Sunday, June 20, 2010

Anythingzombie's Week 6 Entry: Hopefully, Faithfully, Regrettable


Anythingzombie's Choice: Both

Hopefully, Faithfully, Regrettable

I walked behind her, my mind unknowingly traveling her small body. Her blonde hair would occasionally get caught in the light breeze that would show itself every now and again. She had changed drastically in the last few months, and I hardly saw her anymore. Her demeanor had seemed to grow dark and she hardly acknowledged my presence, along with anyone else’s. She’d become a hallow shell, only ever putting any effort into her life when it came to keeping herself from shutting down completely.

“Jane?” I asked her as we trampled through a pile of broken three limbs and irritating leaves.

“Yes, Emmett?” she responded sullenly.

I sighed and paused before continuing on, “Are you going to tell me things now?”

She looked back at me, her pale, blue eyes catching mine for a moment. She echoed my sigh, but I knew immediately that this was a positive sign. She would open up—she had to.

“We’re almost there, can you wait till then?” she questioned back.

“I guess, but where are we going anyway?”

She ignored me this time, which was what she seemed great at doing. I hadn’t planned on going out today, well, at least anywhere that was full of wilderness. She shocked me when she came up to me after church and asked if I’d join her on a small walk. Immediately I said yes, but somehow this “small walk” had turned into a rather long one, and a dangerous one, as well. If I wasn’t tumbling over my own legs, I was getting scratched by branches and bushes. Jane, on the other hand, seemed to avoid any form of destruction. She walked through this perilous forest blissfully invisible.

We’d been at it for an hour, and us getting to whatever destination she wanted seemed to be less and less likely. But finally she came to a halt. She brushed down on her white, floral dress, and then she pushed her hair back behind her ears, only to have it fall free from the shortness.

“What are we doing here?” I examined the area around us. It wasn’t any different from the rest of the woods.

“I need to tell you something, Em, and I wanted to make sure we were as far away from any other person,” she answered back, a different change in her apathetic tone. This time it sounded as if she were joyous.

“What is it?” The situation had seemed to change more fully than what I had thought it would be. I figured she’d brought me here to apologize for her indifferent state she’d been swallowed up by. Instead she smiled widely, a gleam of hope in her eyes.

“First, I’d like to say that I’m sorry if I’ve worried you or anyone else.”

At this time all I could think was, ha! But I had missed the impending doom on the horizon.
She took in a deep breath and shut her eyes, a new smile that I had never seen before taking over her face. It was beautiful—she was beautiful. I grinned as well, my feet shuffling forward as I took her delicate, snow-like hands in my own.

“Speak up,” I told her gently. Her eyes snapped open, that smile refusing to leave.

“The doctor’s told me I have cancer,” she spoke, lightness in her voice. It shocked me.

My eyes grew wide. “What?”

She continued to grin cheerfully. “It’s nothing to worry about.”

“Nothing to worry about?!” I shouted. “There’s everything to worry about!”

I could feel the wetness begin to build in my eyes, and I was determined to shake them away. Jane’s hands found their way on my face. She forced me to look at her, which was difficult to do.

“There was, but not anymore, Em. I’ve…I’ve found God.”

I opened my mouth to ask more questions, but I had lost my voice. Lucky for me, she was willing to explain without a hassle.

“He came to me when I was ill in bed. He promised me a new life and He said that He’d make me all better. I don’t have to die, not anymore,” she nearly sang.

“I—I just don’t get it. What do you mean found God? And how—?”

She shook her head and pressed a finger of my lips, stopping me from saying anymore.

“I get to live, Emmett. I get to always be with you.”


That was years ago, though. Jane had really found God, but he wasn’t what He we’d been preached about. His name was Aro, and he’d taken Jane for everything she had. She might have been cancer free, but she would forever be stuck as the senseless fourteen year old girl she was; a powerful vampire at that.

But I had found my own God, my own Angel. Her name was Rosalie, and there was so much about her that reminded me of Jane. But I was lucky—I was now an immortal as well.

It was the perfect irony.

Jane and I could be together, but I found someone else and she was alone, wishing that she’d never let herself give faith to any man who’d promised her a better life. All she wanted now was death, yet she survived for her brother. He was promised life as well, the poor fool.

“Reminiscing again?” Edward’s voice carried from upstairs.

“Shut up,” I growled, feeling Jane’s rich smile taking place on my face. She was still a part of me, even if I didn’t think so.