Thursday, February 23, 2012

Burntcore Week 92: Freedom


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Burntcore's Choice: Both


The smoke curled and twisted, udulating like a living organism while it faded into nothing as it left his body.

He felt so light, lighter than he had ever felt before. The smoke carried him away from the drudgery his existence had become. For so long, life had pulled him down time and time again, until he felt crippled by the weight of everything arund him.

Traces of the smoke remained, lingering, a mark forever left in his body, transporting him from beyond the confines of the world.


Floating. That was the first sensation he could recall. The water was crisp and cool, lapping at his sides gently. He had no idea where he was or how he got there, but he was enjoying his time.

He felt so light, lighter than he had ever felt.

He wished he could stay, immersed in the simple sensation. It was so unlike reality. It was pure and easy.

Time passed, of how long he didn’t know. It could’ve been days or weeks or just merely hours. There was no frame of reference.

It wasn’t until he felt the smoke in his lungs again did he realize he was returning to reality. He clung to his floating freedom, but it wasn’t enough.

Slowly, his eyes opened and the life he so gladly left stared right back at him. With a sigh, he gathered up his things and prepared for another day, until he was able to return and find that floating sensation again.