Sunday, December 11, 2011

Kimmydonn Week 81: I Would Keep You Forever.


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I Would Keep You Forever

AN: this story is an aside from my novella Blue Moon House, which can be found at

Terrance quickly released the ties holding Marina up and she sagged into his grasp. It had been a long session, and he was sure she would use her safeword, but somehow, this small, life-gone-in-a-blink human had outlasted the two hundred year-old vampire. There had been many times he’d had to pull away to resist the urge to come inside her. His physiology would have allowed him to continue to pleasure her, but Marina was so responsive to his pleasure, that she would be finished if she felt the tell-tale throb that preceded his eruption inside her.

She had given so much tonight that she was slick with sweat, and he slowly rubbed out kinks, tension in her shoulders and back, the twinge she tended to get in her sacrum. His hands were familiar with every inch of her body, and every one responded to his touch in kind.

God, he wanted to keep her. It hadn’t been long since Julia had joined them at Blue Moon House, little enough time that his compatriots would balk at the suggestion of adding another so soon. Marina couldn’t join them anyway. She had a mentally challenged sister who demanded her care and attention when not in the hospital as she was this weekend. Her mother was in poor health as well, and had been the cause of further lapses in their time together. He couldn’t ask her to choose between him and them. It wasn’t fair. Not when they could have this and cost her nothing.

She rose from the bed, stretching onto her toes and thanking him for his massage. As soon as her arms dropped, Terrance rushed her, wrapping his arm around her and pulling her close. She wasn’t his pet now, that had ended when she rose from the bed, but he wanted her to know how badly he wanted to keep her, forever.

Her head tipped back, welcoming his kiss, and he poured every once of the passion her felt for this frail human, this one who would give so much to others, consistently.

“I’m not dying,” she said, teasing.

He sighed heavily. “Yes you are.” She would grow old and die, something that would never happen to him. He didn’t regret his decision to join this life, but he did regret not being able to give the same to Marina. “But not tonight,” he added with a smile, kissing her once more before dipping down and nipping her neck just enough for a trickle of her blood to coat his tongue. She shuddered as his venom’s aphrodisiac effect took her. The wound was small and closed quickly, but he reveled in her taste, in the burst of life she gave him. Normally he would only bite her under the rules of their play, but this moment, so intimate, so dear, begged him to share with her on this most vital level as well.

She certainly didn’t seem to mind, tipping her head aside to invite more. Terrance merely licked up the column of her neck to the shell of her ear. “Not now,” he murmured.

“Okay,” she said quietly and continued toward the bathroom and the shower she sought. “Join me?” she asked, looking over her shoulder.

Terrance was in the room ahead of her, using the advantage of his speed to start the water and pull her in beside him.