Monday, December 26, 2011

Jessypt Week 84: I Choose you


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Jessypt's Choice: Picture 1


I Choose You

The sun had just started to dip below the horizon when the last of his promises rang out loud and clear.

“I choose you. I choose life with you.”

She smiled, her heart overflowing with love and the promise of the life before them. The minister looked at her, but her eyes never left the man, her best friend, her partner in life, in front of her.

“And, Muriel, your vows please.”

“I’ll love you every day of forever, Max,” she said.

His eyes sparkled and danced with happiness as her fingers tightened around his. She wanted to dip her head as her cheeks flushed a warm pink, but she didn’t. She wanted him to see the sincerity and truth that she’d seen in his eyes reflected in hers. She wanted him to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he was her everything.

“From the minute you walked into my life I knew there was something special, something different, about you. In the four years we’ve known each other, the three and a half we’ve been best friends, and then two we’ve been together, you have come to mean everything to me. I love you. I love our friendship, and how you love me uniquely.

“And so, today and every day thereafter, I choose you. I choose life with you.”

As she finished, unshed tears glistened in her eyes, in his eyes, and in the eyes of their dearest friends and family. For they knew the hurdles these two had overcome --time, distance, a war, and a life-threatening illness-- to be and remain together.

“Max and Muriel,” the minster said, slowly drawing their eyes away from each other, “It is by the power vested in me by the state of Minnesota, I pronounce you husband and wife,” he paused and turned to Max. “You may kiss your bride.”

Max grinned, wide and bright, the boyish grin of a young man about to kiss the girl of his dreams for the first time. He released Muriel’s hands and ever so gently took her face in his hands, fingers splayed across her jaw and cheeks, and pressed his lips tenderly against hers. There was no need to be greedy, to wildly claim her in front of others.

She was his. He was hers.

They had chosen each other. They had chosen life with each other. Forever.