” I answered, stuttering.

“Good,” she said with a smile, sitting back up. “Keep that head down,” she called as she started to bob on me again.

When we were done, we were done. The room smelled heavily of her and I never wanted to wash the sheets, though I knew I’d have to. She was curled on my chest and it was quiet outside, the dead of night. The clock read four. That couldn’t be in the afternoon, I thought, holding her as she dozed.

It hadn’t all been sex, but it had all been naked. I’d shown her more of the house, particularly Sarah’s room. She had pulled me from there to bend herself over the banister of hall. She made a point of distracting me whenever my thoughts turned too serious, and she had put her mark on every room of the house.

Suddenly my stomach rumbled. I hadn’t eaten since the quick snack we’d grabbed in the kitchen before she pinned me in one of the dining room chairs.

Beth laughed, opening her eyes. “I’ll make us something,” she said, sliding off the bed quietly. “I have to text Jamie. She never told me if Brian left tonight.” She waggled eyebrows at me. “Maybe we both got lucky.” Her grin was brilliant.

So was mine, happy to be the reason she wasn’t at home tonight.

She poked her head back in the door. “By the way, I’m losing important beauty sleep, I’ll have you know.”

“You don’t need it,” I told her. “You have beauty to spare.”

She grinned and walked off.

I grabbed my robe and cigarettes and headed out on the roof, assuming she would be a little while. I lit up and leaned back. The air was cold, but I’d been so warm, so long.

“Peter?” Beth asked, finding the tiny door to the attic and poking her head out. She handed me a grilled sandwich on a plate, then cinched her robe tighter before sitting beside me, leaning into me for warmth.

Rubbing out the smoke, I put one arm around her and lifted my sandwich with the other. “Thank you." I told her, kissing her.

She wrinkled her nose and lifted her own sandwich to her lips. “I didn’t know you smoked. Tastes terrible.” Her eyes closed as she hummed around her sandwich.

“Yeah. I think I’ll quit. As long as I have another reason to come sit out here.” I looked up at the stars obscured by clouds that were just starting to lighten with dawn.

“You’re the reason I’m out here instead of bed,” she said, chewing another bite.

“You’re the reason I love losing sleep,” I admitted. “Much better than the old reason.”

She sighed and rested her head on my shoulder. “I can be the new reason, and hopefully you lose less,” she said, poking me in the ribs.

I chuckled. “Yes, I’m sure I’ll get more sleep. Eventually. When you’re done with me.” I laughed and she giggled too.

She worked her legs a little, rubbing them together. “I think I’m done with you for a little while. Ouch.”

I laughed again, putting my forehead to hers. “Can I kiss it better?” I asked.

“No!” she shouted, jumping up and running into the house.

I smiled, kicking the pack off the roof before turning to follow.

Monday, November 15, 2010

AJ Silent Voice Week 26: Big Girls Don't Cry

AJ Silent Voice

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AJ Silent Voice’s Choice: Picture 1

Big Girls Don’t Cry

Mandy screamed in agony as I splayed out my winning word...”actuate.” She hated me right now, I could see it in her face.

“MOM!” she yelled. I laughed loudly and she scowled. Her hands folded in front of her chest and, before I knew it, she’d dumped the board over into my lap. Mom came in just in time to see the pieces fly, but she wasn’t concerned. This was a common occurrence in our house. Mandy was smart, like, really great at math and science, but she sucked at anything like this. And Mandy didn’t like to suck...or to lose.

I put the board slowly back on the table and began to scoop the pieces out of my shirt and pj pants. By this time, she’d come out of her fit and was helping me pick up the ones that fell on the ground. While I was busy searching for the few I knew had skipped under the couch, she was snickering.

“What’s so funny there, little sister?” I asked. She hated when I called her that, so I made a point of doing it often...and around a lot of people...especially at school. Being her senior was sweet justice. All her straight A’s couldn’t come close to touching my status above her.

When I’d finally reached the strays, nearly dislocating my shoulder trying to reach under the couch, I stood up and saw the source of her joy. There, on the board, were the words, “Boo You Whore.”

“MOM!” I yelled. She pissed me off when she started with the name calling, and she knew Mom wouldn’t like her language, but she did it anyways. I called out to Mom again, but just as she rounded the corner, Mandy swept the letters away and began packing the game up.

“Chicken,” I muttered, and she shot me a go-to-hell look.

“I don’t even know why you girls play that game. You always end up arguing.” She dried off the glass in her hand and put it in the cabinet above her.

“No, we don’t argue. Mandy just loses every time, then decides to be a baby and throw a fit.” I plopped down on the couch and snatched the remote off the arm of the chair just as Mandy reached for it.

“Whatever, Anna. You cheat. Mom! She cheats and everyone thinks she’s so good at it but it’s not true! She doesn’t even get good grades! She’s a cheater!” Mandy said, her arms flailing and the corners of her mouth turning down into the most unattractive pout.

“I don’t think she cheats, honey. You’re both good at different things. That’s good,” Mom said. Her optimism only fueled Mandy’s anger.

She huffed down into the chair beside me. “It’s just a stupid game. It’s not like it matters.” She took one look at the television, then at me, then scanned the room to see if Mom had left before retaliating.

“It’s true, you know. You’re stupid. Everyone at school knows it. They tell me all the time how lazy you are and that the teachers don’t even like you. Your friends don’t even like you.” The sing-song tone to her voice made me nauseated, and I could feel the heat rising in my chest.

Her words hurt, and I wanted to cry even though I knew they weren’t true. But we were locked in this struggle for power and I’d be damned if I let her see me lose it. “Like you’d know, Mandy. Why would a senior even talk to a fish?”

