Sunday, June 20, 2010

Miss-Beckie-Louise's Week 6 Entry: My Unexpected Surprise


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My Unexpected Surprise

Quick Note: I'm English, I have no idea what happens in the US, I've done as much research as I can and if things aren't as true as I've written them then I apologize!

As I sat, I flicked through the New York Times and came across a page that caught my eye. I stopped to read it:

Answer the following question correctly and come and say goodbye to three Astronauts before they go into space!

Q: When did Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon?


Please send us the answer on the website at: by 30th June 2009 and if you are the lucky winner then we will contact you as soon as we have our winners!

I stared at the paper for an immeasurable amount of time until I jumped off the sofa, ran towards my bedroom, turned on my laptop and impatiently shook my legs for it to load so I could enter the competition.

I sighed and said "Thank god." When the computer loaded, I then got onto the Internet, went on the NYtimes website and put in my entry.

After that, the next three weeks went by quickly, I didn't even expect the phone call I received on Wednesday 32nd June. It was just a normal day, and I had gone about my daily routine; get up, showered, dressed, breakfast, and a load of laundry on. The machine had just started to turn when the phone rang.

Huh, I wonder who that is. I thought as I went to the living room to answer.

"Hello?" I asked once I had the phone by my ear.

"Hello, I'm calling from the New York Times, is it possible to talk to Katrine Livinghall please?"

"This is she," I answered, excitement bubbling in my stomach.

"Oh, hello. Yes, I'm phoning about the contest that you entered. Congratulations you are the lucky winner who is going to Cape Canaverl in Florida!"

My heartbeat frantically against my chest. I couldn't believe I won the contest, inside I was jumping up and down in excitement, on the outside I was calm and collect.

"Seriously?" I asked just wanting to confirm what I had heard was true.

"Very serious Miss Livinghall, we have your address from when you entered the contest, please expect a delivery arriving in a couple of days which will have all flights booked, hotel confirmation, and your VIP pass to space center," the woman over the phone told me.

"Thank you very much," I said, pinching myself so that I realized that this wasn't a dream.

"No problem, congratulations once again, and enjoy your time in Florida," the woman said before hanging up.

I heard the dial tone and I placed the phone back in its proper place before squealing and jumping on the spot. I was so excited I couldn't believe it.
I received the package two days after the phone call, to say I was even more excited would be an understatement. The plane tickets down to Cape Canaveral, Florida were dated for just a week later, so I went shopping, I bought a cute little skirt and top specially for the occasion, plus I thought it was time to get some new clothes and this was the perfect time.

The week went by so quickly, I packed at least four times, each time adding practically the same things when I finally decided to add everything that could fit in my suitcase, I then locked it away and gave my mom the key to the cupboard when she came around one day. She was to give it back to me the day of the flight so I have enough time to get it and get out of the door before I even try and repack.

The day of the flight, butterflies were in a range inside my stomach, I felt unbelievably sick, and I wanted to throw up big time, in fact. I did. Twice. I was so nervous. In the end I fount the strength to leave the house with Mom and we headed to the airport; there was a cab waiting for me on the other end. Once we got there, we said our tearful goodbyes, as I was staying in Florida for two weeks, and I headed into Check-in.

Four hours later the plane touched down in Florida, the flight was boring, just like any other flight, but thankfully I had some things to keep me occupied.

I got off the flight and went through the airport without any problems before coming face-to-face with my own welcoming party at the arrivals gate. I was completely surprised and dropped my luggage, to see my name over so many boards and people who I had never met before.

I walked up to them gingerly and told them who I was. They introduced themselves as the astronauts who were going to go up when I see them off later during the week. To say I was surprised would be an understatement.