Sunday, January 8, 2012

Kimmydonn Week 85: Just Right


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Just Right

I couldn’t believe my agent got me this gig. I wasn’t going to be parading with stiffs in suits today. I was doing a shoot in my dress of choice. Literally. The red satin glistened in the bright lights of the make up table. I’d taken the first steps. My facial hair had never really come in, thank God, and the stylist would make sure my hair was perfect, but I needed to make myself look more feminine before passing myself on. I didn’t want any hiccups. This was Michelle’s debut after all. Good bye, Mike. See you later.

I hadn’t done more than a bit of foundation, trying to lift my cheekbones, when Hunter, my agent, burst in.

“Why aren’t you in the chair yet?”

“I thought I wasn’t due for another hour!” My voice cracked in a most un-feminine way, making me cringe.

“You forgot the time change. I figured. Quick, follow me.” He grabbed the dress while I tied my robe a little tighter over the lingerie I wore beneath. Did I look like a girl or a guy? Would anyone think anything of it?

Hunter noticed me fidgeting. “You look fine, Mich, really. Don’t worry. Here we are.”

He opened the door for me and I burst in, through the rain shower that had started while we drove. He grabbed the dress and dashed after me.

“Ah, Michelle? Have a seat. My name is Amy, and I’ll be taking care of you today.”

She didn’t say anything else. This was working. She slicked my hair back and held it in place with a band while she applied my makeup. It was subtler than I expected, very light shading on my eyes but red lips. It was all I needed; that made the change. I took a relaxing sigh and sat back.

“What? Thought I’d make you ugly?” Amy teased, shaking her head. She went to work on my hair, applying a gel that made it shine even more than before.

“Is that bleaching?” My hair looked paler too, so did my eyes.

“Nope, just enhancing what you’ve got, honey.” She stepped back and turned to her right. “Jessie! She’s ready!” Amy yelled, then she turned back to me. “Just slip into that and Jessie will get you in place. Good luck.”

Amy kissed the top of my head and hurried off, leaving me alone with my red dress. I didn’t waste time, not wanting to get caught in just my panties. That would be embarrassing. With the dress on, I took one more quick look in the mirror, satisfied with the ruse.

As I was guided into the fountain, I thought that at least my cock would be even less noticeable once I was in the cold water.

“That’s it. Just like that. Try not to shiver,” Jessie said with a chuckle. “Wait ... What is that?”

I started to sit up, but she motioned me to lie down again.

“Don’t move, just ... don’t move.” She snapped away, my wide eyes following her as she rounded the fountain, finding different angles.

When she stopped, she sighed. “I think I got it. Why didn’t you tell us you’re a tranny? You’re gorgeous, but we could have played this so differently!” She took her camera to the nearby MacBook, pulling up the reel.

“There, that’s the money shot,” Jessie said, pointing just before four more images floated in front of it. She turned to me. I now wore my robe again over the wet dress. “We’re definitely working together again,” she promised. “Thank you, Michelle.” Her smile was knowing as she lingered on the name.