Thursday, March 1, 2012

Burntcore Week 93: Along the Edge of Love


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Along the Edge of Love

Brady and Holly snuck away from the side of the house, stifling their giggles so they wouldn’t be heard. The last thing they wanted was Justin to hear them and want to tag along. Anytime all the families were together, Justin tended to stick to Brady like glue anytime the families were together.

Holly’s family was hosting the annual crab bake and the house and back yard was crawling with people. It was stifling for her and Brady. They had to watch every move they made, every touch, so that their parents wouldn’t catch on. While Holly and Brady were both seventeen, Holly’s parents were very adamant that she was not to date, especially not Brady. Brady’s family wasn’t as well off as Holly’s and that was a distinction that Holly’s mother took great offense anytime she spent time with Brady.

Unfortunately for Holly’s mother, Holly did not care about money or class or social standing. All she cared about was the boy next to her. She hoped that her mother would eventually understand. Brady hoped that he would eventually show Holly’s mother that he was worthy of her beautiful daughter.

This day, they enjoyed just being together. Hand in hand, they ran towards the river that was on the other side of the property. Holly slipped off her shoes and dipped her toes into the cool water as Brady walked carefully along the edge to avoid getting his shoes wet. With a happy sigh, she pulled him close and kissed him.

It was here, along the banks of the river, that their love first bloomed, and it would be where it would continue to grow.