Monday, August 9, 2010

Bendingmirrors Week 14 Entry: At Last


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At Last

I had held his note in my hand for so long that the edges had worn. Proof that he was feeling as anxious as I was. I hated that we had been on opposite sides of the country for months.

We had tried to be adult about our decisions to attend colleges that would put us thousands of miles apart. After all, the separation now should pay off later with good careers and the chance to start our lives together with a promising future. I kept telling myself that it was a small price to pay, but my heart refused to listen.

I had spent so much of the year studying hard, and working my ass off so that I could have this guilt free break over Christmas to catch up with Jasper and my family. I hadn’t expected that the time would crawl by. That each day would feel like a week, a week like a month, and a month like a year. By that reckoning it had been an eon since I had seen my Jazz, let alone kissed him.

The note, when it had arrived, had almost broken my heart. I knew that there were so many more words that he had wanted to say, but he had been just as unable to put them down on paper as I was. There was only one more hour to go until I saw him again. He was flying to me, and then we would have a whole day to ourselves before we’d have to jump in my tiny car and drive home to Forks. I had to admit that the idea of poor Jazz squashing his lanky frame into my teensy little car for the 3 hour drive home to our parents, although I’m sure he wouldn’t see it that way.

I prowled my small apartment, making last minute adjustments to knick-knacks and ensuring that all of my favorite candles were out and ready to be lit for the romantic atmosphere. I had planned this down to the last detail. He would come up to my door and I would have the perfect soundtrack playing, the perfect lighting, and everything smelled fresh and clean from my week-long rampage with cleaning supplies.

The second hand moved around my wall clock so slowly that I had to check the batteries. There’s no way that the time could be passing that slowly. I checked my watch, and found that the time was correct. I hopped up, and changed around some of the candles, liking the new pattern better than the last.

Checking and rechecking my outfit, I decided I didn’t have enough time to change anyway. I couldn’t stand still anymore, and my apartment was too small to contain me. Grabbing my keys I ran out the door and started to pace up and down the stairs. Which only managed to contain my excitement for a few minutes before I found that even that wasn’t enough.

Running down to the ground floor, I began a vigil from the front stoop. Watching every car, and pedestrian pass, I occupied myself with making up lives for them. Cyclists became circus performers, and people hurrying down the street their audience as I tried to keep my mind off the interminable wait.

When the cab entered my street, a good 20 minutes before I was expecting it, I leapt from my seat and raced across the street narrowly avoiding a car whose driver was paying less attention than I was. I heard the crash behind me, but ignored it, as I focused on the man who was extracting himself from the back seat. Once we had his possessions out on the sidewalk, and the cab had departed, I threw myself into his arms. Pressing my lips to his I barely noticed when he lifted me up to cradle against his chest. This was home.

Eons passed while our lips and hands became reacquainted. I couldn’t believe that he was finally here, finally with me. He slowly lowered me back down to the ground, and raising his eyes back to mine he drew breath, “when did it start raining Al?”

I looked back at the carnage I had wrought with my quick dash across the street, and laughed as I grabbed his hand to take him upstairs for the perfect welcome that I had prepared. I would explain to him later how I had prepared everything for him, even if I had blown weeks of preparation with one impulsive move, I was sure he would prefer it that way.