Monday, December 20, 2010

AJ Silent Voice Week 31: Listen

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“Are you even listening to me!” she yelled, oblivious to the diner patrons around her. Jake hung his head and pushed his food around with his fork. He was listening to her. Though, it seemed she wasn’t listening to herself.

“Sara, lower your voice,” Jake warned.

“Lower my voice? Why, so you can ignore me? So I don’t embarrass you?”

“No,” he said, through gritted teeth. “So you don’t embarrass yourself.

“Oh, right. Sure. Let me save myself the embarrassment.” With that, she stood up, tossed her napkin on the table, and walked out the door. Jake sighed. He turned and watched her climb in the car and slam the door, promptly crossing her arms over her chest. Her stare burned a whole through him.

Seeing as how his appetite had left him, he picked up the check and walked over to the cashier.

“How was everything, hun?” she asked.

“Fine, thanks. Sorry about...that. I hope we didn’t disturb anyone.” He handed her a twenty and she pushed a few buttons and the register clinked out.

“Aw, honey, don’t worry. It’s nothin’. You got a feisty one there, though! Oo-boy, do you!” She laughed as she handed him his change and he couldn’t help the smile that crept across his face.

“Ah, yeah. She’s a bit of a hot head.”

“Well, let me tell you.” She walked over to the desert bar and grabbed a chocolate brownie and boxed it up. “Here, give her this. Be a sweetie and hold on tight. She might take you for a good ride at first, but ya know, those ones that buck the hardest are always worth it.”

He nodded and fished out his wallet, but she stopped him. “It’s on the house.”

He thanked her and made his way out the door. Sara followed him with her eyes, madder than hell, and as he pulled on the door handle, she cracked a smile.

“Sara, open the door,” Jake demanded.

She shook her head and dangled the keys in front of him on her middle finger. Jake huffed and, though he knew it was useless, he tried the handle again. For a fleeting moment, he calculated the cost of a new handle, but decided it wasn’t worth the money.

He tapped on the window lightly. “Yes, Jake?” she answered, playfully.

“Can you open the door, please?” he matched her sugary sweet tone and plastered a wide smile on this face.

She leaned closer and cupped her hand behind her ear. “I’m sorry, I can’t hear you. What did you say?”

His anger boiled just underneath the surface as he asked again. “The door, Sara. Can you please open it.”

She scooted closer and pressed her ear to the window. “Speak up. I didn’t understand what you said.”

This time, it was a bit harder to control his frustration, and it showed in his tone. “Open. The. Door. Please.”

She placed her hand on the lock and looked up at him. “You want me to unlock the door?” He nodded.

“This door?” she asked, innocently.

One more time, he thought. He smiled and nodded again.

“I’m sorry, I can’t do that. You see...” she started, but was never able to finish.

“Open the God Damn door, Sara. Now!” Jake yelled, pounding his fist against the window. Thankfully, the glass didn’t crack, but Sara jumped back, frightened at his outburst. Jake stopped and huffed. “Fuck.”

Shame flooded through him and he raked his fingers through his hair. He laid the bag with the brownie on the hood of the car and walked away. He vaguely heard the car door open and shut lightly, but he didn’t turn around. He rubbed his temples, took deep breaths, and it took a minute, but he finally felt in control enough to open his eyes. Sara stood in front of him, but when she reached out to touch his face, he turned away from her hand.

“Don’t.” She drew back quickly.

“I’m sorry, Jake.” Her voice was weak, scared, and it fed the guilt rolling in Jake’s chest. He never wanted to hurt her, never. He hated being what he was...

“It’s my fault. Don’t apologize. I shouldn’t have yelled at you.” This time, he reached out and took her hand in his, pulling her to him. The second he felt the lines of their body connect, the tension and guilt flowed out in one long sigh...for both of them.

“I shouldn’t have yelled at you either. But you don’t listen, and you don’t...” This time Jake silenced her with his mouth, pouring all his passion onto her lips, pushing his hands over her body, till he’d felt every inch. Finally, and only because the needed to breathe, he pulled way, but she lingered a second longer, placing small, sweet kisses on his jawline, and finally one last one on his swollen lips.

Much to Jake’s surprise, she opened her mouth to speak again, so he gently laid a finger across her lips and shook his head. Her eyes went wide, and she nodded in return.

“I’m not asking you to marry me today, Sara. Just tell me you feel this. Tell me that some day you’ll be ready. That’s all I need. Let me in.” She closed her eyes as tears leaked out the sides.

Instead of words, she placed her hand over his chest and her ear against his heart. The soft sound of beating calmed her worries and assuaged her fears. “I hear you, now,” she whispered.

“It’s yours, Sara.” Jake rested his head on top of hers and let her relax to the rhythm of his chest. Minutes passed, cars passed, and people stared, but he didn’t care. Finally, she lifted her head and looked up at him.

Her face was hesitant, but resolved, and she searched his eyes for any hint of indecision or fear. All she found was a grin and a light in his eyes that she knew was only for her.

“Move in with me,” she said.