Wednesday, February 1, 2012

KekahJ Week 89: Chelsea


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I sighed as I closed the hotel room door, leaning against it for a moment before moving further into the room. I felt tired, weary down to my bones, but when I thought about the wonderful footage I’d captured, it all seemed worth it. My heart skipped a beat as I remembered the way the sun had fallen perfectly across the street, bathing the produce laden carts in its golden glow. I’d sat for hours snapping roll after roll of film as people came and went, bartering loudly, tasting, sniffing, and sometimes even buying.I knew the pictures would turn out beautifully.

I smiled as I shrugged my pack from my shoulder, tugging it open and peering inside. Gingerly, I began to unpack the contents. I laid my camera on the bed first. I loved this camera so much I’d even named it. Chelsea I called her. I’d had it since college, and hoped to have it for many more years. My colleagues often made fun of me for hanging onto such an antiquated piece of equipment. I was practically the only photographer in the business who still used actual film. I owned newer, more technologically advanced cameras; most of them gifts given by optimistic friends in the hopes of encouraging me to enter the twenty-first century. But none of them lived up to what my old Chelsea could do. And no one could argue with the results either. Four major magazine covers this year. We’d travelled around the world and back. Chelsea and I were good together.