Tuesday, February 28, 2012

KekahJ Week 93: Daydreams

... KekahJ is usually on Wednesday but we needed a fill in for today's prompt, so now we will have TWO days of KekahJ! :)

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KekahJ's Choice: Picture 1



Sometimes I get lost. In a spare quiet moment when the dryer is humming quietly and the dishes are done, I sit back and close my eyes and let myself get lost. I think about what it would be like to spend my days sitting quietly on the bank of some far away river with nothing more to do than watch the sun arc across the sky and listen to the rush of the water moving over the smooth rocks. I can almost see it. The sun streams through the clouds and reflects almost blindingly off the water and the cool breeze rustles the leaves of the nearby trees. Sometimes in my daydream I have a small boat, or even just a fishing pole that dangles lazily from my arm. I don’t care if I get a bite or not. It’s just there to add to the whole experience.

Then the dryer buzzes or the baby cries, awake from her afternoon nap, and I’m brought back to reality. Dreams of lazy rivers and sun dappled trees are replaced by the reality of carpools and menu planning and soccer practices. I smile wistfully to myself. I’d get bored lying by a river all day anyway.