Sunday, December 25, 2011

Alby Mangroves Week 83: Christmas Eve Memories

Fitting post today by our dear Alby. Our apologies in the delay in posting. We've been busy in the Christmas spirit with family. :) Hope your holiday goes well!

Alby Mangroves

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Christmas Eve Memories

Evening would descend around four in the afternoon, darkening skies shooing the kids inside. We’d pull our sleds home and leave wet boots on the threshold, then waddle indoors like overstuffed penguins to be undressed by our mothers, piece by piece.

Mittens were joined by a long piece of elastic that could be threaded through the sleeves of my winter coat. When I took it off, the mittens would hang limply from the sleeves like wet paws, dripping on the floor.

The very air seemed different, heavy with anticipation.

I remember lying in bed, unable to sleep for the excitement.