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Nostalgicmiss Week 14 Entry: What Not To Do . . .


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What Not To Do . . .

The Cure's lullaby was blaring through the house. The haunting tune bouncing from the walls as Rosalie gently swayed on her feet to the rhythm. It was rare we had the house to ourselves, but this once we didn't need to hunt like the rest of the family so we were able to have the abode to ourselves and do as we pleased.

As always Rose and I were adorned with the decade's fashion, even if it wasn't as flattering as the flowing dresses of the sixties or the hippy simplicity of the seventies. We'd skipped the punk look then but here we were now, in the middle of England wearing Doc Marten's and Parka's like we'd been born in the right era.

It was overcast outside, and yet, we were still stuck inside with nothing to do but sway to the dulcet tones of Robert Smith.

"I'm getting bored, Al," Rosalie sang falling into the plush couch next to me. Carlisle had bought this manor house sometime in the eighteen hundreds, but Esme had been having a ball updating it. It was practically in the middle of nowhere in the Yorkshire Dales because poor Jasper still had the taste for blood and we were being careful. The last thing we needed was the neighbors and their foxhounds barreling over our land and becoming the pray.

"Well, What do you want to do?"

"Let's take one of the cars and go into Blackpool, we could be there and back before everyone gets home. They went to the highlands anyway. Please Al," she whined, making the one syllable of my nickname draw out. She turned and gave me her best puppy dog look to go with it. "Please, please, please?"

"What do I look like," I demanded feigning annoyance. "The responsible one?"

Rosalie broke into a smile but paused as though she were waiting for something more.


"We just made a decision, are you getting of that precog mumbly jumbly?"

"That's real technical, Rose, and no. Not a thing."

"Excellent. Let's go to the place we went to see The Beatles. You know the big warehouse place called the pit."

"Do you forget that I have the same infallible memory that you do? Or do you do it just to mess with me?"

"Hmm considering I could pick out how contradictory that first statement is, I would go with the latter."

I rolled my eyes and grabbed a set of keys as we passed through the ancient stone foyer of the house. It was really the only place Esme left in its original form. It's medieval feel sometime made me shiver, but I couldn't deny how much I loved it. When we'd first moved into the house I couldn't help but run my hand over the rises and falls of the steel gray rock and wonder how much more it had seen. In all honesty, I think only Carlisle was close to the age it.

Rosalie hated driving here, mainly because she always ended up on the wrong side of the road on a narrow country lane. She was studying the mechanics of cars, but still felt completely off balance on the wrong side of the car. Being the medical he was, Carlisle had explained that it was all in her head, but for the life of her she could never get it right.

We climbed into the red TVR Roadster and buckled ourselves in. It was my favorite car of the collection we had, it drew far too much attention to us but it wasn't like there was anyone around to reprimand me.

"You sure you wanna do this?" I asked grinning. "You remember what happened the last time right?"

"Yeah, I remember, but it's not like Emmett's here. He was the one that tried to plug the American cord into the English switch and plunged the place into darkness."

I giggled at the memory. Though it really hadn't been funny at the time. Hundred of screaming fans seemed to turn into hooligans as they searched for the culprit. Thankfully in the dark we'd been able to move quickly through the throngs of people to the other side of the warehouse so we wouldn't be implicated. It had been Emmett's move but it hadn't been the accident he'd said it was. Edward had heard his thoughts. He had been upset about Rosalie's fascination with George Harrison and I'd seen a flicker of his plan seconds before he'd done it and had no time to stop him.

Not that I was going to bring that up now.

The cool country air swept through the car as we barreled toward the bright lights of Blackpool and the amusements it had to offer. It was easy to tell when we drew near, I could easily smell the brine from the water, and the sound of the waves lapping against the shore was a roar in my ears.

"Oh no," Rosalie shouted as I pulled around one of the corners. "That just sucks. Look at that."

I pulled the car to a stop at the edge of road next to the metal fence up around the building and climbed out. We scaled the fence and hung off looking dejected at the building that sat condemned in front of us. Rosalie bent her knees and hung down low as I peeked over the top.

