Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kimmydonn Week 82: Out of Step


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Kimmydonn's Choice: Picture 2

Out of Step

Lisa emerged from the dark cinema, blinking to adjust her eyes to the late summer sunshine. Her independent effort seemed well received. It wasn’t hers alone, of course, and she smiled at Jason, the screenplay writer and director who walked beside her.

There were one-man shows, but very few one-man films. This was a one-woman film. The only break from Lisa relief through the hour-long film came in the form of a plane overhead and the people emerging on the streets after a siren rang ‘all clear.’

Many of the other people exiting the cinema had tears in their eyes. Some were old enough that they might have been children during the Second World War. Every one gave Lisa another burst of pride, and Jason seemed to take it the same way.

“We did it!” she told him, nudging his arm.

“You did it. It would have been nothing without you. I still don’t understand why you’d do this when you could be making another million in Hollywood.”

How could he not see it? How much more impact could this movie have than another blockbuster with no plot beyond “hero meets heroine?” She would go back to California and do another one of those. Her standard of living required her to do one or two a year, but it also afforded her the leisure to pursue projects like these, ones that meant something.

The people on the street, both from the cinema and passersby, were not unlike those of Hollywood, all gliding along in the same direction at the same speed. She and Jason jarred against them, making waves.

“Ms. Campbell! A picture?”

“Sure.” She linked Jason’s arm to pull him into the shot. Ford, never far away, held a parasol to shade them. She thought she’d adjusted to the glare, but her face relaxed from squinting. “Thanks, Ford.”

Jason kept pulling away from her. “They don’t want me in the picture.”

“I want you in the picture. This is our day.” He did pull away though, and Lisa’s lips pursed at first in irritation and then in amusement. They wanted her to fit her mold, stand in front of the camera, alone. Just like her character in the film, she would never fall in step.