Thursday, February 9, 2012

Burntcore Week 90: Fates of Roles


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Fates of Roles

Alana sat in her window sill and let the sunlight warm her as she dug through her confusing thoughts. So many things had happened that made her question everything, and with each answer brought more questions.

Her parents didn’t just die in an unfortunate car accident, they were murdered. The accident was only made to look like one, it was purposely set up to kill her parents and herself as a baby. However, something went wrong at last minute and Alana was spared. No one knew that Alana survived except her grandparents and the Wards. To the rest of the town and the world, Evelyn and Robert Quinlan buried their entire family a short time later. It was considered one of the great tragedies of the town.

How the Ward family was mixed in this was even more mind-boggling. David seemed to be a bit ignorant of everything, but it was obvious his parents knew what Alana was and their relation to all this was. Alana wondered when they were planning on telling him about his ancestry and his role in the world, more specifically, his role in Alana’s life.

It all felt a little predetermined, that Alana’s and David’s free will had been taken away because of what they had been born into and what was expected of them. But when she thought about it, it was still ultimately their choice on how they lived and fulfilled their destinies. Sure, there were certain things still there, but how Alana chose to enact her role was her decision and her decision only.

Now she just had to decide what she was going to do, and to find out what David’s decision was once he was informed. His decision would affect her life as well.