Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kimmydonn Week 89: Hold Sand In Your Hand


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Kimmydonn's Choice: Both

Hold Sand In Your Hand

“Try it,” Jeremy urged. “Trust me. You’ve seen what I can do. I’m telling you, you can do it, too.”

Logan stood with him outside the mosque—outside because neither non-Muslim was allowed to enter, but both could feel the subtle power of the place. It made both of them stronger, and for Logan, experiencing his power for the first time, it would make control easier.

Logan resisted the urge to close his eyes against the sand that swirled up. Instead, he stretched out a hand and made a fist, catching grains between his fingers.

Immediately, the wind stopped. Well, it didn’t stop so much as cease to blow. It was still there. Logan could feel the pressure from the east, a hardness to the air, but Jeremy’s hair was as unruffled as his own. The sand hung around them like a mist.

“Whoa! That’s better than mine,” Jeremy told him. “I wonder if we can work them together.”

Jeremy focused on an urn that rested just inside one of the arches. He made no move toward it, but it floated into the air, five feet off the ground. He blinked and then laughed. “I’m not holding it anymore,” he explained to Logan. “You’ve stopped it from falling.”

It wasn’t entirely true. Logan watched as the urn fell an inch over the next thirty seconds. He hadn’t stopped time, just slowed it, like pinching the flow of sand through a hourglass. Logan stepped up to the urn and pushed it down, setting it back in place. He saw the dark eyes of one of the congregation staring toward himself and Jeremy. The man didn’t blink, wouldn’t blink, until Logan released his hold.

Tugging Jeremy away with him, time righted itself.

That had been six months ago. Now Logan wondered if his power had any purpose, any virtue. He drew out time, stemming it’s flow as much as he could without a powerful source to exploit, like the one at the Mosque. He had to stop the bomb. There had to be a way. How far did his power extend? Did it follow with him or had he actually stopped the entire world? He loped past a girl playing hopscotch, suspended in the air. Her world would change if he couldn’t find a way to disarm it. He was still blocks away. Whoever had sent him the ransom note knew what he could do and was testing him.

The girl began to drift toward the ground and Logan ran faster. He was running out of time, like sand through his fingers.