She cackled, the witch that she was, and blew off my insult. “You’re the only one who thinks like that. It’s just a stupid grade, Anna. It doesn’t mean anything. Besides, they like me better than you. Why do you think I have a date with Chis tonight? He’s your ‘friend,’ right?”

At that, the tears came of their own volition. Mandy knew I liked Chris, like, really liked him. And, I knew she didn’t. He wasn’t her type at all, not that she’d dated enough to even have a type, but she was just doing it to be nice. She wasn’t even doing it on purpose to hurt me. Mandy just felt bad every time she told him no. What started as a nice gesture had now become a weapon. And over what? A game of Scrabble?

I sniffled, and she turned towards me now, jerking her eyes away from the television. “What? What are you crying about! God, Anna. Don’t cry, geez. I didn’t mean it. I was just joking.”

“Shut up.” I wiped my eyes with the back of my hand, then the bottom of my shirt, till my tears were dry. Mandy was just staring at me like I’d grown a third head or something. “What? Just leave me alone, okay?”

She shook her head and went back to watching television. During the commercial, she asked, “You’re not going to tell Mom what I said, are you?”

“Maybe.” And I was being honest. She was so crappy to me sometimes that I wished Mom and Dad would make her stop. But it was my word against hers, and she always seemed to win. She knew it too, but it took a lot for her to convince Mom I was lying, and even though I didn’t want to admit it, I think it made her feel bad.

In a moment of weakness on my part, she snatched the remote out of my hand. Clicking off the button, she got up and stood in front of me. “Look, I really didn’t mean it. I mean, if you want me to, I’ll tell Chris I’m sick or something.”

I smiled, thinking of all the evil things I could tell Chris about why Mandy had blown off their date. He’d hate her for sure now. Or at least I hoped he would. My luck, he’d try harder.

“I don’t care what you do, Mandy. Give me back the remote.” I reached for it, but she pulled it back, just out of my reach. “Give it to me!” I yelled.

Mom’s voice echoed through the living room. “Girls! Don’t fight! Share!”

Mandy stuck her tongue out at me and swung the remote by her thumb and forefinger, right above my head. “Scream louder next time, Anna. Dad might wake up. Then I’ll tell him what a cry baby you were being.”

I ignored her comment, but inside I seethed. I hated her. A few loose tears fell down my face, and once she realized I was crying again, she rolled her eye and huffed. I didn’t want the stupid remote anyways, so I stood up and shoved her hard in the chest. As I made a bee-line up the stairs to my room, I heard her behind me.

“Wait. Anna, wait! Wait up!” she yelled.

I stopped and turned toward her. “What?”

“I’m sorry, okay? You can watch whatever you want. Don’t go upstairs and stay. You always do that,” she said.

“What do you care? I can do whatever I want.”

“I’m sorry, okay? Please, just come back downstairs. I’ll make you some mac and cheese, you know, with the bacon things you like. Then we can watch a movie or something.” Her pout was exaggerated, of course, but the emotions behind her eyes were real. For as much of a bitch as Mandy could be, she really didn’t mean to. I knew that, but some days it still didn’t make it feel any better when she aimed it at me.

It was a constant push and pull between us. I wondered if we’d be this way our entire life. I hoped not. I wanted the chance to be friends minus the teenage angst and hormones. I sighed heavily and nodded my head. We walked down the stairs together, her arm linked in mine while she yammered on about what movies were on the television.

She picked “A Knight’s Tale” and made our mac and cheese, and we sat side by side on the sofa until the credits rolled.

“So, um, I’m going to call Chris and tell him I have too much homework. Maybe we could play scrabble again, or go to town or something.” She seemed so awkward sitting there, like asking me to spend time with her was uncomfortable. I chuckled, knowing full well Mandy didn’t do the emotional thing unless she was PMSing, and she definitely didn’t do the sisterly bonding thing either.

“Okay, what gives? Why do you want to hang out with me all of the sudden?” I asked.

Mandy sat down and lowered her head before she spoke. “When you got up and walked away, I realized that you were going to be gone soon, and I wouldn't fight with you whenever I wanted to. Maybe I needed to make sure I got some good times in before you ran out on me and did your college thing.”

“Aw, Mandy,” I sighed.

“I’m gonna miss how easy you are to piss off! I’m going to miss I don’t have another sister.”

I sat down and threw my arms around her before she knew it. For a moment, she leaned into me and really relaxed. But that moment passed, as they all did, and she was shoving me away form her and announcing her disgust.

“Um, hello! Personal space!” she yelled.

I laughed and she smiled a bit, and we decided to play a rematch of Scrabble. Even though we both knew it would turn into World War III, we didn’t care. This was us. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

SnappleApple450 Week 25: I Have a Secret

SnappleApple 450

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SnappleApple 450's Choice: both

I Have A Secret

The flowers felt cool to the touch, soft like velvet, and vivid with colors. A man gave them to me as I left on the plane ride home. Hawaii was the most amazing week of my life. I fell in love with the man. He was tall and dark with his natural tan, the brightest smile I’d ever seen, and the darkest most mysterious eyes anyone could have. He was a native there on the Hawaiian islands.


We met in the market place while I was looking for some good fruit to take back with me to Iowa. He was working his little stand of mangoes.

“I didn’t think mangoes were from Hawaii,” I stated with a flashy smile.

He chuckled, picking a mango up. “They’re not, but that doesn’t mean we can’t grow them.”

I tsked, shaking my head sadly but a smile still played on my lips. “It should be illegal!” I faked shock.

“Ah but what you don’t understand is that we Hawaiians have a secret to growing the best mangoes.” He rolled the mango down his arm and bounced it off his elbow into my hands.

My eyes were big with admiration and lust. “And what secret is that?”

