Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Destynee Week 87: Music Soothes the Soul

Destynee Cullen

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Destiny Cullen’s Choice: Picture 2


Music Soothes the Soul

As I laid down on the floor of the woods soaking up rays sunshine, I contemplated my life and how I envied the trees I was staring at.

I bet trees didn’t have to worry about fitting into their parents perfect world. They didn’t have to worry about getting into the perfect college.

I took a deep breath and looked around my slice of heaven. It was a spot that I found when I was sixteen.

My best friend and I had a huge fight and the only place I could be alone was the woods beyond our backyard. I just stormed in there not know what I was doing but I found a small paradise.

There were rocks that created a small room for me and ever since then I always came back when things were on my mind. It was a place were I could forget about everything and listen to the wind go through the leaves creating music just for me.

I closed my eyes and let the peacefulness of the woods surround me. I felt myself slip from consciousness into that wonderful state between sleep.

There I could sort out my thoughts. Only there could I really think freely.

I woke up to a rock biting into my side. I pulled it from under my shirt and threw it away from me. I could the heavy weight of my stress lift off my shoulders as I got up and trekked back to my house.

I knew what I had to do. I knew what was best for me and I just hope to keep true to my heart and soul.