Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Romanticvamp's Week 16 Entry: It Started With A Chair


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It Started With A Chair

A/N: Sorry for the ‘Juno’ reference. I was watching it and couldn’t get it out of my head!

It started with a chair.

The only empty chair in the library at the time.

I had my eyes set on it as I wove in and out of the desks full of studying students. I was determined to get it. I nearly had it until a hand closed around the back a mere second before me.

I was angry and frustrated when I looked up. I found myself staring into green-blue eyes behind thick rimmed glasses. Messy hair, well dressed with a messenger back slung across his toned chest . . . yes, he was definitely cute, but that cuteness wasn’t helping dull the irritation I felt at having lost out on the last good studying spot.

He stared at me guiltily before glancing around the rest of the desks. Giving me a sheepish smile, he pulled the chair out and offered for me to sit down with his free hand. I was so stunned I sat and quickly mumbled a thank you. He nodded and then disappeared.

That wasn’t the only time I saw him. I passed him several times a day on campus and even discovered I had a class with him, though we sat on opposite ends of the room. I found myself intrigued with his seemingly old-fashioned manners and his good-looking charm.

From there, it progressed. He finally approached me and we moved along like any other would-be couple would. He took me out, made the night perfectly romantic. We eventually even became confident enough to call each other girlfriend and boyfriend.

I treasured every look, every smile that said I was his. Every brush of his fingertips against mine. The moments where we studied in companionable silence. Every fleeting moment of laughter, full of hope and joy for ourselves. I treasured the long talks that let us dig, really get to know each other. The feel of our bodies cuddled together in front of a movie or under the open sky. Every kiss that tasted of promises to be made and fulfilled. I even treasured the moments of ridiculous jealousy and possession.

Maybe that was why I never saw it coming. I simply showed up when he asked me to, listened when he told me he wanted more for himself. I held back the begging, refusing to be demeaned in that way. I let him hug me, felt him bury his face in my neck as if he didn’t really believe what he was saying. I clung to him like my I could hold him there, telling him silently with my arms that I didn’t want him to leave me.

He pulled away and left, like everything we had meant nothing. And I let him. I didn’t know what else to do.

I wandered into the library, seeking out our desk, freezing when I saw it wasn’t there. I glared at the student worker who explained they were remodeling in response to my furious questioning.

I found a free desk that faced the now empty spot that had brought us together, finally letting the tears go.

I had lost it all.

And for some reason, I blamed that chair.