He smirked saying, “It’s a secret.”

I traced the mango in my hands, rolling it in my palm. “May I ask you name or is that a secret too?”

“Keoku. And yours might be?” He took my hand in his and kissed it.

I was in a daze as he stared up at me through his lashes. “Jewel,” I finally mumbled my name.

“Jewel... that is the most beautiful name in all the Heavens. It deserves to be shouted from the mountains, ringing from the skies!”

I laughed, pulling my hand away. “Alright, you win Mr. Keoku. I will buy a mango from you.”

He stood up straight and smiled. “For you, beautiful Jewel, it’s free. It was my honor to see such a lovely angel here on this glorious day.”

He bagged up a couple mangoes and handed them to me. “When can I see you again?”

I smiled, taking the bag from him. “How about tonight?”

He frowned slightly, his eyebrows knitting together. “I can’t tonight. It’s a secret.”

Then it hit me. “You’re married!” I gasped, feeling sad at the thought. I didn’t know how to respond, I was so embarrassed that I just walked away.

“No, no, no! Jewel wait!” He grabbed me by the elbow, stopping me.

I felt tears threatening to overflow. I felt like he made a fool of me. More than that, in those few seconds with him, I fell in love. Love at first sight with a complete stranger.

“Jewel, please. I’m not married!” He laughed.

I wiped my eyes, glaring at him. “It’s okay, you don’t have to explain to me. Thank you for the mangoes.”

I pulled away and left. He watched me leave, I could feel his black eyes on me. I found a cab and went back to my hotel for the rest of the day. I felt like I’d broken up with a long term relationship. It was a few words with a stranger!

There was a knock on my door and I went to answer it. Flowers covered the doorstep but no one in sight. I saw a note card attached to it. Meet me at midnight on the beach by the market, Keoku

I wadded up the note and threw it by the flowers, shutting the door. A few seconds passed and I opened the door again and brought the flowers in. I grabbed my phone and called home to my best friend. “Liz!” I screamed as soon as she answered.

“What?! What happened?! Oh my god don’t tell me you’re in a foreign prison!”>i?

“Babe, Hawaii is a state in the United States. It’s not foreign. And no I’m not in prison. I’m in love....” I admitted hesitantly.

There was silence before she busted up laughing. I had to hold the phone away from my ear while she laughed. “In love? You mean in love with the place, right?”

“His name is Keoku and he’s a native here and” I sighed, still feeling sad about earlier. “He wants me to meet him tonight on the beach. Should I go?”

Liz was very serious when she answered me. “Jules. Babe. I love you. You’re in Hawaii, you have two more days before you leave Heaven. Gooooo!!!”

I laughed at her logic. “Alright, I’ll go.”

“Yay! My Jewel is gonna get laaaiiiddd tonight on the beach! Whoo!”

I rolled my eyes, smelling the flowers. “I am not...okay maybe, but we’ll see.”

“Gimme the details, bitch! I neeeeed some details or I’ll explode!” That was the last thing I heard before I hung up, still laughing.

I went into the large bathroom and took my dress off, running a bubble bath. I felt like pampering myself today. The warm water felt good against my bare skin as I ran the sponge over my smooth legs, lathering my body. I pretended like I was on a Pussycat Dolls music video. If they could be sexy, so could I.

I closed my eyes and sunk into the tub, relaxing. After I felt myself getting wrinkly, I stood up and grabbed a towel, wrapping it around my wet body. I wrapped my hair in a towel and got out. The floor was wet too as I drained the tub. The mirror was fogged up and I ran my hand over it to clear it up.

I smiled at my reflection, feeling amazing. Tonight was going to be great, I could tell.
After two hours of getting ready, I was in a yellow strapless sundress and high heels. My hair was in messy waves down my back, untamed. I had light makeup on and no jewelry. I looked like I belonged on the islands.

It was close to midnight when I was finally ready. I took a cab back to the marketplace. It was empty, closed up for the night. I could hear the waves in the distance and I followed the sound. The beach was so open and beautiful. The moon was full and reflecting on the black ocean. The sand was a hazy blue and looked soft.

I licked my lips, wetting them as I started to walk through the sand. I wanted to take my shoes off and feel the sand through my toes, but decided against it. Down the beach a ways, I saw a small light flickering on the ground. It looked like a fire. I made my way towards it slowly, just enjoying the sound of the ocean.

The fire got bigger and I could see a small red blanket laid out where Keoku was pouring some wine. I smiled as I came up to him. He looked up and his face lit up instantly. She looked him over; he had loose linen pants on and no shirt. The fire glinted off his chest, showing every muscular angle he had.

“I didn’t think you’d come!” He exclaimed.

I looked around at the setting for two and raised a questioning eyebrow.

He chuckled, handing me a glass of wine. “I still hoped.”

I sat down beside him and I could feel his eyes roam over my body. “You know the moon glistens off your body in this lighting. You look radiant.” He traced his hand over my shoulder blade.

I closed my eyes, feeling goose bumps were his fingers left. He traced down my collarbone as he leaned in to kiss me. “You look amazing,” he said as his lips touched my shoulder. He slowly made his way up my neck, leaving little kisses wherever he went. A soft moan escaped, forgetting everything around me. His fingers slid down my body to my waist as he pulled me closer to him. I suddenly was wishing I’d worn something easier to get out of; I wanted to get closer to him.

His lips took a turn south and went along my collarbone; he still went lower barely touching my breasts. His other hand was strategically pulling my dress down while he kissed me. I touched his cheek, pulling his face back up to mine so I could kiss him. We shared a passionate kiss as his hands continued to work my clothes off. I’d helped him by lifting my body to my knees as I towered over him while he continued to kiss me. I wrapped my fingers through his hair to hold him close me.

