Sunday, December 4, 2011

Kimmydonn Week 80: Surprise!


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Kimmydonn's Choice: Both


The explosion in the distance lit the faces of my friends, and I had to look away as I caught them sharing the moment rather more physically than I was. Not that it wasn’t fun to watch Bekah kissing TJ. She knew exactly how much fun she would let him have and no more. Not for the first time, I felt relief that Bekah had fallen for him instead of me. That tightrope could not be fun to walk.

Although, she seemed to have widened the rope a bit. A lot. I cleared my throat as another explosion lit the pair of them under their umbrella.

“Sorry,” Bekah murmured and I was glad another burst lit her so I could see her cheeks drawn up in a sheepish grin. Bekah had the best smile I’d ever seen, counting my girlfriend.

That’s what was missing. Winston had Shy, and Bekah was with TJ, and there was me... the fifth wheel. At least Shy and Winston weren’t giving in to public displays. They were happy holding hands and touching heads. I couldn’t help but be glad both couples had worked out their differences. Shy had stopped trying to get Winston to make out with her, something his chivalrous side wouldn’t allow. Bekah had stopped assuming that TJ would lose interest and dump her if she stopped playing hard to get. Everyone was happy.

Except me. Emily was more than my girlfriend. She carried a piece of me that I hadn’t realized I’d lost until she was gone. She would be back soon, just visiting family, but her absence cut keenly.

“Jared?” Shy asked, poking my arm.


“You okay?”

“Yeah, just tired I guess.”

“Well, I think that was the last one,” Bekah said, yawning. “Ready to drive us all home, Stretch?” She loved teasing me about my beanpole status.

“I dunno. You going to make out in the backseat?” I teased.

She frowned and I immediately regretted the glib comment. Bekah had such a short fuse and when she blew... well, it hurt! She waved a fist at me and I ducked my head.

“Stand up to her, man. I can’t be the only one taking the beatings.” TJ swept her into his arms for one quick spin and then set her down again. Just long enough to take attention off me.

“Yeah, let’s go,” I said, making my way to the car.

“She’ll be back soon, Jared,” Shy assured me as she slipped in behind Winston.

“I know. I just... miss her,” I finished lamely.

“I woulda never known!” TJ teased me. “When did you get to be such a sap?”

I ignored his jibe and drove each of them home in turn, finally pulling into my own drive.
I wandered aimlessly the next day, finding myself downtown scuffing my feet along the granite tile that covered the square. Neither my cap nor my shades did anything for the bright glare. The sunny day mocked me. I wanted clouds, rain, maybe thunder and lightning. Instead the sun shone relentlessly.

I almost fell over when a weight landed on my back. Who would be jumping on me downtown? Bekah? Not likely. She’d just wind up and hit me.


Whatever had jumped on my hopped down long enough for me to turn.

How did she find me here? Probably called TJ. It didn’t matter. She leaped up again, squeezing her knees to my sides and tucking her face in to kiss me. I wrapped my arms around her thighs, daring her to try and jump down. I wasn’t letting her go, not anytime soon.

I have no idea how long we stood there, our lips never separating. Finally, my arms burning and still trying not to admit it, I let her go.

She dropped to the ground, but never really broke her kiss, staying on tiptoes. When she did pull back, her arms were still joined behind my neck. She was so beautiful. I spent a minute just staring and breathing and counting my lucky stars that she saw past my bumbling, inexpressive, boyish exterior enough to keep trying when I never seemed able to speak to her.

“I’m back,” she said unnecessarily.

“Don’t go anywhere again,” I murmured into her ear.

“I can’t promise that,” she said with a chuckle. “But I’ll try.”

I picked her up and took up where our kiss left off.