"All those memories and they're going to tear the place down."

"I know," I sighed, bouncing on the metal, which I could easily scale if the need arose. "You'd think with the history of it, it would be some kind of national monument or something."

"It looks so . . ."

"Run down?" I offered, bouncing against the fence making the chain link sing out against the gray afternoon light."

"Yeah, it's so indescript. Looking at it you wouldn't think about the huge setting inside. It looks like a normal boring warehouse."

"It really does. You wanna go in?" I challenged looking around. "You know, to see if there's anything inside?"

Rosalie's face looked up at mine as I looked down at her and shrugged.

"Move the car first. The last thing we need is people seeing that parked right outside. It's literally a red flag."

"Done. Stay here and hide if anyone comes. I'll come back through the forest."

I jump easily from the fence and danced toward the car. The car was parked a mile away and I was stood next to Rosalie all within five minutes. She was stood under a tree that bled into the small park where I'd parked. I'd used the trees for cover as I sprinted back toward her. She already looked bored, but rose was never one for waiting.

"Finally, what took you so long?"

"There were kids playing in the park, I had to be careful, there were big gaping patches with no trees."

"Fine. Let's do this."

We sprinted toward the fence and scaled hopped over as though it were merely to our calves, and raced toward the entrance. Rosalie's long legs carried her quickly, but I kept up with her easily as we weaved around the trash that was piled around the place.

Our boots skidded in the dust around the entrance as we came to a stop make them sprinkle into the air like dust motes.

"I so kicked your ass," Rosalie grinned, gripping the handle and pushing. It groaned against her strength but gave way easily letting us slip inside.

"Did not, and you have the advantage of having legs up to your ears. So what's your excuse?"

Rosalie rolled her eyes and pushed the door closed behind us. Darkness enveloped the place, it was nothing to our eyes, which compensated for the darkness, but it didn't stop the haunted feeling that came with it.

"They gutted the place, Al."

Rosalie took off through the open space at top speed, her pale hair falling behind her with her speed. I took my time stepping slowly into the small piles of debris left behind in the dismantling of what had been here.

It was easy to tell how the place had fallen into ruin. The small of alcohol and cigarette smoke hung in the air. Sweat and faint traces if blood mingling with it. It had been made into a night club.

"Do you smell that?" Rosalie called, her head falling back on her shoulders and her arms stretching out. "It smells like a good party."

I took two more steps inside and the smell of alcohol drained out everything else. I tried to clear my mind and stop breathing but as I did, something flickered in the back of my mind. Drowning out Rosalie's exclamation of: "Alice!"

Grey clouds of dust consumed my vision as a loud ringing made beats of vibrations through the air. Everything shook violently heavy parts of the building fell around me as I shuddered.

A demolition. There were taking down the building today and the decision had just been made to do it.

"Alice, run. There's explosives everywhere."

Rosalie grabbed my arm as she sprinted past me, bringing me out of the spell I'd been under. Neither of us held back as we sprinted to the door. Our bodies all muscle and power pushed toward the fresh air as the sound of the charge came to life in the building. We had seconds.

We fell through the wood – hearing the splinters and chard hitting the ground behind us as we moved – and made our way to the fence, instinct making our speed almost double. We leaped over the fence and rolled in our landing, both of us sprang like cats onto our two legs as we moved into the safety of the trees.

"Let's go inside," Rosalie laughed hysterically pushing a little harder. "See if there's anything in there."

"Shut up, I didn't see you complaining," I snorted, my arms floating out to my sides as I ran. "It smells like a good party."

Rosalie pushed me playfully, her eyes alive with excitement. "Who am I kidding, that was the most fun I've had with my clothes on in a while. Emmett's going to be pissed he missed it!"

"Jasper is going to be pissed I did it," I laughed feeling lighter. "Who cares, it was an adventure."

"The first of many I hope," Rosalie teased taking the lead.

I smiled as I followed, darting through the trees. Rose and I had always been good friends, but this had brought us closer. This had been an experience for us to bond over and like she'd said herself, I hoped it would be the first of many.

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