A moan escaped him when I bit his lip playfully. He flipped me over, his hips fitting perfectly between my legs. He placed his mouth next to my ear whispering the most romantic things anyone has ever said to me. I rolled my hips up into his and he chuckled pulling his last piece of clothing off his sinuous body.

Once we connected, we were the only ones in the world. The only ones that mattered. His grunts and my moans were silenced by the crashing of the waves. Keoku made me see stars, angels, the whole universe. He captured my moans in a searing kiss. So many emotions I couldn’t begin to comprehend consumed me as we lay together sweaty and fulfilled. He grabbed another blanket to cover us, the night suddenly cold as we separated. He pressed his warm body against me for warmth as the as the blissful void of sleep called us.

When I awoke, I felt his arms still around me, protecting me from the cold wind blowing from the ocean. I smiled as I turned over to face him. He was leaning on his elbow, staring down at me with a smile. When he saw I was awake, he leaned down to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around his neck, holding him there.

Finally I broke it off and smiled against his lips. “Good morning.”

He kissed me once more before pulling away to look into my eyes. “Good morning, my Jewel.”

I looked around the beach expecting to see at least one tourist, but the place was empty; just him and I alone on the beach. He saw what I was looking for and grinned. “You won’t find anyone else here. This is my family’s private beach.”

My eyes popped. “A private beach in Hawaii? Don’t just rich people own private beaches?”

He chuckled, “Yes, that’s generally how it is.”

I laid there in silence trying to figure out how that worked unless he was rich. I raised an eyebrow in question and he nodded, pulling me closer to his bare chest. “Wait, so you’re rich?”

“Does that change anything?” He asked, rubbing his lips against my neck.

I looked at the bottle of wine and giggled. “No, but that explains the expensive alcohol used to seduce me last night.”

He lifted up the almost full bottle of wine and cocked his head to the side. “You had a sip of it.”

“Who’s to say you don’t have to money to spike it with some kind of expensive drug?” I teased him.

He kissed me again. “Would I do that to you?”

“Maybe it was in the roses when I smelled them….” I continued to think, playfully.

He nodded, rolling me so he was on top of me, enveloping me with his body. “Maybe you’re right. I seduced you with alcohol and roses.”

We started to kiss more passionately until he pulled away suddenly. My brow furrowed in confusion. “What’s wrong?”

He chewed on his lip, deep in thought. “Jewel, will you marry me?”

I froze dead in my thoughts. “What?” I managed to form on my lips.

“I love you. It’s not just a passing thing, I feel a deep connection with you that I felt the moment you walked up to my melon stand.”

“You realize that was just yesterday! Not even 24 hours have gone by!” I was panicking at the thought. I barely even knew him!

He put both his hands on each side of my face, calming me down. “Jewel, it’s okay. I’m sorry I asked so suddenly, but I’m in love with you and I never want to be without you.”

Keoku leaned down and kissed me once more, as passionately as he could muster. My mind instantly went blank as I felt a warmth take over me in that kiss.


I looked down at my flowers around my neck again. They held such dear memories of a place I fell in love with. I fell in love with a man named Keoku, and I would be returning to him soon. My best friend, Liz, was waiting in our apartment for me to come home. As soon as I walked in the door, she wrapped me in a hug and dragged me to the couch.

“Spill the beans. What happened?” She asked, bouncing in her seat.

I leaned in with a smile on my lips and whispered into her ear. “It’s a secret.”

She looked down and noticed a rather large engagement ring on my left hand and her eyes grew as large as my smile.

this particular story was greatly helped by the amazingly talented Destynee Cullen. Without her, Keoku wouldn’t have been as great as he is.<3

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kimmydon Week 25: Revealing


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Picture 2

Kimmydon's Choice: Both


I felt a little nervous stepping out into Peter’s garage. I took off my shoes there, not wanting to drag mud through his house. Then I pulled off my jacket at the door.

“Maybe you should just hose me off outside,” I suggested with a grin.

He laughed. “That sounds like a terrible idea.” He pulled off his jacket and shirt.

I stopped, staring for a moment at his bare chest, then his bare back as he pulled off his shoes. They were ruined, I noticed, bending to them.

He straightened suddenly, nearly clipping my chin with his head. “What are you doing?” he asked, alarmed.

“Your shoes,” I moaned.

He pulled me up, kicking off the remaining shoe. “They’re old. I expected they wouldn’t stay clean. Don’t worry.”

I met his eyes and found truth. He wasn’t saying it to appease me. Then I noticed his chest again and licked my lips, nervous.

“No pressure,” he urged me. “There are two bathrooms. You can have the one down here, if you like.”

It took a moment for me to look up at him, but when I did, I smiled broadly. “That sounds like a terrible idea,” I mimicked.

He chuckled, but not for long, as I continued my imitation of him, removing my own muddy shirt and following with the pants. Standing in my underwear, I felt goosebumps break out all over me.

I gave him at least a full minute to stare. I kept my hands at my sides for the first twenty seconds before crossing them over my pert nipples. They showed dark through the lacy fabric of my bra, but I tried not to be embarrassed; he certainly wasn’t declining the show. Still, it was not warm in the garage. “Shower. Hot. Now.” I got cranky when I got cold.

He snapped up suddenly. “Yes, mistress.”

What? I looked over my shoulder for a minute, wondering if he was talking to someone else.

“Ma’am,” he said, trying to imply that was what he’d said the first time. I was sure it wasn’t, but I still couldn’t understand what he’d meant, so I let it go. Mistress? Who called someone Mistress? That was so... old fashioned. I didn’t get it.

He was still blushing pink as he picked me up. I squeaked, not expecting it. Laughing, I said aloud, “I can manage the stairs.”

