Wednesday, March 7, 2012

KekahJ week 94: Weekends


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Weekends are becoming my favorite part of the week. I love that we wake up to the sound of each other’s breathing as we slowly stir, arms and legs tangled and intertwined. We stumble to the kitchen and I start a pot of coffee while you grab the newspaper off the front porch, looking left and right to make sure no one sees you in just your boxers. Then we cradle our warm mugs in our hands and climb carefully back into bed, dividing the paper up as we huddle under the covers for another hour or two, or three. That’s the best thing about our weekends: there’s no schedule. We just do what feels right.

Later, when our stomachs remind us that we should eat, we smile at each other as we throw the covers back once again and trudge back to the kitchen. It seems like there’s always leftovers or last night’s take-out to be found in the fridge. You fix us plates and I grab an old blanket from the closet, spreading it out over our still unmade bed. This time when we make our trip back to bed it’s with piping hot plates in hand. We sit cross-legged on the blanket, and our bed becomes a picnic table.

Stomachs full, we pile our plates into the sink, unconcerned about when they’ll get cleaned, or who will clean them. Those are the concerns of a weekday, not our weekends.
Sometimes we feel like showering, hot steam running down our backs, other days we skip the shower; deciding instead to climb back into bed to either read our favorite books or finish our newspaper.

When the rays of sunlight that filter through our bedroom window become the rusty orange of early evening, we bring out the movies, selecting one from the collection we’ve amassed over the years. There aren’t any that we haven’t seen at least a dozen times. We can, and do, recite the lines from memory, but it doesn’t matter. They’re timeless, sort of like I wish our weekends were. Soon enough they’ll be other demands; kids, soccer games, oil change appointments, trips to the grocery store; but for now, these are our weekends.