Friday, August 6, 2010

Miss-Beckie-Louise Week 12 Entry: The Ups and Downs of Life


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Miss-Beckie-Louise's Choice: Both

The Ups and Downs of Life

I stood in the middle of the caravan park, just the fresh air around me was incredible, I had been stuck in the small van for a few hours, and already I felt suffocated. The fresh air was very welcome in my lungs and in the end I just stood there for a while.

People passed me talking quietly, muttering about something. I felt the stares, I even peeked out of my closed eyes to see people pointing at me. I clenched my eyes shut once I had enough of the pointing.

Why point at me? I was just enjoying the breeze in my hair and around me. Being stuck in a caravan isn't fun in the slightest. It brought back memories living in one, when times were rough. I worked in a bar, it was blue everywhere and I mean everywhere. It was also covered in what seemed to be ice, I never found out what it was though, and I worked there for six months.

For six months, I was tortured to put it lightly. I was given a uniform that covered nothing. I was groped, man-handled and asked for sex everynight. I hated it, all I wanted was to get out of the place. But in the end, I pesevered, and reported the place to Health and Safety because they didn't meet one regulation. It was sweet revenge. From that day on, I got my life sorted out, and I was no longer living life rough. I don't know what happened, but things seemed to brighten up.

Life was good, and all of that luck had brought me here, standing in the middle of the caravan park. Looking back now, I realise that I've always kind of had a good life. Sure, I've had a dark past, but what person doesn't? The world is full of light and dark, and it's all down the choices and decisions that we as people make. Or, mainly shit happens, and you're dealt with anything.

I don't know what I was dealt with, but I am grateful for it.


We spent another week in the caravan park, the family and I went to the beach, and I made sandcastles with my little brother, explored the rock pools, and ate a load of icecream.

Life was good, but it could be better, but I know that life can only improve in time.