Monday, August 16, 2010

Miss-Beckie-Louise's Week 14 Entry: Coz Bob Said So - Making a Flake Advert


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Coz Bob Said So- Making a Flake Advert


The music sounded, and the piece of chocolate was handed to me. The Camera zoomed in on me and I lifted the chocolate to my mouth and took what I hoped was a very sensual bite of the chocolate.

The New Flake advert. Why my manager had demanded I take this job, I don't know. I mean seriously, it's a chocolate bar!

She said that doing the advert will boost my chances of getting 'famous'. Honestly, I'll believe it when it happens.

So, because of my manager, here I am, sitting in a field, with a straw hat on, and bright ruby lips, about to sensually take a bite of a flake. I love the things but honestly the things that the director wants me to do, is barbaric. I'm not even going to mention the things he wants me to do.

The director came over, “okay, so basically, all I want you to do, is look into the camera a bit more, and take a slow bite. Make it as sensual as you possibly can. Thanks.”

He walked back over the camera and shouted, “Quiet please... and rolling... and...action!”

The shoot took three hours in total, and at the end, I ate enough chocolate to keep me going for a while. Once the shoot finished, I was on the phone to my manager.

“Seriously? The Flake Advert?!” I shouted.

“Darling, please, it's the biggest move of your career, just enjoy it.” She hung up.

Three weeks later, I was sitting at home with my family and the flake advert came on. I watched it, and honestly, it was my best work yet.

This was Friday of Last Weeks – I am just lame – Sorry MBL!!!