He shook his head and put me down on the landing. “Of course. Although, now, I’ve carried you over the threshold.”

I missed the step I’d been aiming for, landing on my ass.

“Are there any other surprises you’d like to spring on me, Peter?” I asked. “Being that I’m on the ground, they can’t hit me any harder.” I looked up at him. I’d kept my tone light, teasing, but I was actually kind of serious. First calling me mistress, whatever that was about, and then implying he’d married me... I was literally as well as figuratively floored.

“Sarah’s my sister,” he blurted. “I’ll get you a robe.”

He disappeared up the stairs. I didn’t move from my rump on the carpet. At least it wasn’t the lino; that crap was cold on my toes and I was chilled enough. I was heating nicely with a bit of ire as I puzzled through that last dump of info.

Sarah was his sister. Was she still around? She didn’t live here. Or if she did, she wasn’t home now. I was pretty sure she wasn’t here, ever. That expression, downtown, that wasn’t the face of a brother who wondered where his wayward sister was. It was one of mourning, of remembrance. She was gone.

I didn’t have time for more before Peter scooped me up again. I was quietly impressed; I wasn’t small or light, but he didn’t grimace, although I could tell he was happy to set me on the couch. He turned on a gas fireplace and pulled a robe of his own on, having left one on my legs.

He lifted my feet and sat with them in his lap. Pulling off my slightly muddy socks, he held my cold toes. His hands were warm, and helped me relax.

“Sarah was three years older than me,” he said, looking at the fire, not at me. “She was wild, untamed. No one could hold her back. No one could stop her.” The gleam in his eye froze and his voice choked a little. “No one but fate, and me.”

It took a lot of control, but I didn’t interrupt, and I didn’t console. I waited. A moment later, his head rose again, looking once more into the flames.

“She would sneak out at night. She’d used that damn tree to get back in, jumping to the roof.”

The roof. Something clicked. It wasn’t his safe place.

“I’d often wait for her up there, when I knew she’d gone out. She’d let me smoke with her,” he said with a snort. “She was a rebel. God, I love her. I wanted to be as wild as her, but I never had the nerve. I was too worried about what other people thought, what Mom and Dad thought.” His lips twisted in a grimace. “Wasted concern there,” he muttered.

I wanted to stop him, to scold him for doing his parents such a disservice after their deaths, but I couldn’t. I was rapt, barely breathing and listening to him.

“One night, I wasn’t there. She slipped off the roof.” His voice broke and he let go of my feet to hold his face. “She... She..” He tried several times, always choking on the words.

I sat up, pulling him to me, resting his head on the terrycloth of the robe. “You told me. She died. She fell... and died?” I confirmed, not wanting him to have to say it.

He sniffled and nodded against my breast. “In the mud.”

I froze in the middle of stroking his hair. The mud. The mud that was in his hair, on my hands, the socks on the floor.

“Oh, God, Peter. I didn’t know. I wouldn’t have.”

He looked up, gripping my shoulders. “No, don’t. It was good.” Tears still streaked his cheeks, but his eyes were clear now, vibrant. I was held by them. “Don’t you see? You’ve moved me past.” He chuckled once. “Well, started to, anyway.”

I couldn’t help but chuckle too; he had a long way to go before catching frogs and making mud pies. “Tell me more?” I asked, taking his hands in mine.

He smiled sadly, lifting me by the hands and leading me up the stairs. He stopped at the pictures I’d only half-noticed my last time here.

“Here we are. I’m five in this one, Sarah eight.” London’s skyline stretched out behind them. It almost seemed whichever parent had taken this was more interested in the architecture than the children. Still it was easy to see the punk style of Sarah, with her short blond hair spiked out, wearing a tie around her forehead. Eight, he’d said. I would have guessed her eleven. He looked five, and happy.

The next was his parents. “This was their twentieth anniversary. There’s Grandma Netty, and that’s Grandpa Dave. He passed a few years ago. And Grandma and Grandpa Strauss. They live in France. I wish I could visit them more often,” he said with a sigh.

He led me up a few more stairs. This photo was taken in Paris. “Visiting Grandma and Grandpa?” I asked, smiling.

He smiled too. “Yep. As usual, Dad was trying to get the tower, but there’s Sarah. Mom was furious she’d colored her hair black.” He laughed suddenly. “It’s only because the green she was trying to dye it didn’t turn out. So she covered it in black. God, what would Mom have done if Sarah had flown to France with green hair?” He sighed, obviously remembering.

I looked at the photo. It was her back. He was right, his father was shooting the tower beyond her. I looked to the next and smiled brightly. “Graduation?” I asked pointing.

He sneered. “I keep meaning to take that down.”

I stopped smiling once squared with the photo. Peter was beautiful, as he always was. I could see the sorrow in his eyes though. “This wasn’t long after...”

He shook his head. “Only eight months. You can tell?” he asked.

I nodded. “It’s not obvious, but I’ve seen you smile. This line,” I pointed, touching the glass, “isn’t in it, and your eyes are... too cold,” I finished. I looked to his parents now and was even more deeply saddened.

Peter’s mother was obviously the source of his good looks. She could have easily graced the cover of a magazine, even in her thirties. His father was good looking, darker than his mother or himself, slightly gray. His father’s eyes were glassy, even in the photo. He had been drinking. Celebrating maybe? It seemed to sad for that. And his mother’s mouth was too tight as well. This was obviously a grieving family.

“Fuck you, Dad. Fuck you and fuck your booze.” Peter stamped up the last of the stairs and opened and closed a door.

