Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Kimmydon's Week 6 Entry: A Werewolf in Tokyo


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A Werewolf in Tokyo

I've never been to Japan before, but when Nessie says, 'jump,' my first response is, "no." Wait, that didn't make sense. What I mean is she jumps into everything and I'm chasing after to catch her. So I yell, 'no'....

Anyway. This time her jumping has brought her to Japan. It's either suffer while she's gone or follow on her heels. I don't mind travel as a rule, so when she told me she was going on a work exchange to Japan, I bought a ticket. Don't tell Edward, but we're sharing the bed. It's too expensive to get a second room, and it's not like we need it; she doesn't want it, I don't give it, plain and simple. When that changes though...

I pass yet another man who doesn't come up to my armpit and shake my head. What am I going to do with myself all day? I fit in like a blackberry among the raspberries. Or like the big Indian among the short Asians. Well, literally like the... you get the idea. Six seven is definitely above average in the US; it's off the damn charts here. At least they make their buildings big, even if they aren't. I've only cracked my head twice since I've been here, and both times have been on the cabs. Their cars are ridiculously small.

Alice should have come with Ness. I'm looking at these shops and can practically hear the little pixie in my head, gushing about this and that. I'm pretty positive nothing here comes in my size. I wonder how some of it would look on me though, so I pick up a silk shirt from one of the tables and hold it up to myself. The girl at the table quirks a smile before looking down quickly. Another thing I can't get used to, no one looks at anyone else in this place. Everyone is always staring at their feet.

"Bigger?" I ask. The colours look really good on me, actually, and I kinda like the feel of it. As she's digging under the table in a box, I notice the tag and choke. 3 000 yen! Then I remember that that's actually 30 bucks - not cheap but not ludicrous. Their prices throw me every time. Nessie had to smack me to pay the bill at the restaurant because I couldn't stop staring. The woman emerges with a larger piece of fabric.

"A-rig-a-toe," I say in a terrible accent, but she smiles anyway. I hold it up to check the size. It might actually fit. "May I try it on?" I ask slowly. Most people here know some English.

"Hai!" She gestures for me to continue.

I open the buttons and pull the shirt on carefully, I don't want to tear it if it is too small.

"Berry biga," she says in her accent. She's right, I am, and so is the shirt. It's not long sleeved so that doesn't matter, it reaches my waist, which is nice, and its not too tight in the shoulders.
I pull out my wallet and find the yen Nessie had left with me. I shake my head at the 2 000 written on the bills, it looks so odd. I snag two and give them to the girl with a bow. I have picked up a few of their mannerisms, or rather Ness has coached me in some.

"Arigatto," she says with a deep bow. "Konichiwa."

"Cone-ye-chwa," I say, butchering their language again. The girl giggles behind her hand, but bows again. I continue down the street, stopping at a vendor for pastry. Some of their food is down-right disgusting, but red-bean filling is not. I hope this fish shaped pie isn't filled with something else.... It looks like red-bean. I break it open before biting in. Score! I down the tail in two large bites. I hear a pair of giggles and turn my head. Two women are using a parasol to shield themselves from the sun. They hide their smiles, just like everyone else here. They whisper in their language very quickly. The one looks at me, then back at her friend. "Nani?! Iie!" I know those words. What and no. I wonder what the friend just dared her to do.

"Cone-ye-chwa," I greet them, bowing slightly.

They titter again before bowing. "Konichiwa."

I watch them walk ahead of me, enjoying my fish head. I might have to go back and get another. I sense Nessie just before I smell her, and feel her on my back another second later.

"Miss me?" she asks.

"Always. So, what did you do today?"

"NICU!" she tells me enthusiastically, turning in a circle. Her ridiculous pigtails swing around her. Well, I thought they looked ridiculous, but now that I recalled, a lot of women here wore their hair in pigtails. "There was one little boy there, only 4 pounds!! He's got a heart transplant scheduled for the end of the week. I get to assist!" I would never be able to share her medical enthusiasm. I understand that babies were cute, although the newest born ones are less so. But operating on something so small? She's good at it though, or they wouldn't be letting her do it. I'm proud of her - the second Doctor Cullen. I wish she were Doctor Black. I kick the thought away. One day. She is happy where we are, which means I am too. Stupid imprints. I wasn't happy unless she was happy, and the reverse was true as well. Do I wish we shared more than friendly pecks, good God, yes. But it isn't about what I want, what I am ready for. She's only thirteen, for all she looks twenty. I smile as she stops at the same vendor and buys a pair of fish.

"Taiyaki," she says giving it to me. "It's red bean; you'll like it."

I opt not to tell her it's my second. "So you're done for the day? What do you want to do now?"

"Um... Tokyo tower?" she suggests.

"Lead the way."

"You're sure there isn't something you want to see?" she asks.

"I'm looking at it," I tell her, kissing her nose.

She smiles and takes my hand, leading me away.


Burntcore said...

Very cute... loved imagining Jacob butchering the Japanese language. LOL