Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kimmydonn Week 92: Love in a Box


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Kimmydonn's Choice: Both

Love in a Box

Jenna lay on her stomach beside me, kicking her legs up behind her. “You know you want to,” she taunted. “It’s just a link, what harm could it do?” She nudged my shoulder making me tap keys on my keyboard.

“Ugh, stop,” I whined, hitting the back button on the browser. “I’m just not into porn, okay?”

“Seriously, Myra, you are such a prude.” Jenna rolled over her blond hair spilling around her face in golden waves. “How are you ever going to know what you like if you don’t research? You do it all the time for school.”

I looked over at her. She was beautiful, with long slender legs, a narrow waist and perky breasts that were smaller than mine. I thought mine were too big. I hated the attention they drew and tended to wear large shirts so they’d be less obvious. The stripes on this one made me seem wide, putting less emphasis on the flesh I bore on my chest.

How would I know what I liked? I thought I liked Jenna. I mean, I’d had crushes on boys, but something about the soft beauty of a woman drew me in a way only the prettiest of boys could. I looked away from her, my face feeling warm, and hit a new search term. “Lesbian.” The videos loaded and I scanned over them. The women intrigued me, but most of the positions didn’t. I closed my laptop and rolled onto my back as well. I just wasn’t in the mood for this today.

“Nothing?” Jenna asked. “Absolutely nothing? What have you tried?” She started to roll over me and I caught her by the waist.

“Leave it be. I just don’t want to look at porn, okay. It creeps me out.”

“You just haven’t found the right stuff. There’s amateur couples out there that keep it simple. Try those.” She reached for the laptop. I pulled her away.

“Leave it,” I said again. “I’ll try again tonight. Your house, right?” I verified. We’d planned to spend the entire weekend together, migrating from my house to hers.

“Yeah, okay.”

The day seemed to pass far too quickly, and before I knew it, she was opening my laptop on her polka dotted comforter.
“Oh!” she said in surprise when my search results loaded again. “Oh...” She turned to me. “Did you have someone in mind?” She quirked her eyebrow.

“N-n-no.” I stuttered, utterly embarrassed.

“Well, we can find some tamer ones of these, too.” She entered a few more terms and the results were much more tempting to me. The female bodies twined one another in gentle, tender caresses and holds. My finger shook slightly as I moved it over the mouse pad to select one. The slender blonde might have been Jenna, except her eyes were blue while Jenna’s were brown. The video started streaming. The sound was quiet, moans and whispers, no screams or grunts. The women kissed and brushed, licked and touched. It was perfect. It made me tingle all over.

I just about jumped out of my skin when Jenna’s fingers ran up the back of my bare thigh.


“Good choice,” Jenna said with a smile. “They look great, don’t they?” Her fingers ran over my backside, stopping at the waistband of my shorts.

“But … you … I’m not...”

“You’re not what? As cute as her?” Jenna nodded to the screen. “I think you’re better.”

“I’m not a guy.”

She laughed. “I had noticed.” Her fingers trailed over the outside curve of my breast.

“But you like guys.” I didn’t understand.

“So I can’t like girls?”

My breath stopped as her lips came to mine. We rolled away from the laptop, tangling together.