I looked back at the photo, wanting to offer their spirits something. “It had to be hard, losing a daughter. I’m sure you didn’t find it easy, staying together and raising a son. But you did a great job.” My voice cracked a little, thinking about the man who might still hear me. “He is a good man. He works hard and treats his friends and coworkers well. It is a shame you aren’t here to see him, but he is. He is a fine man. One you should be proud of."

The door opened again, and Peter’s mud streaked head popped out. “Thank you,” he whispered.

“Thank you,” I said moving to his side, closing the door behind us. “Thank you for letting me in. Thank you for sharing with me. Thank you for being the man you are.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and moved to my toes to kiss him.

His arms were quick to find my waist, pulling me up even as he bent down, his tongue eager on my mouth. He broke to murmur, “I love you so much, Beth.”

I inhaled, taking the words with the air, holding them, letting them setting in me. Then I exhaled. “I love you, too.” My voice was quiet, but not so that he couldn’t hear.

His hands pulled the tie of my robe, his fingers finding the skin over my panties. Following his lead, I opened his robe, running my hands up over his chest as we continued to kiss.

Only when I felt the damp tip of him on my belly did I start, stepping back. He wasn’t wearing underwear. How had I not noticed that?! I looked down, at myself, then back up at him.

He was looking down. “No pressure.”

“Well, that will make showering difficult,” I teased. “You need water pressure for a good shower.”

He grinned, pulling me by the fabric of the robe. “Can I get you dirtier first?” he whispered in my ear.

“No,” I declared, pushing him back again. This caused him to hit the bed and sit down on it.

He looked up at me, confused but still excited.

“I’m going to clean you up first.” Sinking to my knees before him, my eyes feasted on his length. It was framed in blond curls, darker than those on his head, coarser. I ran the fingers of one hand through them while the other slid up his thigh.

“Beth, you don’t have to-”

“Shhhh,” I hushed him, taking the base of his shaft in my hand, the other still combing his hair and cupping his balls. I rubbed them gently as I stroked.

I watched his reactions. First in his groin, the tendons rising as he tensed, his balls moving against my hand. Then in his face, the way his eyes opened and closed, the way he sucked through his teeth and went slack-jawed. His eyes blazed on mine, passionate fire in them. I didn’t let him take control back though. I had him in the palm of my hand, and I was keeping him there.

When he moved to pull me up, I kissed the tip of him, causing his hands to tighten rather than pull. I settled back a little, licking along him, tasting salt sweat, and clean skin - soft skin over the hardness.

I hadn’t given head often, but I had never wanted to as much as now. I took the head into my mouth, sliding very slightly.

He winced. “Teeth,” he whispered.

I released him instantly from my mouth, still holding him in my hand. “I’m sorry.”

He shook his head, cupping my cheek. “Just letting you know. It didn’t hurt.”

I saw no lie on his face and smiled, planning to try again.

“You don’t-” His words cut off as I went down on him. My lips, wetter now, slid more easily, further. I sighed on him, feeling him on my tongue.

He groaned when I sighed; it made me smile. That made him twitch. I thought of how completely I held him, how much he was mine.

How much was he mine?

“Peter?” I asked, stroking his length slowly in my hand. He didn’t answer except to hum. “Are we... What are we?”

“I’m yours,” he said simply, his voice husky and breathless. “All yours.”

I liked that. It was answer enough. I put my mouth around him again, pushing down with my hand as I took him deeper over my tongue. My throat closed as he neared the back, and I felt his hands in my hair, pushing it away to hold my face.

“Shit, Beth, that’s good.” His cussing made me want to try for more, but I knew I would gag soon. I took a breath and tried anyway. His hands on my face guided me, but didn’t push, in fact he stopped me, holding me in place. I sighed, feeling safe with him.

“Crap, Beth.” Apparently the sigh did good things to him. I felt him move in my mouth, which did elicit a slight gag. I pulled back, stroking him again.

“That needs to come off,” he said, reaching into my robe and unfastening my bra. Lifting his hands, the robe fell from my shoulders, and I dropped him long enough to slip it from my arms. He pulled my bra away at the same time. “Damn, you’re beautiful,” he told me, pulling me up.

“But... I wasn’t finished,” I complained.

“Neither was I,” he agreed, holding the base of himself to rub lightly on the inside of my thigh. It made me tingle and gasp. His other hand slipped into my shorts style panties and cupped my ass, which tensed at his touch. “So nice,” he said, fondling me gently, his thumb running the crease of my ass.

I swayed a little on my feet, suddenly a lot less stable. “Peter, I...” My voice sounded huskier than usual, deeper.

“Yes, Beth?” he asked, his mouth finding my breast from my collar bone. He was kissing the inside slope as he rubbed my thigh once more.

“Are you... “ I couldn’t think straight. What this man did to me. I knew there was something I need to ask for, but what? “Do you...” Each question was ended in a pant and a tug of his hair. My fingers had gravitated there, of course.

The mud streaked locks were still pliable and I had pulled them in any number of directions. God, he looked good, natural, not putting on any show, no facade, just Peter, naked before me. My mind gave up the fight and I held his face to my chest.

His hand came up to the waist of my panties, the other dropping himself to join it, sliding them down my legs. I hissed at the exposed feeling as they came away. I stepped out of them carefully, holding him to keep my balance. He was looking down at me. I did, too.

Brazilians weren’t normally my thing, but after the stinging subsided, I loved how tender my skin was, how soft. It had been a test, for today, when today came. Up until now, I’d trimmed when I knew someone would be poking down there, doctor or boyfriend, but I wanted to go an extra step this time. I hadn’t regretted it the first night I touched ‘speedy petey’ to myself, and as his fingers touched my lips, brushing them without spreading them, I didn’t regret it now.

“Peter,” I moaned, tugging his hair again.

