Friday, June 4, 2010

Miss-Beckie-Louise Week 4 Entry: My Baby Sister

Miss-Beckie-Louise's Choice: Both


My Baby Sister

Being little is meant to be a good thing -- when it rains you splash through the puddles in your wellies or bare feet, depending on how you’re feeling, holding an umbrella but not over your head, but to catch the rain in it and twirl it around in your hand.

The good old days. Now as you get older, you realize that being young and messing around in the rain like that or at any other time, you really start to miss it. Now, being older, there are some good things; for instance, you start to appreciate things in life. But there are always the times where you want to go back to your childhood.

At the moment, I'm staring out the window, reminiscing about the past. I gasp as I look straight ahead of me. Lightning strikes the earth and a light glow was emanates from where it hit the ground.

The lightning looked like a tree, the streaks of light twisting and turning -- it looked magnificent. I decide to go check it out further, so I pick up my cardigan and put on some dolly shoes, before I leave the house. I walk down the street and head towards where the lightning struck. I just want to see the entire picture close-up. I mean, it’s not every day you see something as special as this.

As I walk, I look up at the sky and see it flashing repeatedly. It reminds me again of my childhood in the rain. Why, at this particular instance when it’s not raining, I don't know, but right now, I don't want the reminiscing to stop.

I remember traipsing around the street, hand-in-hand with my baby sister. She was wearing a really cute blue denim skirt along with a really pretty blue top, while wearing red tights... some color co-ordination, it's just wrong on so many levels, but I really remember thinking how cute she was.

I had my “Hello Kitty” umbrella- I was going through my pink phase. I wore an old black dress, it was perfect for me. I remember us jumping up and down in the water, getting splashed and completely and utterly soaked.

As I walk, I think about all the good times that my sister and I had. She's gone now, though, and I miss her terribly. Her life was short and cruel. I had to see a counselor once and she told me to think about the good times with her instead of how I watched her suffer. So I am. Focusing on the good times.

The more I think about her, the closer I get to where the lightning was and the piece of land that's glowing. It didn't take me long to reach it and once I did, I gasped and lifted my hands to my face. Tears streamed down my face, I realized I was crying. I looked onto the glowing piece of land.

"Chloe," I whimpered. There in the glow was my baby sister. She was wearing the same outfit she wore when she died. The little cute blue denim skirt and the pretty blue top. The day is always stuck in my head, all we did was splash around in the puddles, our clothes getting soaked, as we played, out of nowhere Chloe jumped into a really big puddle and sank. I ran over to where she disappeared and knelt down next to the puddle.

I shouted her name and put my hands into the water and tried to take hold of her hands, I managed to grasp them and I started to pull her die. As I did I was screaming, “Help! Help!” out into the empty street.

Nobody came to our rescue, as I pulled Chloe out, the rain started coming down harder and harder. My hands started to get slippier and slippier. Our hands just crashing against each other, no friction being made so I could pull her up any further.

Then, the worst thing happened. Our hands didn't touch.

“Chloe!” I screamed. I got up off the street and ran toward the nearest door. I banged it repeatedly, begging for somebody to open to door. It took ages for somebody to answer the door, by then, I knew she was gone. There was no way she could have survived the amount of time in the water.

When the door was finally answered, I told a man what had happened and he ran towards the site. He got on his hands and knees and pulled Chloe up after a couple of tries. He then performed what I now know to be “mouth-to-mouth” but it was too little too late. She was gone.

It was my fault, I should have gone to find someone when it first happened, but I didn't. She died, and it was my fault. I decided not to dwell on it at this moment as she's here. Now.

"I wuv you, Wiffy," she said in her cute little voice. "Wet it go, for me?"

I nodded at her request and the glow slowly disappeared. I walked towards it but she shook her head.

"Bye, Wiffy. I miss you. Wook after Mummy and Daddy for me."

That is the last thing she says before the glow vanished. I collapse onto my hands and knees and cry.

I'll always remember the little girl in the short denim skirt and the cute little top with the completely wrong color tights of red. She was my best friend when I was just eight years old.


I am cold and shivering when I manage to get back to my room, the sky completely black now.

I look out of the window once more before going to bed, and watch another lightning strike the same little spot on the hill.

I whisper as the last little bit of light leaves the sky, "Goodbye, Chloe. Forever. I love you, little sister."