Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Destynee Cullen Week 85: All to Just Find Him

Destynee Cullen

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Destiny Cullen’s Choice: Picture 2

All to Just Find Him

I’ve been following him for days now.

I think he knows it too. Just when I think I have him, he is nowhere in sight. Or maybe this forest is getting the best of me. Every tree is starting to look the same and I can’t find where I set camp.


I turned my head toward the sound and I saw him. I slowly moved my head for the camera and his lip curled over his teeth and growled a warning. I immediately froze and he slowly walked toward me.

He was inches from my hand and I closed the distance to touch his rough fur on the top of his head.

He jumped away and growled at me again. My blood froze and my stomach dropped. I never thought that I would provoke the wild animal to attack me. But then I never thought I was stupid enough to touch a wolf.

I reached for my camera once more before he decided to run away or attack me. He growled louder and snapped at me but I put the camera to my eye and held down the capture button.

All I saw was black.

The cap was on and all I took a picture of was black. I rushed to take it off and take a picture of him but he was gone by the time I took the cap off.

I sighed and accepted defeat.

It took me eight hours to get out of the forest. When I walked out of the trees I decided to get one picture of my journey. Failed or not, I got to touch him.

I pulled my camera to my eye and gasped. He was there. I took the picture of him standing on top of a small hill. It was as if he was posing for me. Like he acknowledged my hard work and gave me a the picture I was yearning for.