Friday, June 25, 2010

Miss-Beckie-Louise's Week 7 Entry: Young Love


Miss-Beckie-Louise's Choice: Both

Young Love

Looking back on our relationship, I never realised just how cute he really was when we were together. Being his childhood sweetheart always has it's ups and downs. Thinking back I can remember when we had not long started going out when he gave me a huge red rose, it was so cute, and I know that I was technically too young to remember it, but I do. He also gave me my first crush *cue for going red*.

I remember our parents "Aw'ing" and pointing at us mentioning how cute we looked together like this. I have no idea how I'm remembering all of this as it was a life time ago, I looked down at the pretty white and yellow flower that was growing in between the leaves that were lying on the ground. I bent down to look at it, picking it out of the ground would have been a shame as it was such a beautiful flower. I buried my nose in it, to smell the sweet suckle smell of it, I closed my eyes and hummed it was a smell that I don't think I've ever smelt before.

I moved back and rested on my ankles. I inspected the flower even closer and memories of our relationship came flooding back to me. The amount of flowers he gave me, the amount of kisses, the sweet touches. Everything. I sighed deeply, thinking about our love made me feeling things I haven't felt in years.

I stayed looking at the flower for a long time. Finally, I decided it was time to go. I decided to pick it after all, and I walked down the graveyard in front of his headstone...

Liam Thomas Murphey

27th September 1932-10th November 1990

Loving Friend, Husband, Father.

Forever loved, Forever Missed.

I placed the flower on his gravestone, kissed my hand and placed it on there, and walked away.

I could never forget him, he was my life and I love him forever and always.

Oh we were so young and foolish, but I would never trade any time with him in my life.