Thursday, August 26, 2010

Nostalgicmiss Week 16 Entry: Waiting For The Moon


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Waiting For The Moon

I was stood naked in front of the mirror, looking at my new body with open eyes. He'd promised me beautiful, but the curves of my body the vibrancy of my tattoo's frozen against my pale skin was more than I'd ever expected. It almost made the pain worth it.

I'd always been a little sadistic, I'd found pleasure in pain, sought it out and let the stinging, burning and aching mingle with my body, but my favorite had always been pain during sex. The echo of it through my body as the euphoria of release made my skin vibrate in a million points of pure ecstasy made the feeling so much more intense.

I think people called that sexual deviancy.

Like I cared.

I had just been offered the most amazing opportunity. Riley had offered me immortality.

The best part about it, I got to keep the love of my life. We were a two-for-one deal, and Riley seemed almost pleased by this before he took us to her. Her scarlet eyes and fire red hair had made her alabaster skin seem like porcelain. She was anything but fragile though, the moment her body gripped mine, and her teeth sank neatly into my neck, I couldn't stop my fingers from reaching to her hairline and working through the red corkscrew curls. She may have looked like porcelain, but her skin was as cold and impenetrable as marble to the touch.

Dan watched with lust filled eyes as she drained my body close to death. I could feel my heart slowing as she drank deep, taking long draws of my life into her mouth. I could see he was turned on, I could see he wanted the chance to be brought to the brink of death as I had.

She released me and took a step toward Dan, I tried to stay on my feet, I tried to watch as the color drained from his skin, but the pain was instantaneous. Fire ran through my veins with fury. My body arched and shuddered as the white hot pain drove toward my heart.

I fell to the bed without conscious and twisted in pain, my fingers clung to the sheets as death charged toward my lifeforce. Riley's eyes looked away from me, remorse flickering briefly through the crimson pupils. He'd said there would be pain, and he'd delivered. This was the ultimate pain, the end of everything. This was death with a vengeance, a beast with heated branding irons for claws trying to escape from the inside.

I was aware of Dan's body falling beside mine, but I couldn't focus on his screams, the pain was too intense in my own as it weaved through my body, making even the follicles of my hair ache with the effort of simply being.

The pain seemed to last forever, the burning intensifying in rolls as it moved through my body. I'd thought I would pass out from it, but I was aware of everything, my eyes rolling as a new wave took control of my body.

When my heart finally stopped I expected an ache from the constant tension of my muscles. It had been at least three days of consistent pain, I was aware of the dim light moving into inky blackness, the cries of my love beside me, the rest of me was consumed by my own fire. But I felt nothing but strength in my own body. I could smell something I knew was beyond the walls, I could hear the traffic I knew must be at least four miles away.

My eyes fluttered open to an array of colors. It was the fading light outside the window casting a million colors I couldn't place or name. I stayed away from the fading light that seeped through a crack in the heavy curtains. Riley had warned us about the sun, but I sensed it would be gone soon. I wasn't sure how I knew, it was another thing that simply was.

My next movement had been to the mirror that extended across the eastern wall of the room. My magnificent body was on display now I had peeled the soft tattered cotton from my body.

"Look at you, Sophie," Dan said quietly, his voice like music as his eyes drank in my nakedness. He peeled away the tattered remains of his own clothes before stepping in front of me and pulling me into his arms.

"Look at you," I countered, my eyes finding the gentle glow of his skin mesmerizing. Prisms of light seemed to bounce from his abs in the dim glow. The burning in my throat was intensifying by the second, it was all encompassing but it didn't take away from the feel of his body against mine. I wasn't sure what I wanted more. Him or to feed the fire that was white hot embers waiting to be extinguished.

"It's still light out," he murmured, as though his thoughts were along the same path as my own. "Wanna waste some time?"

I felt each of the muscles in my face twist as I smiled up at him. A new life, a new outlook and a need for something pushing me along. Riley had said we would need to hunt before the red head had started, but we couldn't go out in the daylight.

So many thoughts passed through my mind as I tried to decipher what I wanted. Then Dan's fingers ghosted over my skin bringing a sensual feeling to the forefront of my mind. We had time to waste, and I could think of no better way to waste it than with him.

This was going to be fun.