Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Kimmydonn Week 90: What Did I Think Would Happen?

Because I'm full of fail, I forgot to post this on Sunday. So Kimmydonn's post is going up today! Woo!


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Kimmydonn's Choice: Picture 2

What Did I Think Would Happen?

The stone was hard beneath my bare back. He was hard above me. I tried to ignore the chanting, but it was difficult. I couldn’t understand a word of it. They just wanted a virgin, and I wanted to lose my V card. My cousin assured me that he’d be gentle. So far, she was right—and wrong.

I couldn’t complain, not at all. Well, maybe about all the witnesses and the weird incense that made my head swim. This guy, though, nuh-uh. He was gorgeous. There is no way I would have scored even a date with him, let alone sex. But here I was, naked, while his arms braced on either side of my shoulders, his broad chest heaved and his chin glistened. That was me. I’d been touched before, but never oral. Unreal. I was still shaking from coming so hard. Thinking about it sent another spasm down my spine, straight into my groin. And now he was going to enter me.

He bent his arms, lowering his nose to mine. His dark eyes were glowing with candlelight—so intense. “Are you ready?” he asked in a whisper.

“Yes,” I croaked out. I’d been told not to say anything, not to disrupt the chanting for anything less than intense pain. Mostly, I’d just moaned and screamed incoherently. The circle didn’t mind that. The word must have reached them though. I still had no idea what they were chanting, but it had changed pitch and vigor, higher and faster.

The man—come to think of it, no one told me his name. I was really going to lose my virginity to a complete stranger. Well, I had friends who were too high or to remember the name of the guy they slept with.

He bent even lower, his hips coming between mine. Instinctively, I lifted my feet, wrapping them around his calves. He seemed to prod me, not really thrusting. My brow furrowed. What was he doing? Then he thrust, hard and deep. I cried at the pain, my legs tightening on his. He didn’t move, holding himself inside. It still hurt, burning, and I whimpered.

“Shhh,” he murmured, lowering himself further. “It will pass.”

My legs relaxed and fell open, but I still hurt inside.

“I need a little more,” he warned and slid very slowly, out and in. He was careful to move slowly, not causing a lot more pain. It still didn’t feel fantastic.

He started to throb. That felt nice. I wrapped my feet around him again and he slid deeper, that throb feeling even better.

“Yes,” he hissed. “Yes.” The chanting hit a fever pitch and he threw his head back, blond hair falling away from his face. Damn, he looked good. Then I closed my eyes and squeezed him inside me. For a second, it didn’t hurt.

It was suddenly very quiet. I’d gotten so used to the chanting that it was weird not to hear it. Someone held a robe out to my partner, and he pulled it on. My cousin held one over me while I sat up.

“That’s it?” I asked.

“That’s it,” she said with a smile. She kissed me on the cheek. “You did great. Did it hurt a lot?” she asked, brow creasing in concern.

The burn was still there, but a dull ache. “I’ll be okay,” I assured her. Looking over my shoulder, my partner had left the darkened room. “Will I ever see him again?”

Jenny shrugged. “Hard to say. Think you’ll join our coven?”

I scrunched my nose. “No. You guys are too weird for me.”

Jenny smiled, unoffended. “Well, it would be a good way to make sure you see Jonah again.”

Jonah. At least I had a name.

My stomach turned, again. I must be coming down with something, I thought. I was going to be sick and ran for the bathroom. Bending over the toilet, I retched, but nothing came. Finally I sat back, coughing. Choking together one good breath, I opened my mouth to cough, but instead of air...

“Oh my god.”

Author’s note: Do you know what that is coming out of her mouth? I don’t.