Monday, March 5, 2012

Jessypt Week 94: Glassy Waters


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Glassy Waters

The surface of the water looks like shiny black glass, the giant, bright moon reflecting its perfect shape. What had six months ago been a raging storm of destructive, crashing waves had become as smooth and docile as the water in the basin of my sink.

I turn to the left, then the right, surveying the remnants of a town ravished by a devastating tsunami. Buildings all around are at varying stages of construction. People walk walk arm in arm, their colorful clothes fluttering in the cool evening air. In many ways it feels like nothing was lost, that friends and family, literally thousands weren’t crushed or washed away. The marks of our truth are all around.

Truth: Dingy water marks point to the water’s touch on the buildings that remained upright.

Truth: Piles of warped, rotting wood, and broken glass still litter the streets.

Truth: Those are just the visible marks that everyone sees.

Truth: I miss my sister. And my mother. And my best friend.

Truth: Life has begun to return to normal ... whatever that means.

I cross the street and begun the walk home, grateful at least that my wife and daughter survived.