With a growl, he grabbed me by the waist and swung me onto the bed. He pivoted, coming to rest between my knees. I shook with anticipation. His hands ran up my stomach, over my ribs and chest. “Goddamn beautiful,” he muttered, his fingers brushing my pointed peaks, making me arch slightly.

“You are,” I returned, still not able to think properly.

“I seem to have found another way to shut that wise mouth of yours. Like this?” he asked, blowing across the sensitive skin between my legs.

I shuddered at the sensation. He still hadn’t touched me there, and I was ready to melt. I couldn’t find words, but guttural sounds escaped me as his lips brushed my waxed ones.

“Your smell,” he moaned. I watched his blue eyes close where the peeked over my pubic bone. My eyes closed immediately after as the tip of his tongue parted my lips.

“Oh God!” I half-screamed, hands latching onto his locks.

“Unnngh,” he groaned, his tongue jumping on my skin. His voice was muffled, but I made out, “Pulling, shit.”

He liked me pulling his hair? Well, that was good, because I wasn’t letting go. I didn’t think my fingers would open right now if I tried. They tightened, in fact, as I lifted my hips and thighs, opening myself for more of his kisses and licking.

“Your tongue, fuck, Peter. That’s...” I was usually pretty articulate. I occasionally had difficulty finding the word I needed, but nothing like this. It was like all nouns, all adjectives had flown away, leaving only verbs behind. Lick. Kiss. Touch. Tug. Thrust. Fuck.

I must have been muttering some of these because I heard Peter’s muffled voice again. “You want to fuck?” he asked lightly, teasing. “Are you sure? You don’t want more of this?” His fingers were inside me, and now he rubbed them against the edge, drawing them out slowly. I cried out, tugging his hair again as my legs twitched.

“No... No stop.” I didn’t care if I made sense or not, my hips would tell him what I wanted, they were already thrusting against his hand.

“Yes, Beth,” he murmured, sliding up my side, his lips stopping at my nipple as his thumb took the place of his tongue. He kissed the dark, puckered point, flicking that agile tongue over it. I clenched in response, shuddering on his fingers.

“Damn...” I groaned, feeling the heat swelling as my legs moved of their own accord, twisting and tilting. “God.”

“Come for me,” he whispered, kissing my neck, which was still relatively clean. Most of the mud was on my face and hands.

One second of thought for the mud on his hands struck me, but it couldn’t last. It felt too good.

He noticed my pause though, a question crossing his face just before I pulled his face to mine, kissing him. My tongue fought its way into his mouth as I continued to pin his fingers.

He moaned against my mouth. “I want to feel that,” he mused, moving his fingers very slightly.

“I want to feel that,” I said, taking a hand from his hair and wrapping it around him again. “Shit, how I want to feel it. Will you? Do you?” I couldn’t complete a thought if my life depended on it.

“I’m going to...” he complained, his face tightening, his chest was next, his arms. All of him tensed up and I realized that I’d touched at just the right, or just the wrong time, depending on the goal. I slid my thumb up, encouraging the coming reaction, wanting to see him lose everything on me. I wanted to see Peter.

“Shit,” he cussed as the thick liquid hit my belly, warm. I kissed him again, stroking lightly. He gasped, shaking beside me. “That... that... Don’t...” I held him, grinning at him. He was literally in the palm of my hand. I squeezed just to prove it to myself.

He groaned and closed his eye. “Beth. I...”

I kissed his forehead. “I’m teasing. How about that shower now?”

“Yeah, I seem to have added to the mess.”

“Wasn’t that the idea?” I asked, remembering the threat to make me dirtier.

He laughed, covering his eyes with a hand. “I suppose it was. Come on,” he said, rolling over me. I pursed my lips at the feel of his skin sliding over mine, the warmth of his body so close, the mechanics of sharing a bed. I loved this man more than I realized. I wanted to share this bed. I didn’t want to go home.

I was home.

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AJ Silent Voice Week 25: For You, I'll Try

AJ Silent Voice

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Picture 2

AJ Silent Voice’s Choice: Picture 1

For You, I’ll try

Sara’s week was a countdown to her day off on Thursday. She needed to take a long trip to Edmonds to visit the guys at Magic Photo and pick up her baby. Despite pulling out all the tricks in her book, her Canon DSLR was still refusing to auto focus. She’d cursed and removed the battery, cursed again when it did nothing, then finally disassembled it and placed it in her camera bag. Removing the battery was the extent of her camera fixing abilities. Dan at the photo shop teased her all the time and reminded her that removing the battery would do nothing. Her standard answer was the middle finger.

“Well, it does something for me. Can you fix it?” she’d asked. He’d laughed and told her to let him keep it a week. She’d scoffed. “You know you’re the only one I’d let keep my baby for that long, right, Dan?”

“I hear ya, Sara. I’m honored. I’d be even more honored if you’d take me up on that offer to buy you dinner. My mom hears all about you and she’s dying to meet you.” His face had flushed and he stared at the ground.

Dan was a geeky guy, kinda plump, but really nice. Sara had shaken her head and gathered her things. “You’re too good for me, Dan. You need to hold out for an honest girl. Plus, you know what they say about long distance relationships.”

He’d just grinned and looked back up at her. Giving her a cheesy wink and the yellow copy of her repair receipt, he’d finally let her out the door.

When she arrived to pick it up, she was thankful to see Dan wasn’t working. It had nothing to do with the fact that she had to turn him down every time she came, she really appreciated the sentiment, but today she wasn’t in the best mood. God forbid she take her bitchiness out on someone as sweet as Dan.

Jake had told her he loved her.

