Monday, March 19, 2012

Jessypt Week 96: The Secret Garden


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The Secret Garden

“Come on Addie! You’re taking too long,” Meg shouted over her shoulder at her best friend.

“I’m coming, okay!”

Meg rounded the corner and paused, awestruck as always at the prospect of what lay just beyond the green door. Addie came to a sudden stop as she, too, saw the door.

“What is this place?” Addie whispered, barely able to tear her eyes away from the door to look at Meg.

Meg turned to look at her and grinned a grin of pure mischief and make believe. “My secret place.”

And with that, Meg took a step forward and pulled a large, rusted key from the back pocket of her favorite pink jeans. Reverently, she inserted the key into the equally rusted lock and slowly turned it, eliciting a series grating clicks.

Addie had taken a step forward and was practically pressing Meg into the door.

“You ready?” Meg asked as she looked at Addie’s wide eyes. Addie didn’t say anything, her voice failing her, and nodded instead.

Three steps back, a turn of the knob, and the girls stepped inside the open door. Flowers of every shape, height, and color welcomed them. Step by step, the girls inched forward, sucked into a world of possibility.

Together, they spent the afternoon fairy hunting and climbing the old Sycamore in the middle, stopping only to eat the bagged lunches Meg’s mother brought them.

Later that night, as the two girls lay side by side, they whispered of magic and the possibility of new things to come, plotting and planning what the next day might bring when they once again turned the ancient lock of the big green door.