Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bendingmirror's Week 16 Entry: The Right Boy?


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The Right Boy?

Seth had been a perfect gentleman. He wasn't just my first boyfriend; he was the boyfriend I would have had custom made if such a thing existed. Between the rush of college life, the busy-ness of dancing and trying to keep in contact with friends who were strewn across the country, he was the quiet, calm eye of the storm.

When Seth invited me back to his parent’s place during the long summer vacation, I agreed. After all, he had braved Forks and my mother over spring break, so I owed it to him to return the favor. The flight to Colorado wasn’t as long as I was expecting it to be, mainly because Seth kept me occupied with all sorts of travel games. I didn’t really have enough time to get more nervous about meeting his family, he’d mentioned that his older sister Leah was coming home especially to meet me. And he wondered why I was nervous!

I needn’t have been so worried. The Clearwaters’ were welcoming, even Leah managed to not scare me too much. By the time we had arrived back at their house I felt well and truly welcomed both to Denver and their family. Seth’s infectious grin had made an appearance as the plane touched down, and it seemed as though it was going to be a permanent fixture during our time here. Seeing where he had come from, the warm family he called his own, gave me great insight into how Seth managed to always been the sunshine in any room.

“So Alice, how is it that you met our Seth?” The husky voice of Leah rang out, accompanied by her own dimpled grin.

“My roommate Rose commandeered Seth and Jake to help her move her stuff into her room. I’d already been roped into helping her, and Seth and I wound up talking when Rose and Jake disappeared. He was so sweet to help out like that.”

Seth’s snort resounded through the dining room. “Sweet, my ass! What idiot in their right mind turns down two hot chicks who need help moving big boxes? I got to show off the guns as well as chat you up, don’t be telling people there were no ulterior motives.”

Mrs. Clearwaters’ disapproving scowl had Seth quickly apologizing for referring to us as chicks, and when it deepened he scrambled to add in an apology for using the word ‘ass’ at the dinner table. Seeing just how deeply he respected his mama had me smiling even harder, he was proving each day how perfect he was. I had to admit that sometimes that perfection was intimidating, but he seemed happy enough with my glaring imperfections: male best friend and all.

Leah showed me up to the room I’d be staying in while Seth helped his dad clean up the kitchen. Mrs. Clearwaters rule that the boys had to clean after she and Leah had cooked was a winner in my books. I took one look at the bunk beds and squealed, I had always wanted bunk beds. Mom had thought that there was no need for them, which was true as I didn’t have any siblings, but that didn’t make the yearning go away. As hard as some little girls wished for canopy beds, I had wished for bunks. Throwing my bags up onto the top bunk, I settled myself onto the bottom bunk and bounced just a little.

Leah rolled her eyes at me from the doorway. “Well I’ll leave you to your love affair with the bunks.” She turned to go, but then paused and threw over her shoulder. “A word to the wise, they squeak.” Leah continued up the hallway and out of my sight. I settled myself cross-legged on the mattress and took in my surroundings, this must be the guestroom. It certainly didn’t have the personality of a lived in bedroom, there were no posters on the walls, or signs that there had been any up either.

Seth’s padding steps up the stairs echoed in the room, coming closer and closer until he was leaning against the door frame, smiling his special smile at me.

“Enjoying your little bed there sprite?”

“Very much so! It’s so cute, I always wanted bunks.”

Seth nodded, “I remembered. When mom suggested putting you in my room, and banishing me to the bunks I told her that you’d prefer it this way.”

He closed the door, then crossed the room and bent to climb on to the bed with me.

“Good thing they didn’t make you stay in here, these beds make you appear even taller! There’s no way you’d sleep comfortably in them.”

“I’d be comfortable sleeping anywhere you are sweetie.” He faced me, drawing his legs in to mirror my pose. Reaching out to brush some of my hair off my face, he drew me in closer for a kiss. I was exactly where I needed to be, with exactly the right boy.