Thursday, June 10, 2010

Nostalgicmiss Week 5 Entry: The Hunt


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The Hunt

My eyes danced over the weaving path as though it were made of brimstone. It wasn't offensive, it had nothing wrong with it, but my senses seemed to kick into overtime regardless. The hairs on the back of my neck seemed to lurch from their home and pull me back from the direction I was pointed in.

"It's safe, baby," Edward whispered, his arms wrapping around my waist as he pulled me back against his chest. "What's worrying you?"

Was the foreboding a ghost of my human panic? There was fog closing in around the trees making it look ominous, and then the silence of the birds gave off an eerie feeling. Thankfully though, my mind clicked into mind over matter the moment I picked up a faint sign ahead in the distance.

I let my senses push out; the scent of four or five deer were ahead, there was a stream beyond that where there was a bear drinking. At least I thought so until the adrenal glands shot into overdrive . . . it was being threatened by a mountain lion. At least there was not a human within a five mile radius.

"I know it's a public trail, but it's about to snow, I can taste it. No one would be stupid enough to come out here."

"I know," I grinned, forgetting the feeling of complete dread as my feral nature stepped in. I knew he was thinking about me so there was no way in hell he would have picked up the large game. I had to stretch it as it was. "Race you?"

"To where?"

I pointed to the west where the faint heartbeats of the deer seemed to thunder into a louder existence. I was guessing the show down between bear and lion was about to get ugly, which meant that it was getting louder.

"Listen, do you hear it?"

Edward's eyelashes brushed against his cheek alerting me to the fact that his eyes were now closed. His fingers brushed in light circles over the flesh of my stomach calming me as his ears found the source for himself. I knew the moment he could hear it, I could hear him swallowing as his favorite prey stalked around by the stream. A light growl brushed through him and his hands tensed and released over my body.

"Race you there," I giggled, pulling his hands from my waist and shooting forward with a burst of speed. "But I get the bear."

The vibrations of my voice trailed behind me with my speed. I could hear Edward's footfalls catching me quickly so I dug my feet into the bracken deeper and pushed harder. I was regaling in the divine pleasure of my muscles tightening and relaxing as I shot through the trees with an accuracy I had never possessed before in my human life.

The push and pull between rationality and instincts felt so good as they battled with one another for dominance. The air was licking at my skin and tangling at my hair, it felt like a million different fingers massaging my body. The smells all filled me with locations and pin points of anything that could be a danger to me, yet my mind was still sharply focused on what was ahead.

I pushed harder at the source of my burning thirst.

The closer I got, the louder the growling quest for domination became. I hoped they wouldn't attack yet because Edward hated tainted food, and if I was being honest so did I. The animal's blood was earthy enough as it was without the added taste of the oxygen infiltrating the vein.

The blood of the larger of the two animals was beating around the body in double time as it tried to protect whatever it was hunting, but the growl of the cat was showing just how hungry he was too. This close I could hear the pads of their feet on the bracken, the claws digging into the earth releasing not only the scratching sound but the smell of the freshly released earth.

I locked in on the bear, listening to the wet thump of it's great heart as I lowered into my attack crouch. There was only a couple hundred feet left and Edward was overtaking me. There was no competition though, I knew what he was going for, and we were both driven by our thirst now, ignoring the gauntlet that had been thrown down at the beginning..

Using a tree as leverage, I kicked off it and took to the air. The smell of bears blood was making my mouth pool with the venom I would need to incapacitate it. Edward had already landed on his prey and if I'd had time I would have stopped and watched; his hunting was a thing of beauty. Instead, I landed on the back of the bear and sunk my teeth into it's neck, giving it no time to react.

The hot, pure liquid filled my mouth and slid down my throat like silk, filling my stomach with the sustenance I had been craving. Everything else was blocked out as I drank deeply, draining the life of the beast I had taken down. The only sound I focused on was the beating of the animal's heart, but it was fading; each thump slower and slower as the life drained from its large body. I pulled back before the heart stopped completely and rested my head on the animals back, my fingers running gently over the fur as it's life drained from it completely.

I hated the death, I hated that something had to die so brutally to satiate my thirst. This was me honoring the animal for the gift it had given me. His breath stuttered before releasing a final time and I let my fingers brush through the strands one last time before picking it up from the undergrowth.

Edward relieved me of my load and placed the animal with his own before covering our trail again. I closed my eyes and listened, the scent of snow was growing stronger and it would only be a matter of time before the soft sigh of the flakes falling would fill the forest.

"You're beautiful," Edward said as he stepped up to me, his hands running over my back as he pulled me to him. I loved this part, I loved having him touch me with the hunger he'd already exhausted with his prey, a hunger he reserved for just me. "Watching you hunt . . ."

"I know the feeling," I hummed, my hands running over his muscles gently. I knew what he wanted and I knew what I was going to take.

In one gentle push I had him up against a tree, my hands under his sweater as my lips found his. This was my favorite part about the hunt. The carnal need, the wanting, the aching and the taking.

Edward let out a growl and span us quickly, my back slammed against the bark, his hands pushed my wrists over my head as his feet kicked mine apart. If I'd had a beating heart, this would have been the point it exploded in my chest.

Life was good.