Now, in Sara’s mind, normal people had positive reactions to the words “I love you.” But sadly, Sara didn’t consider herself normal. Nine years is a long time to be alone. Sure, she’d spent some of those years with people, but not people who cared about her. She was just his sister’s kid who lived with them. Family dinners made her feel invisible, and asking for something she needed left her feeling guilty. They fed her, clothed her, and gave her a roof over her head, but that was about all they did.

There were nights that Sara cried herself to sleep, silently sending up prayers to her mother to come back and get her. She was a child then, and those prayers made sense. But now, she knew there was nothing to pray to and no one to listen. Most of all, no one was going to come back for her. Sara didn’t know if she knew what love was anymore or how to do it.

“Thanks, Gary,” Sara said as she left. “Tell Dan I missed him!”

She heard Gary laugh as she left, knowing full well Dan would be upset that she came to town and he didn’t get to ask her out for the hundredth time. As she walked along the busy streets back to the ferry, she noticed the people on the streets. A mother with two young children was exasperated trying to keep them from running into every shop. A business like man sat on the bench waiting for the bus. His coffee was hot and Sara could see the steam rising from the cup. He never took his nose out of the paper.

Someone bumped her shoulder and she snapped her head up, ready to unload. “Hey! What the...”

“I’m so sorry, miss. Please excuse me,” he said politely. His face was beautiful and pale, and his eyes were a deep golden brown. They seemed out of place, though. He was young and lean, not at all what she thought he’d be judging by his voice. He turned quickly and kept going on his way, not giving her a backwards glance.

She sighed. “Invisible.”

She whispered the word longingly, as if it were the most comforting word she knew.

She showed the portsman her ferry pass and made her way to her usual seat on the deck. It was still early in the evening, so it wasn’t quite crowded yet. She took her seat quietly and pulled her camera out of the bag, smoothing her fingers over the familiar shape she was glad to have back in her hands. It wasn’t that she didn’t trust Dan, she just felt like a limb was missing without her camera. Clicking the 50mm lens into place, she fired it up and aimed for the mountain ridges in the distance. She partially pressed the button down and the camera auto-zoomed perfectly. Satisfied, she took it apart and placed it back into the bag. She hooked her arm through the strap of the bag and through her purse strap, and closed her eyes.

The sun was warm on her face, so when the tears started to fall, they felt cold on her skin. The breeze picked up as the ferry made its way to Kingston. She couldn’t say she didn’t have feelings for Jake. He made her feel safe and cared for; there wasn’t a day that went by that he didn’t tell her how amazing or beautiful she was. She stopped arguing with him long ago, but she still didn’t believe it. The tightrope she walked was tedious and consuming sometimes. She didn’t trust anyone, never let anyone near her, but Jake always seemed to fly under the radar.

His personality disarmed her. For a long time, she looked for a flaw, a bad habit or an annoying character trait, but she found nothing. She’d pick fights just to see if he’d say hurtful things; he didn’t. She’d pull away when he got too close, and she waited for the day he’d give up on her; he didn’t. She’d even told him flat out that she hated him once. The look in his eyes when those words left her mouth haunted her still. It was if his whole world had ended. The only thing he said was, “You don’t mean that.” And she didn’t.

Sara stood up and walked to the edge of the railing. She inhaled deeply, smelling the salt on the air and the green on the trees. Wiping her eyes with her sleeve, she steadied herself and said the words.

“I love you too, Jake.” They felt good on her lips, just like his kiss, but stronger and more alive.

But loving someone gave them power to hurt you, and Sara didn’t know if she could take that risk.

The ferry docked and the whistle blew. Sara grabbed her things and headed off the boat. The wind was blowing a bit harder this close to the water, so she popped her hood over her head, stuffed her hands in her pockets, and started to walk towards the parking lot. Her coworker, Marge, had family in Port Townsend and offered to give her a ride back to Forks. As she pulled out her cell phone to text Marge, she heard her name being shouted repeatedly.

Looking around, she finally caught sight of two tanned arms flailing above the crowd. Her heart melted as the crowd parted enough for Sara to see Jake bounding towards her. He had the goofiest grin on his face, and his tongue was hanging out the side of his mouth like a dog. When he was finally in front of her, she had to look up to see his face.

“Hey,” he said. He ran his hand through his short hair and huffed out a relieved breath.

“What are you doing here?”

Jake had been waiting for hours, scouring every ferry goer from every ferry, looking for Sara. He knew she wouldn’t run...would she? She couldn’t. There were a few things in life he was certain about, and one of them was that Sara Maddison loved him. She may not know it, but she did. He also knew he’d blown it when he told her so.

“I...uh...I went by your place and you weren’t there, so I stopped in at the store and they said you had the day off and Marge was taking you to the ferry.”

“And?” Jake hated that cold tone in her voice, especially directed at him, but he took comfort because her eyes held a different story. So, he’d have to work through this. No big deal. She was worth it.

“And I wanted to see if you needed a lift home.” He emphasized the word “home,” hoping that she’d understand. When she didn’t respond, he tried again. “Alright, you wanna know the truth? I thought you’d left, Sara. I thought you’d left me. I didn’t know what to do, so I came looking for you.”

She started to respond, but he cut her off. “If you weren’t on the last ferry, I was going to sleep in my car and take the next ferry out in the morning. Then I was going to find you. I don’t know how the hell I was going to do it, but I was.”

“Jake...” Sara’s face looked pained and, stepping close to him, she reached out and touched his face. She wiped the tears from his cheek and he leaned into her hand.

“You scared the shit out of me, Sara. You were so mad last night. I...I didn’t know what to do. Please tell me you’ll never leave me. I..I couldn’t stand it.”

She didn’t know what to say, so she buried herself in his arms. He held onto her tightly, almost too tight, but she let him. She couldn’t say the words he needed to hear right now, but she’d try.

For him, she’d try.