Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Kimmydon Week 4 Entry: Isle Esme

Kimmydon's Pick: Both


Isle Esme

"Where are we going?" Esme asked again, never touching the dark silk scarf I had tied around her eyes.

"It's a surprise. Not much longer, I promise." I gunned the motor of the boat a little more.

I watched her fingers move to her throat, to the string of pearls I'd tied there before boarding. One pearl for every year since I'd brought her into my world, into my life. Over fifty now, they made a solid chain around her neck. I looked once more at our course and then tipped my head to kiss the white column the pearls wrapped around.
She smiled and reached for me.

"Not yet," I whispered, grabbing one of her hands. "Less than a minute." I could see the dock in the distance now. I cut the engine, letting the tide pull us the last few feet, after our momentum was spent. I kissed Esme's cheek before stepping out to moor the boat. I jumped back in, sweeping her into my arms.

"Carlisle," she said with a laugh. "When do I get to see where we are?"

"When we get there," I answered, running.

I came to a stop in front of the beach house. It was sparsely decorated. Rosalie helped me put in a few essentials, a bed, a couch, but we knew Esme would want to fix it as she liked. We were far enough from the house that she could see the whole building, nearer the beach than the building. I put my fingers to the knot and pulled the scarf free.

"Happy anniversary," I whispered into her ear.

She looked at the house for less than second before turning to face me in the setting sun. The red shattered into blues and purples as well on our skin. "For me?"

"For you, all of it." I held my arms out to indicate the whole beach.

"The island?" she asked incredulous.

"Yes. A place for just us, to be us."

She smiled brightly. "I love our children, Carlisle, but sometimes...."

"You can't be yourself with them. I know. You can here. With me. Come inside." I took her hand and led her into the house.

The room was dominated by the bed, white linens with a white netted canopy. The rest of the room was empty but for a pair of red roses on the floor.

"Drat. I meant to spread those out as petals," I muttered.

"Nonsense." She picked one up and fastened it in her hair. She turned to me again, putting her arms around my neck. "They are perfect the way they are. Together."

I picked the other up and tucked it behind her left ear. "Well then we should keep them together, shouldn't we?" Unable to wait any longer, I wrapped my arms around her waist, pulling her body tight to mine, feeling how her curves molded to my planes. Her lips met mine and it was as though our first kiss had come again.

Esme pulled my lip into her mouth, laving it with her tongue. Then she scraped her teeth very slowly over it, drawing a moan from me. It was half reaction, half reenactment. I wanted to make it more accurate. I scooped her legs up, laying her on the bed, One of the roses fell out of her hair, back to the floor. She closed her eyes, knowing what I was asking for.

"Esme? Can you hear me? It's over now. Can you open your eyes?"

She opened her burnished golden eyes. I remembered when they were brilliant red, trained on me just as they were now, full of fire, just as they were now.

She reached up, grabbing my shoulders and pulling me atop her. "Poor Edward," she mused, reminiscing with me.

"He's not here," I reminded her in a whisper.

Lips were no longer wasted on idle words. She was pulling my lip again, her hand tearing my shirt from my body. I groaned as I had before, my hand running down her neck, over the scars I had made. My hand caught the string and the clasp released easily. It fell to the floor by the rose. Her hands were on my sides now, rolling me onto the bed. I made my expression one of surprise and shock.

She snarled over me and I twitched in response, she had to have felt it against her thigh. Mind you, now that I recalled, she probably did the first time too. Her nails raked down my chest, making me arch up into her. They continued down, ripping my pants open. She slid forward and dropped upon me. I growled, sitting up, still buried in her.

"What are you-?"

Her lips crashed into mine again, her tongue making its way into my mouth. My hands tightened on her back, ripping open her dress, pulling it down her arms. She moved her legs around me, sinking deeper again. I tore away the remaining fabric between us.
She broke our kiss, leaning back to bear down further on me, squeezing me inside her. I held her waist and pressed into her, reveling in the feeling of oneness, the moist warmth inside her, the tight confines she shared only with me.

"Esme," I groaned, coming as quickly as I had then.

"Dr. Cullen!" she screamed.

I couldn't help it, I laughed. She giggled too, sitting up. "Perhaps reenactments can go too far," she mused with another chuckle.

"You were so forceful, so strong," I remembered, kissing her throat, twitching again within her. God gave me few gifts in this new life, but this was one of them; I would never leave her less than fully satisfied. "So amazingly beautiful, so confident."

"So innocent!" she laughed as she said it. "I knew nothing. You remember? I nearly took your nipple off before you warned me."

I laughed now too. "Poor, poor Edward," I said, echoing her earlier comment.

She laughed harder. "He forgave us."

"He ran away!" I continued to laugh, falling back on the pillows. "Not for long that time, but I'm sure he ran through four counties before circling back."

She was still laughing. "And we were still at it."

"Of course we were," I said huskily, rolling over her. "I couldn't get enough of you after the first taste." I put my mouth right to where I'd put that first bite.

She moaned, moving around me. Locking my mouth on hers, I thrust, long slow strokes, from tip to hilt, each one making her arch and pull from my mouth slightly. I thumbed her nipples, grazing the top of them, eliciting more moans. "Carlisle."

I didn't answer, keeping the suction on that spot. I couldn't leave more of a mark than I already had, but I knew the pleasure the sensation gave her. I pressed against her skin with my tongue, and she tightened her legs on my hips, holding me inside her.

Trying to hold me inside her. My strokes were faster and shorter now, but I wasn't stopping before she climaxed on me. She was close, I could feel it, the rippling inside her, massaging me, drawing me nearer my second release.

I circled my tongue this time and let my teeth pierce her skin.

"Yes!" she screamed, the sting of venom, pressing her past the threshold she'd clung to. She rocked on me now, thrusting her hips up and back. I met each one with my own, finally letting her neck go.

I felt my face contort as she squeezed the fluid from me. Her face was exultant, glorious. She relaxed slightly. "Why does that set me off?"

I shrugged, smiling. "I'm just glad I figured it out." I licked over the small cuts I had made. I curled into her side, snuggling for a moment. Nothing felt as good as Esme in my arms. "I know God has forgiven me."

She shook her head. "I've told you Carlisle, you have no more sin than the worst human. Less, I wager. But if you take me as proof of that, then take it. And take it again, and again, and again." She rolled atop me, taking me into her mouth. "I know I intend to."