Sunday, December 25, 2011

Kimmydonn Week 83: I’ll Watch Over You


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I’ll Watch Over You

Lisa settled on the couch, placing the bowl of popcorn between herself and Ford. An early night. When was the last time they’d wrapped before eight? It helped that they were shooting outside. The idyllic countryside wasn’t as idyllic after sunset. Also, the dairy farmer wanted his Jersey’s back in the milking barn.

“So, what are we watching?” Lisa asked, tucking her feet under her and leaning across the popcorn into Ford. He was pudgy enough to be very comfy. She sat up straighter when she saw herself on the screen. Years younger, but her, eating popcorn. It was a little disconcerting when she was doing the exact same thing now. She even looked around for the giant hand prop that had been used to make the shadow.

Once she was certain she wasn’t having a flash-back and was actually watching the fourth full-length feature she’d been cast in, she leaned more heavily into Ford, even pulling his arm out and over herself.

“I can’t believe you’re watching this. You know the only reason this movie didn’t give me nightmares was that we filmed it out of order?” It was a lot less real when it came in disconnected skips. Her mother had been worried about Lisa working on such a dark film, but after the first week, it was obvious the process wasn’t scarring the twelve year-old. It had launched her career, actually.

Lisa had never watched it. Her mother had forbidden her attending the premiere; the movie was utterly inappropriate for her pre-teen daughter. Later, Lisa had never really sat and watched her films outside premieres and film festivals. She didn’t have the time.

“Too scary?” Ford asked. “Wouldn’t want to give you nightmares now.”

Lisa jumped when the sound of a door slamming was followed by her own scream. The scream was echoed as she let another go in the hotel suite.

“Shit,” she cursed. “Maybe.”

Ford tightened his hold on Lisa’s arm, promising to protect her from even imaginary dangers. “Want me to change it?”

“No. Not really. I’ve never seen it.”


Lisa shook her head. “I was too young at the time and just never went back. Ewww.” Little Lisa’s corpse face was projected over the real one. That day in make up had been the worst.

“I’ve seen this one a dozen times.”

She looked up at Ford, confused.

He shrugged. “I like horror films, and you are so creepy in it.”

He’s right. By the end of the film the audience discovers that the little girl is the one killing everyone rather than the victim that keeps barely escaping.

“At least there’s nothing scary about tomorrow,” Lisa mutters, sinking into his side again.

“You mean you aren’t going to attack and eat Bessie? Damn, I was looking forward to that.”

She laughs and poke him in the ribs. “Just don’t let me fall asleep in the middle. I’ll have nightmares for sure.”

“I’ll watch over you.”