Monday, December 12, 2011

Jessypt Week 82: Watching


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Jessypt's Choice: Both


The horses shifted uneasily. As the wind rustled the nearby leaves, the hunting party watched from the bluff as the two lovers embraced. The woman smiled and threw her head back, her mouth open and full of laughter. The man let her go and grabbed her hand, dragging her into the tall grass.

The warrior looked to the side, an eager sneer marring his flat features, and nodded his head just slightly. The young braves wordlessly climbed onto their horses and waited for the signal. With a dig of his heels, the warrior led the charge. The horses’ hooves thundered down the bluff, dust and rocks flying behind them.

The young couple scrambled to their feet at the sound of the shrill, high pitched yells, their fingers desperately fumbling to right their clothes. There was no time to flee, no response to their desperate pleas as the party surrounded them.

The air around them crackled in anticipation, the young couple’s fear thick and palpable. The warrior approached, his lean, muscled body confident and sure as he sat upon his horse. The young man shifted his girl behind him, and stared into the eyes of the young warrior before glancing at the faces of the others.

With a swing of his leg, the warrior jumped off his mount and approached. With each approaching step, he drew closer to the young couple, circling in a carefully choreographed dance of aggression.

The young girl sobbed quietly into the young man’s neck, her arms wrapped tightly around her waist. Every muscle in the young man’s body was taut, his chest tight with anxiety and the desire to protect his beautiful young wife.

With the flick of the warrior’s wrist it was all over. The party descended, taking and leaving nothing but devastation and loss in their wake.


Alby Mangroves said...

Wow! This prompt was pretty amazing! I liked how you used both images to create this very tense, angsty little moment. Well done!