Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Kimmydon Week 31: Holiday


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I looked again at the brochure. Then I looked back at Peter.

“Are you serious?”

“You don’t want to go?” he asked, crestfallen.

The information was for an “eco-resort” and showed wildlife, rain forests, beautiful flowers and a beach. I wasn’t quite convinced. What made it different from any other resort? I was willing to bet that beach was covered in people most of the time and the animals frightened far from it. Still, Peter shirtless... there were benefits. He’d hike with me, and they hosted nature walks as well, with actual guides, giving him an out. If that wasn’t swamped with people, I might actually see something. I could always wander off the path a little, too.

“I didn’t say that,” I hedged. I flipped the brochure over. “No. No, no no.” I started cracking up.

“What?” he stood up from his chair and came to take the glossy paper from me while my heels drummed on the floor.

It was a girl in a tube top dancing on the beach. The telling part for me was all the people on it.

“What?” he asked again.

“You don’t think she looks like me?” I asked, still snickering.
He looked again and coughed, then chuckled. “I hadn’t. It’s hard to picture you...” he laughed, too, and I joined him. It was impossible to picture me doing that.

Catching our breath he held my hand and pulled me from my chair. “Tell me, Mrs. Strauss, can I lure you into bed.”

I shivered, still not quite used to being called that. It was possible I’d never get tired of it. “I think you could.”

There was an oddness to our bedroom. Tonight, like most nights, it was a haven of romance. I’d swapped the navy comforter for something lighter, cream with a pinstripe, and added filmy curtains to the top of the bedposts. Candles sat on the dressers and nightstands, and picking up a lighter, Peter set them alight. I pulled off my terrycloth robe to reveal the satiny nightdress I wore beneath. Not super-sexy, but certainly not dowdy either.

Other nights, though... I considered whether tonight should be one of those nights. There were ropes, cuffs, a riding crop and flogger sitting in the closet. A set of red sheets waited beneath the cream comforter if I pulled it away.

Looking up at Peter, I contemplated again. It wasn’t too late, was it? A quick glance at the clock showed the lie. We had work in the morning. Soft and gentle would be best. Still...

Sitting on the edge of the bed, I crossed my legs and arms, one finger resting on my jaw, tapping as I regarded him.

He froze in place, sensing my change of mood. “Beth?” he asked, confused. Usually we planned these things, but where was the fun in that?

“Come here,” I pointed in front of me, lips turning up in a smirk.

He complied, turning a little pink.

I had had to do some research, but I was feeling much more comfortable directing him in the bedroom. I wasn’t a ‘dominant,’ not really. He just liked me to take control here, and I didn’t mind one bit. We played safe, and I didn’t demean or humiliate him. If he wanted that, he’d have to go somewhere else. If he wanted a little pain with his pleasure, or restraints, I could provide those.

“Kneel,” I told him, still pointing.

He groaned quietly and I watched his pajama pants tent. Damn, he was sexy. I bit my lip. We didn’t need to rush that much.

Once he was on his knees, I ran one painted toe along his jaw. His eyes drifted shut, and I smiled. My foot came a little higher, my toes tracing his lips now.

“Kiss?” I phrased it as a question, but he didn’t take it as one.

Gasping, he put a hand to my heel to steady my foot and took one toe at a time into his mouth, licking the pad of each and making me quiver at the sensations. I was breathing heavily and my wrists were holding me up as I leaned back, my hair touching the bed as I arched.

Both our heads rose together and the fire in his eyes had to match my own. I fell to my knees atop him and kissed him, holding his stubbly cheeks and feeling his hands on my ass, pulling me closer.

“God, Beth,” he murmured between hot, open-mouthed kisses. He lifted me enough to edge me back onto the bed and continued to kneel between my knees, his head tipped back. His hands skated over my thighs, pushing up my night gown.

“Yes, Peter,” I answered, nails scratching his back, his scalp. I pulled his hair a little to tip his head further, kissing the apple of his throat, sucking on it lightly.

“It’s still amazes me that you’re here,” he whispered, his throat tight. “I dreamed it. Am I dreaming now?”

Lifting one hand I smacked it on his ass, hard. “Are you?” I spanked him again, making him stiffen even further. “Do you need a third?”

“Yes,” he croaked as I continued to pull on his hair. I obliged him, my hand stinging from the force of it.

“Not a dream,” I told him, releasing his hair and drawing his hands up my body, pulling away the night gown.

“Better than any dream,” he murmured, dropping his head to kiss my breasts.

“Do you think this would be better with ocean outside?” I asked, idly, teasing him a little.

“Huh?” He backed up a bit, confused.

I took the moment to pull off my panties and slide into the bed. He followed, kicking off the pants.

“In Costa Rica. The ocean will be just outside, right?” I turned, resting on my elbow.

“Oh, yeah. I guess so.”

I walked my fingers down his chest. “Maybe... in the ocean?” My lips turned up in a smirk.

“Anywhere,” he said, closing his eyes and laying back on the pillow, “everywhere. God, Beth. I’d do anything with you.”

I chuckled and shifted to rest my head on his chest, hooking a leg around his waist. “Good.” I pulled with that knee. “How about here and now?”

“Definitely,” he growled and rolled to place his arms on either side of my head. He stopped now, his brow furrowing. “Does this mean you want to go?”

I laughed, hooking my legs around his hips and hand on his shoulders. “Yes. I’d love to go. Christmas?” I suggested, thinking to run away from the cold.

“Perfect,” he murmured, lowering his face to my neck and pressing himself into me.

“Perfect,” I agreed, feeling complete.